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Case study

Mixpanel Solved the Slack Problem with Thena

Resolution Time Decrease
Response Time Decrease


Mixpanel, a leading analytics platform, faced significant challenges with customer support due to the fragmented nature of their communication channels. The support team worked from a queue in Zendesk, while customers also reached out for assistance via Slack. This created chaos, as support processes were divided between two systems, resulting in delays, inefficiencies, and a lack of visibility into crucial support metrics. However, the introduction of Thena's Zendesk connector revolutionized Mixpanel's customer support, bringing together the two channels seamlessly and leading to remarkable improvements in response times, resolution times, and overall customer satisfaction.


Mixpanel turned to Thena's Zendesk connector to address their customer support challenges comprehensively. Thena enabled the support team to manage both Zendesk and Slack from within a single interface, streamlining communication and unifying the support process.


Mixpanel's adoption of Thena's Zendesk connector resulted in remarkable improvements across various aspects of customer support:

  • Slack Response Time Reduction: The time taken to respond to customer inquiries in Slack saw an impressive decrease of 95%. Customers experienced quicker responses, leading to enhanced satisfaction.
  • Support Resolution Time Improvement: With a more streamlined and efficient support process, Mixpanel witnessed a 50% decrease in support resolution time. Faster issue resolution contributed to higher customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Overall Company Efficiency: The implementation of Thena facilitated smoother support operations, positively impacting other departments as well. The entire company experienced a boost in efficiency, thanks to the improved support process.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: The combination of faster response times and quicker issue resolution resulted in higher customer satisfaction levels. Satisfied customers were more likely to remain loyal to Mixpanel, leading to improved customer retention rates.


Thena's Zendesk connector proved to be a game-changer for Mixpanel's customer support team. By unifying support systems, improving response times, and enhancing support metrics visibility, Thena contributed significantly to Mixpanel's success. The remarkable results obtained demonstrated that investing in the right tools and technology can revolutionize customer support processes, leading to better customer satisfaction, increased customer retention, and overall business growth.

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