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Create, segment and measure marketing content on Slack Channels.

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Select your audience
Select your audience
Powerful marketing engine for Slack
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Create campaigns
Target your audience
Schedule and measure results
One place to manage all marketing
activities on Slack
Simplify content creation
Use pre-built templates

Select from a wide range of templates to send out content based on objective such as newsletters, or product updates.

Build your own template

Start from scratch by easily building your own template with option to save.

Collaborate with your team

Collaborate with stakeholders by saving the work as draft and enabling others to contribute.

Image of how Auto-detect requests from Slack messages
Access to wide reach within your Slack Workspace
Segment by channel

Segment channels based customer, partner, or vendor and slice it by tier, geography, or account managers.

Reach Visibility

Increase reach by channels and know your audience before publishing content.

Schedule campaigns

Schedule multiple campaigns to multiple segments all at once with options to edit and cancel.

Measure engagement on campaigns
Measure responses

Track campaign performance by measuring replies on the published content.

Measure reactions

Sort campaign performance by reactions on the published content across channels.

Measure by channels

View your most engaged channels across campaigns by responses and reactions.

Engage your customers smarter with Thena.

Best practices, research and tips on managing customers

“Slack is where work happens, for us and our customers, so being able to support our customers in Slack, without them or us needing to switch context is of strategic importance to our business."
Rishen Kapoor
Co-founder, Toplyne
"With Thena, for the first time ever, we can track customer metrics such as first response time, which was impossible before due to the disconnect between slack and our ticketing system."
Wyle Cordero
Technical Support Engineer, Embrace

Start managing your customers faster and easier from Slack

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