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5 Reasons Why Your Customer Wants Slack

5 Reasons Why Your Customer Wants Slack

Since its inception in 2013, Slack has been steadily growing and becoming a favorite instant messaging platform for businesses. Initially adopted as a solution for internal team collaboration and communication, Slack is now widely used to interact with prospects and customers.

Sales teams are raving about Slack's benefits, which include 15% shorter sales cycles and 13% more deals closed. Meanwhile, customer support personnel say Slack helps them meet customers’ expectations for live support.

So, with so many advantages, it should be a no-brainer why your customers want Slack. But, if you still have some doubts or need that extra nudge, stay until the end of this article to learn about five reasons why your clients desire Slack.

Five Reasons Why Your Customer Wants Slack

1. They’re Already on Slack

Slack is a pretty popular communications tool, capturing an impressive one-third of the market and having a long list of companies using it. So, there’s a good chance that your B2B customers are already on Slack.

And, they’re not only using it for their internal communications but also expect to use it when dealing with external partners, service providers, and vendors.

It no longer makes sense to switch platforms or go on a vendor's website to log a customer support ticket. B2B clients never face a straightforward issue that a single customer service representative can address—they almost always run into a problem requiring multiple stakeholders’ involvement.

So, how do you get all these different parties talking? You simply use a Slack channel dedicated to facilitating such conversations.

2. They Expect Instant and Personalized Customer Support at Their Fingerprints

Gone are the days when B2B clients could wait for somebody from your developer team to address a pressing software integration problem. Your customers expect nothing less but instant and dependable customer support.

Besides, B2B customers also want companies to be well-informed and acquainted with their business. According to a survey by Gartner, 86% of B2B clients wish organizations to be knowledgeable about their company data during service interactions. 

B2B clients expect you to have access to any information deemed helpful when approaching a new query, and it can be anything from CRM records to past customer service tickets. 

Thanks to Slack and its vast list of integrations, accessing this information is effortless. At the same time, tools, such as Thena, can turn customer queries into Thena requests, saving manual effort and empowering your teams to deliver resolutions to customers in minimum time.

3. Slack Is Instant, and Email is Not

When your clients interact with you, they want to do it in real-time. 

Imagine they purchased your product, and now they require your technical team to assist them in integrating it with the rest of their tech stack. In this case, Slack can serve as a central hub for collaboration, increasing the agility of both parties. The platform also eliminates the need to wait, whether for the next opportunity when the schedules of your internal and client team align or when an email gets responded to.

Slack also keeps track of all conversations, making it much simpler to provide a nuanced and faster response next time your customers run into trouble.

4. They Desire a Frictionless Channel to Give Feedback on Your Product or Service

Yes, your customers will appreciate you getting to their issues quickly and in real-time, but they also want an open channel to voice their opinion on the less obvious pain points.

Slack Connect offers an opportunity for your customers to give their non-tainted and unsolicited feedback as part of the conversation. Maybe you brought out a new business product or recently updated the software; no matter the occasion, you want to give your customers a platform where they can share their opinion and suggestions. 

Above all, this boosts client satisfaction and increases loyalty by demonstrating that customer feedback matters and implementing solutions.

5. They Want a Connected Experience

Acquiring, nurturing and retaining a B2B customer is no small task, but you can use Slack Connect to deliver a unified and highly-conversational experience that your buyers expect.

Your customers will always have questions or doubts, whether a quick clarification on the technical aspects of your product or a question about the pricing for additional features; using Slack means that they can get answers as and when they need them from the subject matter experts. 

You want to ensure that your customers get high-touch, accurate, and personalized assistance. After all, you don’t want a sales executive to attempt to answer a complex technical question and give a wrong answer. Your customers will not appreciate receiving incorrect information, which can skew the trust they put into your business.

Wrapping It Up

Slack makes collaboration and communication more manageable and more productive, allowing B2B companies to provide exceptional and real-time customer support that clients value. There is a good chance that your clients are already on Slack, so why not meet them where they already are?

Not sure how to maximize your customer management using Slack? Try Thena today and make the most of your Slack conversations.

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