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5 Reasons Slack Connect Guarantees a Higher Net Retention Rate

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May 31, 2023

Our world has changed significantly in the last few years. As our personal and working life adapted to a digital-first reality, organizations had to find a better way to engage with their customers and secure a higher net retention rate. 

It is no longer enough to create an outstanding product; your clients expect brilliant customer support too. With 8 million daily active users, Slack can help your company to mobilize your internal teams and provide a next-generation customer experience to aid customer retention. 

5 Ways How Slack Connect Can Help Customer Retention

1. Increased Transparency and Communication

Most of us live our lives with a device glued to us. With the digital world at our fingertips, customers expect real-time communication, especially in a B2B environment. 

Without effective channels, companies can quickly feel out of touch and lose credibility, leading to frustration and misinformation. By using Slack Connect, businesses can create an engaging platform with 24/7 access to a dedicated community and instant helpline to satisfy their needs, providing a 12% increase in customer satisfaction.

Slack Connect can be especially helpful for B2B customer service retention, as most organizations already utilize the platform. Integrating your customer journey within their existing channels can provide a seamless experience. 

After all, modern customers care about what company they engage with and want to understand more about its operations and services. Creating public-facing communities on Slack can build trust and boost customer advocacy as your users share their tips and requests within the channels.

2. Enhanced Customer Support

Having an efficient problem-resolution system is crucial for your organization’s success. Slack Connect can help your team flag and address potential problems through conversational ticketing before they become serious issues. 

With tools like Thena, your customer’s messages can be screened in real-time, documenting issues and tasks that can be easily assigned to a team member. Handling these requests without leaving Slack’s workspace can lead to a 50% faster response time while enhancing customer satisfaction. 

But effective customer support doesn’t end with fixing problems. Slack customer retention strategies should be embedded in your client journey at all steps. Creating a common knowledge base for your service agents is essential for long-term success. 

As your internal teams collaborate on different tickets, Slack’s searchable information platform continues to grow. Focus on building a detailed database of processes, protocols, debriefs, and customer feedback that can enhance retention rates, eventually leading to 3x faster ticket resolutions in the future. 

3. Streamlined Project Management 

Streamlining your project management processes is critical for customer success. Planning and managing a project in Slack Connect can improve collaboration across all segments. 

Slack Connect does not replace the tools you already use but compliments them. Its integrations can help you manage all aspects of your project, from databases to video conferencing, file sharing, and managing KPIs. 

Thena can help you assign items to team members at speed, creating an easy-to-navigate Kanban board to provide an overview of all pending tickets and manage all the moving pieces. This can support better coordination and accountability, leading to a more streamlined ticket resolution.

Slack channels help your team discuss and manage tasks and keep your projects on track. Implementing Slack can result in up to 32% fewer emails and 23% fewer meetings, freeing up valuable time for your employees to tackle important issues. Slack can even set automatic deadlines and timesheet reminders or alert your team about upcoming meetings.

4. Seamless Onboarding

Don’t make the mistake of only turning to your customers once an issue occurs. Customer onboarding is a crucial stage in the customer lifecycle, setting the tone for your relationship. As 86% of customers are more likely to stay loyal to a company that invests in onboarding, it is an area where you need to invest effort. 

Through effective onboarding processes, you should help your clients understand the value you bring through your product and easily explore all practical applications. Slack Connect can enhance your onboarding experience through community channels where users can self-learn by searching existing knowledge across your workspace. 

Moreover, you can share critical information with new users by creating automated Slack notifications. You can easily arrange live or pre-recorded product walkthroughs in Slack Connect, creating bite-sized content focusing on specific topics. 

5. Provide Personalized Slack Customer Service 

The one-size-fits-all approach to customer service is a thing of the past. Customers, especially in B2B environments, have higher expectations, with 70% of consumers expecting companies to personalize their communications.

Through Slack’s workspace, your team can collaborate seamlessly to bring tools and documents together and build a strong relationship with your users. Integrating CRM platforms within your workspace allows agents to access all relevant customer data. Meanwhile, embedding previous interactions and feedback into conversations enables them to address customers individually and provide a truly personal experience.  

Top 10 Features of Slack Connect for B2B Businesses

FeatureDescriptionBenefits for B2B Businesses
Secure Guest AccessInvite external users from partner companies to collaborate in designated channelsStreamline communication and project management with external teams.
Channel SharingShare specific Slack channels with external partnersFacilitate focused collaboration on projects or initiatives.
Direct MessagingCommunicate directly with external users in private messagesEnable one-on-one communication with key contacts at partner companies.
File SharingShare files securely with external collaboratorsFacilitate seamless exchange of documents and other resources.
Guest PermissionsControl access and permissions for guest usersMaintain control over sensitive information and data within Slack.
Guest SearchSearch for specific information within shared channelsImprove information retrieval and collaboration efficiency.
Guest ReactionsAllow guest users to react to messagesEnhance communication and provide feedback within shared channels.
IntegrationsUse existing Slack integrations with shared channelsLeverage existing workflows and tools for collaborative projects.
Compliance FeaturesLeverage Slack's built-in security and compliance featuresEnsure data security and meet regulatory requirements for B2B communication.
Guest Starred ItemsAllow guest users to star important messages for referenceFacilitate knowledge sharing and improve information accessibility for external collaborators.



Customer retention is one of the most essential factors in your strategy, and your customer experience approach should represent this. Slack’s plugins, such as Thena, can help you showcase your full capabilities and build long-term trust with your stakeholders.

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