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Case study
WorkRamp lowers response times by 60% with Thena's Intercom Connector
Support Productivity Increase
Response Time Decrease


Workramp, a leading learning management system, faced significant challenges with managing support requests coming in from multiple Slack channels and Intercom web chat. The decentralized setup resulted in a chaotic Slack environment, impacting customer satisfaction. However, Workramp's customer support experienced a transformative change after integrating Thena's Intercom connector. By automatically converting Slack requests into Intercom tickets, Thena streamlined the support process, significantly reducing response times on Slack, and resulting in improved customer satisfaction.


Workramp turned to Thena's Intercom connector to streamline their customer support operations and address the challenges posed by the multi-channel support environment.


Thena's Intercom connector revolutionized Workramp's customer support operations, yielding remarkable improvements:

  • Reduced Response Times on Slack: With the automation provided by Thena, Workramp experienced a substantial reduction in response times on Slack. Customers received quicker responses, resulting in improved satisfaction levels.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: The faster response times and more efficient support process contributed to enhanced customer satisfaction. Customers appreciated the swift and effective assistance provided by Workramp's support team.
  • Optimal Utilization of Support Team: By centralizing support operations and automating ticket creation, Thena enabled Workramp's support team to gain 30% more bandwidth. This optimization allowed the team to handle a higher volume of customer inquiries without compromising response quality.
  • Enhanced Support Metrics: The integration of Slack and Intercom through Thena's connector provided valuable insights into support metrics. Workramp's team could now monitor and analyze performance more effectively, leading to continuous improvements in support operations.


Workramp's successful integration of Thena's Intercom connector transformed their customer support operations. By consolidating support channels and automating ticket creation, Workramp achieved faster response times on Slack, resulting in improved customer satisfaction. The increased efficiency allowed the support team to handle more customer inquiries while maintaining high-quality responses. This case study highlights the significant impact that technology and streamlined support processes can have on customer support, ultimately leading to better customer experiences and increased overall satisfaction with the brand.

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