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Thena was founded by Ankit Saxena, Govind Kavaturi, Mike Molinet, and Unmukt Raizada with the mission to enable customer-teams to serve their customers better while achieving shared outcomes faster. Crowded inboxes, siloed data & workflows, and legacy email-based tools weren’t going to cut it in the modern AI-enabled world. The Thena founders share a combined experience that spans decades and includes previously building a $100m business  and shipping data products that scaled to trillions of transactions. And so the team started a new journey at Thena in April 2022 — one message at a time.
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Having scaled to over 400 Slack channels with customers in 2016 – even when there was no “Slack Connect” product – the founding team knew about the astounding benefits of “meeting your customers where they work.” The front-line customer-facing teams hated being in those Slack channels, as there was no tooling, no expectation setting, no analytics, and no way to scale. In short, managing customers in Slack was pure chaos, and front-line teams even requested that these channels be shut down, and that support inquiries stay confined to the legacy “support@betterchurnme.com” methods.

Customers wanted to be on messaging platforms like Slack, and management teams saw the value in having those channels, but on-ground teams were left without any cover. One churned account, a few missed opportunities to “wow” the customer, and a tough negotiation between the customer-facing teams and the leadership team ultimately resulted in the idea of Thena.
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Some of the most inspiring brands rely on Thena

Why Thena? Because we get it.

We know that messaging platforms are where the work happens, both internally and externally with customers. We also know that existing tools are built to serve the persona and function, rather than the customer outcome. Most importantly, we know that we can build modern messaging-first business workflows, powered by AI, that can break down silos between teams and allow the whole org to collaborate and achieve customer outcomes faster and better.

Thena is the modern unified customer engagement layer that enables B2B business teams of the future. In the last 18 months of our journey, we have included some of the most modern B2B brands to our customer list, including Amplitude, Vercel, Rudderstack, and MotherDuck.

Join the Revolution

We’re more than our code. We’re a community of dreamers, doers, and believers in a better way of doing business. Our investors, including Lightspeed, First Round Capital, Pear, and Tenacity, have joined us on this journey, backing us with their trust and resources, proving that together, we're not just building a product—we're shaping the future of customer communications.

With Thena, the future of business relationships is here. Let's work together to turn every customer interaction into an opportunity for genuine connection and revenue growth. Join us here.

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