Salesforce Cases-Slack Integration with Thena: Never Reroute Customer Requests Again

October 5, 2022

Salesforce is the go-to CRM and customer support ticketing solution for thousands of businesses. It is so popular that it accounts for over one-fifth of the global market.

Salesforce Cases features robust ticketing capabilities and allows for easier and more efficient customer support and more productive service agent work. However, if you attempt to integrate Salesforce with Slack to serve your customers across their preferred channel (Slack), your productivity might take a hit.

Indeed, not all integrations are made equal. In fact, to date, both native and third-party Salesforce Cases-Slack integrations that exist on the market suffer from some issues. Because of their limitations, your agents are forced to switch tools, or change their existing processes, thus increasing your case resolution times and adding inefficiencies.

But at Thena, we found a way to overcome these obstacles and deliver a truly powerful and customizable integration.

Read on to learn more about Thena’s integration with Salesforce Cases.

Limitations of Native Integrations/APIs

Oftentimes, both in-house and out-of-the-box integration solutions are a source of frustration for B2B businesses looking to streamline their customer service, and offer a truly omnichannel experience to their audiences.

Here at Thena, we actually had some firsthand experience with this.

Our initial customers highlighted that the Salesforce Cases and Slack Integration was a major pain point for them for several reasons.

First of all, both native and third-party integrations are clunky; secondly, they have limited or non-existent bi-directional capabilities; and thirdly, they are noisy, negatively affecting the flow of communication on Slack Customer channels between the customer and the agents.

Why Is Our Salesforce Cases-Slack Integration Different?

The Salesforce Cases integration developed by Thena is built on the principles of enabling conversations and maximizing productivity while ensuring that the integration caters to your support processes through customization.

Let's now examine the advantages of Thena's Salesforce Cases integration in more detail.

Here’s What You Can Expect From Thena’s Integration with Salesforce Cases

Effortless Ticket Creation

When it comes to conversational ticketing, both your customers and agents want a seamless experience. Thus, whenever your customer asks a question, a Salesforce Case ticket is created within Slack at the click of a button.

If you forget to create a ticket, Thena’s Smart Inbox feature ensures that the message is highlighted as a suggested request – so you never accidentally miss an important customer message.

Control Over the Entire Ticket Lifecycle

Your support agents can manage the entire ticket from within Salesforce Cases. To your customer, the response from your support agent shows up like a normal Slack conversation.

From the ticket lifecycle (for instance, Open > Pending > Close) to escalations and sharing rich text, attachments, gifs, bullet points, and hyperlinks, you do not have to worry about the communication flow between Slack and Salesforce Cases. 

Visualization of Cases Thanks to the Kanban Board Feature

Another useful feature is a Kanban board which allows you to view all Salesforce Cases tickets at either the customer or the organizational levels – all within Slack. In addition, the customer also gets tagged in Cases.

CSAT Support Ratings

Furthermore, the CSAT support ratings in Slack for every thread are integrated with Salesforce Cases. This means that your 5 point/2 point survey results will also reflect in Cases. 

After all, when you meet your customers in the tool of their choice (Slack), they are more likely to give feedback which can help you continue to provide expectations-surpassing customer service.

Simple Request Tracking and Escalation

As a customer-facing representative, you can stay in Slack and monitor the progress of a customer request (or across multiple customer requests and past interactions). If you feel the need to escalate internally, Thena also caters to that.

But There Is More

Now that we have covered the fundamentals let's dive into the intricacies that make Thena's Salesforce Cases integration a strong contender.

Resolve Issues Faster With Request Escalation

According to HubSpot, 90% of customers rate an “immediate” response as an important or very important factor when they have a customer support question. For this reason, responding to your customers quickly and reducing the resolution time should be your priority.

Thanks to Thena’s Integration with Salesforce Cases, both your own team and your customer can easily escalate requests in Slack which will also be visible in Salesforce Cases. This means that whenever your customer has a pressing issue, you can handle tickets at speed without needing to switch tools.

Furthermore, the suggested requests can be sent to Salesforce Cases instantly, while Thena will highlight the action items and, with one click, send them to Salesforce Cases and tag them to the relevant Customer.

Configure How the Integration Works

Thena’s integration is also configurable. From white-labeling (display names, icons, and initial responses) to configuring whether you want to inform the user that a support agent will attend to them shortly, Thena has got you covered.

Keep Your CSM Informed

Finally, when the support ticket is created by someone else, you want to ensure that key stakeholders, such as your CSM, are also part of the conversation.

The good news is that Thena automatically tags the CSM in Slack to ensure that they are always in the loop, readily available to detect blind spots and prevent customer churn.


Breathe new life into how you manage your customers while empowering your support teams to be more productive with Thena’s Salesforce Cases integration.

Reach out to our team and let us show how the integration works in practice.

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