Slack and Thena Usher in a New Era of Collaboration

Lauren Davis
Product Marketing Manager
September 13, 2023

My colleague Jared and I were excited to see Slack kick off Dreamforce this year with some exciting new product updates that align closely with Thena’s vision. We’ve put together our thoughts below on how Thena is applying Slack’s philosophy to our own product roadmap. Let us know what you think!

From its inception, Thena has been grounded in the belief that modern communication platforms like Slack represent the future of business collaboration, both internally and externally. These platforms serve as the digital hubs where teams congregate, ideas are exchanged, and projects take shape. The integration of chat, file sharing, and collaboration tools into a single, seamless ecosystem has redefined the way we work. Slack has been a trailblazer in this regard, providing organizations with a centralized platform to streamline their communication and collaboration needs.

Slack's latest initiatives— including the launch of Slack AI, Slack Lists, and new automation capabilities — validate and reinforce the principles that underpin Thena's product strategy. Salesforce's commitment to enhancing Slack with workflows, project management features, and AI capabilities emphasizes the industry's direction: building structure and process within the tools teams are already using. This strategic alignment highlights the importance of creating a unified ecosystem where communication and productivity seamlessly coexist.

Looking back, Slack's experimentation with the "Save for Later" feature marked an important milestone. This feature allowed users to add a layer of organization to project management within Slack, receiving positive feedback from early adopters. This early venture laid the foundation for the belief that since all essential work happens within Slack, there should be tools to facilitate tracking and organization.

Unlocking the Power of Slack's Rich Data

One of the most intriguing aspects of Slack's recent developments is its recognition of the wealth of data housed within the platform. In particular, for technical teams that brainstorm, troubleshoot, and problem-solve in Slack channels, the platform serves as a repository of invaluable insights. Think about the "pinned" documents at the top of internal channels – a testament to the vital role Slack plays in knowledge sharing.

Historically, the challenge has been harnessing this data to derive actionable insights. Slack's decision to leverage AI to simplify the extraction of useful information is a game-changer. It signals a shift from mere communication to a knowledge-driven approach. This shift aligns seamlessly with Thena's vision: recognizing that Slack isn't just for communication but also a wellspring of valuable information.

Thena's Application of the Slack Philosophy

At Thena, we firmly believe that the philosophy guiding Slack's recent developments is equally applicable when collaborating with customers. Just as Slack seeks to organize and manage information and workflows internally, we recognize the need to apply these principles to external collaborations with customers.

Firstly, organizing and managing incoming customer requests is a top priority. The ability to consolidate customer inquiries and feedback into a structured system within Slack empowers teams to respond swiftly and effectively. This streamlined process not only enhances customer satisfaction but also boosts operational efficiency.

Secondly, the importance of tracking all relevant data cannot be overstated. In the context of customer interactions, this means having a centralized repository of communication, feedback, and history. This historical data provides valuable context for addressing customer needs, tailoring solutions, and building stronger relationships.

Finally, just as Slack is leveraging AI to extract useful insights from its data, Thena is committed to using AI to power customer collaborations. The goal is to eliminate as much manual work as possible. This allows teams to focus on high-value tasks, such as problem-solving and relationship-building, while AI handles routine and repetitive processes.

Imagine a system that can analyze customer messages across different channels, capture rich data to inform strategic decisions, and consolidate all of that information into one reliable source of truth — available to you in the platform where you already work (i.e. Slack). Thena's mission is to harmonize data from all of your systems, allowing you to cater to your customers like never before. Armed with this data, teams can unlock new levels of customer satisfaction, retention and alignment — without toggling between disparate systems.

The alignment of vision between Slack and Thena reflects the broader industry shift toward creating more structured and process-oriented collaboration environments. By organizing, tracking, and leveraging AI, both platforms aim to streamline and enhance the way teams work – whether internally or with external stakeholders.

As Slack continues to lead the way in redefining modern collaboration, Thena stands as a testament to the real-world application of these innovations. Together, they represent a powerful force in shaping the future of work, where productivity and efficiency are maximized, and human potential is unleashed through the seamless integration of technology and collaboration.

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