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Slack for Customer Service: What Metrics to Track

Slack for Customer Service: What Metrics to Track

Using Slack for customer service allows agents and clients to work and collaborate on issues in new and more efficient ways, boosting productivity and strengthening relationships.

But sometimes comes a time when your customer satisfaction rates hit rock bottom. And that’s when you decide to look deeper into customer service metrics on Slack.

And there are indeed many indicators to look out for, from customer satisfaction scores to average response time or engagement stats. 

Some are more valuable than others, but they all reveal the good and the bad about your business. And with such insights, you can work on improving your customer service and unlocking your company’s full potential.

So, if you’re using Slack for customer service and aren’t sure which metrics to monitor, read on.

1. CSAT Support Ratings

Customer Satisfaction Score, or CSAT for short, is an easy-to-collect indicator that helps you to understand recent customer experience or measures the level of satisfaction after closing a support ticket.

CSAT surveys usually encompass a simple scale of 1 to 5, or “yes” or “no” options, to questions, such as

- How would you rate today’s interaction on a scale of 1-5?

- Are you satisfied with the solution? Yes/No.

Soliciting CSAT surveys, tracking your scores, and comparing against the industry’s benchmarks should be the bare minimum for your customer service metrics. 

Nevertheless, a recent study suggests that CSAT scores are on a sharp decline across all sectors; thus, it’s crucial to analyze other metrics to gain a complete picture.

2. Average Response Time

For over 60% of customers, long wait times for a resolution is the most frustrating part of customer service.

Thus, you should track the average time it takes your support agents to respond to a ticket after it was opened. 

Of course, using Slack over email already gives you a competitive edge since you can technically get back to your customer faster. Even so, you should strive to improve your scores since it leads to higher customer satisfaction.

3. Average Resolution Time

Sometimes solutions are easy, and sometimes not, especially in a B2B setting. If your client runs into a technical problem and you need to engage your dev team, you might troubleshoot longer than your customers want you to.

Average resolution time measures how long it takes to resolve and close each customer ticket. High average resolution times might indicate issues, such as your agents asking the wrong questions and failing to encourage the clients to elaborate on their issues.

And just because you’re using Slack for customer service, bombarding customers with questions but not eliciting the required information might slow you down.

4. Engagement Analytics

Lastly, it is always useful to track customer versus vendor engagement over time. You might want to know who your top internal contributors are so you recognize their effort or perhaps identify the gap in your service provision that needs extra attention.

Likewise, you should know who the people on the other end of the stick are, reporting the most problems or asking the most questions. Are they constantly running into issues? Is it time for your customer success manager to step in?

Measuring engagement analytics can help you spot trends, capture negative signals and boost your customer experience.

Thena: One Solution To Track it All

If you find it hard to track customer service metrics on Slack, you need a solution that does it all and more for you.

When your support team uses one tool to handle tickets and your customers are on Slack, tracking metrics and collecting engagement data can be challenging.

Build tracking of customer service metrics on Slack into your workflows with Thena!

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