Vitally Talks CS: Insights on Meeting Customers & More

Lauren Davis
Product Marketing Manager
February 27, 2024

In our recent webinar with Vitally, CS leaders Steph Townes and Celine Doumar delved into the nuances of CS strategies, emphasizing the importance of meeting customers where they work, the debate between email and Slack communication channels, and the evolving landscape of customer success in 2024. Here are the key insights from the engaging discussion:

1. How Vitally is Winning at CS by Meeting Customers Where They Work

  • Alignment with Customers: Vitally ensures alignment with customers in their preferred environments, such as Slack channels, which most customers, especially larger or strategic accounts, prefer for updates and communication.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Leveraging Slack allows for quicker dissemination of updates and enhancements, streamlining communication and fostering a sense of support among customers.
  • Impact on Customer Success Outcomes: Slack channels have had a massive impact, particularly during implementation phases. They facilitate seamless communication, quicker issue resolution, and a heightened sense of support, ultimately leading to faster implementations and improved customer satisfaction.

2. Email vs. Slack: The Great Debate

  • Advantages of Email: While email still holds relevance for generic outreach and involving senior leadership, Slack offers more dynamic and real-time interactions with customers.
  • Dynamic Interactions with Slack: Slack facilitates more dynamic and real-time interactions by providing visibility, quicker communication, and one-click ticket creation and responses directly within the platform.
  • Scenarios for Effective Communication: While email may be preferred for certain formal communications, Slack proves more effective for dynamic discussions, quick queries, and ongoing documentation during implementations.

3. Importance/Value of CS in 2024 | Best Practices from Vitally’s CS Leaders

  • Evolution of Customer Success: The perception and importance of customer success have evolved significantly over the years, transitioning from a "nice to have" to a "need to have" aspect of business operations.
  • Key Metrics for Value Demonstration: Key metrics such as retention, expansion, and the identification of new champions underscore the value of customer success in 2024.
  • Success Stories and Initiatives: Initiatives like "Tiger team" cohorts and prioritizing strategic support over tactical inquiries exemplify the impact of customer success at Vitally. The focus remains on optimizing processes and ensuring customers derive maximum value from the product.

Thanks, Steph and Celine for joining us! The webinar provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of customer success, emphasizing the importance of adaptive communication channels, strategic support, and the continual evolution of CS strategies to meet the dynamic needs of customers in 2024 and beyond.

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