HubSpot CRM and Slack Integration (Playbook)

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February 7, 2024

HubSpot is one of the industry's leading Customer Relationships Management (CRM) solutions, helping thousands of organizations streamline their processes and achieve maximum productivity within their marketing and sales departments.

HubSpot is a powerful tool on its own. However, businesses can increase the tool’s functionalities by combining it with various integrations like Slack. By linking the two platforms, business leaders can ensure they provide the best possible environment for their teams to succeed.

In this article, we’ll explore what HubSpot CRM and Slack integration is, along with the benefits and best practices. In addition, we’ll show you how you integrate both tools with Thena.

First of all, what is HubSpot CRM Slack integration?

The HubSpot CRM Slack integration is a connection between HubSpot's Customer Relationship Management system and the Slack messaging platform. This integration allows users to receive notifications, create or update records, and perform CRM tasks directly within Slack.

Integrating HubSpot CRM into your Slack workspace enables the execution of essential tasks directly through Slack. This creates a streamlined process to accommodate your support teams and customers better.

What’s the difference between HubSpot and HubSpot CRM?

HubSpot is an all-encompassing platform offering a suite of marketing, sales, and service tools designed to help businesses grow by attracting, engaging, and delighting customers. It includes content management, social media marketing, web analytics, and more.

HubSpot CRM, on the other hand, is a specific component of the broader HubSpot ecosystem, focused on customer relationship management.

Benefits of HubSpot CRM and Slack integration

Integrating HubSpot CRM with Slack has many upsides for businesses. Let’s have a look at the most important ones:

  1. Streamlined workflows

Forcing your team members to jump between different tools can cause major issues in your business operations. As 45% of workers agree that context-switching makes them significantly less productive in their day-to-day jobs, it is crucial to tackle this problem fast. 

The HubSpot CRM Slack integration allows team members to access key customer information within Slack, meaning they don’t need to toggle between different tools, saving them time.

  1. Increased visibility

Another benefit is better visibility, as teams can follow their campaigns' performance in real time within Slack. They can monitor sales and customer communications, and sync live data from HubSpot directly to Slack, increasing visibility across the organization.

Teams can also receive real-time notifications linked to HubSpot deals straight within Slack, meaning they can concentrate on more critical tasks.

  1. Improved team collaboration

The integration also facilitates better collaboration across different departments by sharing relevant customer insights and updates in shared Slack channels.

For example, if a customer mentions a technical issue during a sales call, the salesperson can share this feedback in a Slack channel that includes product development and customer service teams, fostering cross-functional problem-solving.

So, how do you get the HubSpot CRM and Slack integration up and running? We talk about this in the next section.

How to set up and use the HubSpot CRM Slack integration with Thena

To level up your HubSpot CRM integration in Slack, automate your processes with our award-winning tool! 

Thena's HubSpot CRM integration can seamlessly sync both applications, creating two-way communication between tools for maximum efficiency. This is how you set it up:

  • Step 1: Download Thena if you haven’t already.
  • Step 2: Head to the Integrations tab under “Global Settings.”
  • Step 3: Search for HubSpot CRM (NOT HubSpot).
  • Step 4: Click “Add Integration.”
  • Step 5: Click “Connect.”
  • Step 6: Enjoy your integration.

Now that you have our integrations fully set up, you can also make use of additional functionalities:

  • Access to account information: Integrating HubSpot CRM with Slack means you can access your customers' account information within Slack. This helps your team to provide more accurate support.
  • Conversational ticket escalations straight to HubSpot: Our AI-powered smart solution will automatically detect customer requests that will be converted into a ticket for your customer support team to tackle.
  • Better visibility through ticket lifecycle: Thena's solution allows agents to fully control ticket lifecycles, triage customer requests, and share information freely, including attaching photos, hyperlinks, and rich text. Our Kanban board view helps to manage workflows better and deliver better customer service.

Access to in-depth analytics: Thena also collects valuable customer data on your behalf to help you base your critical business business on data. Our tool also collects CSAT scores through automated satisfaction surveys to help you gauge your customers’ sentiments.

Best practices of HubSpot CRM and Slack integration

To make the integration truly work for you, follow these tips so you spend even less time toggling between different tools:

  • Set up auto-response messages to customer inquiries, so your end-users always know what to expect. This will help you manage expectations and set up your teams for success.
  • Utilize Slack shortcuts and slash commands to speed up work and increase efficiency. Shortcuts and slash commands can perform complicated tasks directly from the message field in a fraction of the time.
  • Calibrate your notifications to fit your needs. While it's tempting to think that more notifications mean more information, which can be beneficial, receiving them too frequently can disrupt your and your team's concentration, negatively impacting productivity. Slack notifications offer a way to strike a balance, allowing you to receive the right amount of information without constant interruptions.

Find the right applications to complement your processes and workflows. Slack's app directory hosts a wide range of tools to help you create an ecosystem that works for your business. Take time to find the right tools!

Wrapping up

Perfecting your sales processes and customer support is crucial to the success of your business. Thena's HubSpot CRM integration can help you achieve maximum productivity, build seamless workflows, and turn your organization into a customer communication powerhouse.

Don't wait to boost your business. Try Thena at no cost today.

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