Revolutionizing Customer Success with Slack in B2B SaaS

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Case study

SpotDraft paves the way for customer growth in the Slack-first world.

Support Productivity Increase
Response Time Decrease


How to continue hypergrowth while simultaneously eliminating inefficiencies and increasing collaboration between customer facing teams.


Thena has streamlined customer communication leading to increased support productivity, reduced customer response times, and enabled cross department collaboration.


SpotDraft streamlines the contract lifecycle in organizations across the world — saving customers hundreds of hours reviewing contracts and doing other mundane work. It is an end to end contract management solution under one platform.


The rapid growth of SpotDraft has led to an expanding team, an evolving product, and an increasing customer base that is largely interacting through Slack. However, the high volume of customer channels on Slack has the potential to negatively impact the customer experience and create internal inefficiencies that decrease productivity. Prior to Thena, the customer success and support teams were spending a significant amount of time manually tracking and responding to customer queries, with limited visibility for leadership into the overall customer experience.

There was often a disconnect in communication between the customer success and support teams, and there was little consistency in how escalations and critical issues were shared with engineering teams. As a company that prioritizes the customer experience, these issues were a major concern.

Here is a representation of the process of resolving a customer request before Thena implementation.

5 human interventions needed to address one customer issue

Thena simplifies whole customer support workflow within Slack

The Manager of Product Support at SpotDraft, Darshan S, discovered that Thena could be useful for other teams in the company beyond just the support team. "We're using it in customer success and on call escalations, and I'm sure we'll find more ways to use it. Really, everyone in customer-facing roles is using it. Having those customer insights is absolutely massive for us." Thena has fostered cross-department collaboration, enabling teams to take accountability for customer requests, redirect inquiries to the appropriate team, and follow up on unanswered customer messages. This has fostered a team mentality and, combined with the insights Thena provides across teams, has become a daily routine for all SpotDraft customer-facing team members.

Onboard Customers on Slack without fear

Using Thena, support productivity has increased by 20%, while the average response time for a customer message on Slack has dropped by over 50%. This was possible through the updated post-Thena process of resolving a customer request. 

This was possible through the updated post-Thena process of resolving a customer request.

Human intervention needed just 1 time to address a customer issue

Slack - no more a data silo

The data on Slack is often isolated from the rest of an organization's systems, and its unstructured format makes it difficult to extract meaningful intelligence from it. With Thena, however, SpotDraft is able to integrate relevant data from Slack into its customer relationship management (CRM) platform, HubSpot. This bi-directional synchronization also allows SpotDraft to view consolidated information about an account, including customer success management metrics, customer satisfaction scores, CRM account health, and contract details. As a result, the leaders at SpotDraft are able to see patterns in customer communication on Slack.

Thena has enabled the entire SpotDraft team to put their customer-centric values into practice by streamlining the process of managing customer inquiries on messaging platforms like Slack. The platform removes the manual and error-prone elements of this process, making it more efficient and scalable. With Thena, SpotDraft can better meet their customers where they are and empower their customer-facing teams to be more productive.

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