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HubSpot-Slack Integration with Thena: Convert Customer Messages into HubSpot Tickets

HubSpot-Slack Integration with Thena: Convert Customer Messages into HubSpot Tickets

HubSpot is an established CRM software solution with a 38.59% market share and thousands of users that leverage it to expand their businesses. Known for its marketing, sales, and operations automation capabilities, HubSpot also provides a customer service solution to support customers.

Through HubSpot Tickets, companies can manage customer requests in one shared inbox. But customers are now on Slack, right? Thus, it makes sense to manage these requests within a platform that’s convenient for all parties involved.

The native HubSpot and Slack integration is inefficient, and clunky, forcing teams to switch contexts, and causing frustration due to significant inefficiencies. Thena rose to the challenge of creating a powerful bi-directional communication between Slack and Hubspot.

Ready to learn more about how HubSpot-Slack integration with Thena can benefit your business? Let’s get to the bottom of this!

What’s Thena’s HubSpot Integration?

HubSpot-Slack integration by Thena allows you to connect both applications and synchronize conversations between these platforms. As the integration is bi-directional, neither your customer support agents nor your customers need to switch platforms, ultimately reducing resolution times.

Why does Thena connect Slack and Hubspot?

Limitations of Native Integrations

Much like the majority of email ticketing systems and CRM solutions, native integrations between two platforms don’t always work for the benefit of the end user. In fact, they lack functional capabilities that truly make a difference and help you delight your customers.

Rising Importance of Digital Channels for Customer Support

In addition, Slack is the new digital channel and a tool widely adopted by teams around the globe. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in digital channels, such as Slack. 

Easier Management of Customers for Growing Businesses

These digital platforms allow us to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with customers while simplifying the management of a post-sale buyer journey at scale. However, requiring your agents to join multiple Slack channels can set you up for failure, resulting in significant confusion and a decline in customer service standards.

Features of Hubspot-Slack Integration With Thena

In a nutshell, Thena’s HubSpot integration makes doing business easier for agents and customers as it bridges the gap between teams to deliver faster and better resolutions.

Let’s take a look at some capabilities.

Easy Request to Ticket Conversion

Create Hubspot tickets from customer conversations on Slack

One of the key benefits of Thena’s HubSpot integration is that it allows for seamless conversational ticketing.

How does that work in practice? It’s simple. Your customer asks a question in Slack, Thena converts it into a HubSpot ticket, and your support team takes it from there. Your clients stay on Slack while your support agents are on HubSpot. It's a win-win.

Better Control Over the Entire Ticket Lifecycle

With HubSpot-Slack integration, your team has complete control over the whole support ticket lifecycle. Support agents can move tickets through a predefined sequence (Open>Pending>Close) or escalate them further.

As an added benefit, teams can share and attach rich media, including attachments, photos, gifs, and hyperlinks.

Kanban Boards for Visibility and Productivity

Manage customer requests and tickets from Slack in Kanban

78% of companies use Kanban boards for better workflow management and increased visibility of work. Kanban boards allow for better efficiency in ticket management, boosting time-to-resolution and delivering better customer outcomes.

For this reason, our HubSpot-Slack integration lets you see all HubSpot tickets directly in Slack at either the customer or the organization level.

CSAT Scores

Not collecting customer feedback would be a rookie mistake, yet gathering satisfaction scores or measuring other metrics outside Slack is challenging. Customers are more likely to respond to surveys if you do them on Slack. 

Thanks to Thena’s HubSpot integration, you can easily collect CSAT scores and leverage their feedback to improve your service.

Unrivaled Ticket Escalation

Once in a while, you might need to escalate customer requests or “case swarm” them for faster resolutions. Thena’s HubSpot integration enables you or your customer to raise the priority of a ticket and bring in experts at the right time to help with the issue. The escalation is also immediately visible on HubSpot.

Configure the Integration to Suit Your Business Requirements

White labeling and a high level of customization are two secret ingredients in Thena’s HubSpot integration. Configure your HubSpot-Slack integration to fit your business requirements and workflows, and keep your customers always informed.

Automatic Tagging of Your CSM

As you’re probably aware, some customers' issues can quickly get out of control, so to prevent that, Thena automatically tags the CSM in Slack when the ticket is created by somebody else. This allows the CSM to monitor the escalation to ensure positive customer service and lifelong retention.

Put HubSpot + Slack Into Action Now

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on Thena’s HubSpot integration, its capabilities, and benefits, you should take a plunge and see how it works in practice!

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