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Optimize Your Request Management with Thena’s Custom Fields

Lauren Davis
Product Marketing Manager
March 21, 2024

With Thena's Custom Fields feature, handling requests from Slack becomes a whole lot easier with more organization, analytics, and efficiency. Let's dive into what makes Custom Fields a game-changer for request management.

Advanced categorization and organization

Custom Fields offer a sophisticated system for categorizing and organizing requests. Whether it's sorting requests by product type, service category, or any other relevant criteria, Custom Fields allows your team to streamline their workflows with ease.

Deep analytics for informed decision-making

Custom Fields aren't just about organization—they're also about insights. Each Custom Field comes with deep analytics capabilities, so you can uncover trends, identify bottlenecks, and optimize workflows. With detailed analytics at your fingertips, making data-driven decisions becomes effortless.

AI assistance for auto-population

One of the best aspects of Custom Fields is the AI assistance. With AI-driven auto-population, Custom Fields can automatically fill in relevant values, saving time and ensuring accuracy. No more manual data entry, only streamlined processes.

Transparent and accountable workflow

Custom Fields come equipped with detailed metadata, ensuring transparency and accountability in the request management process. Monitor changes, track progress, and maintain clear records—all within the Custom Fields framework.

Tailored to your team's needs

Custom Fields are highly customizable to fit your team's unique requirements. With options for different field types, mandatory fields, and AI auto-assignment settings, you can tailor the system to match your team’s workflow.

Easy configuration

Setting up Custom Fields is simple. From accessing global configuration settings to managing categories and tags, the process is straightforward and user-friendly. With just a few clicks, you'll have Custom Fields up and running to enhance your request management process.

Best practices for optimal usage

  • Customize fields based on your team's size and request volume.
  • Utilize AI auto-assignment for consistent and efficient data entry.
  • Monitor changes with the 'Capture Change' feature, especially for critical fields like 'Internal Statuses.'

Thena's Custom Fields are more than just a feature—they're a solution to elevate your request management to new heights of efficiency, organization, and intelligence. Try Custom Fields today and unlock the full potential of your team's productivity.

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