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Master Support with Thena: Power of Ticket Management Systems

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November 3, 2023

Keeping up with the demands of a booming business can be challenging. While companies should bask in the glory of their success, leaders should remember the importance of managing the demand of increasing customer requests.

As over 94% of consumers report that they are more likely to make repeat purchases after a positive customer experience, creating an outstanding customer journey should be a top priority!

Having solid support ticket management systems can boost productivity, and increase customer satisfaction and employee morale all in one go! And, with intelligent solutions like Thena, you can turn any organization into a customer service powerhouse.

Curious to learn more? Let’s explore why ticket management systems should be at the top of your agenda today.

The essence of ticket management systems

As we recognize the growing needs of customer requests, it's important to understand what a ticket management system is. The best ticket management systems should help you streamline your customer support workflows, organize and prioritize open issues, and create a clear communication flow between service agents and customers.

An effective ticketing system solution should also help to create a more straightforward escalation process. Although online forms and phone centers are still used, integrated ticket management systems such as Thena’s conversational ticketing can give an innovative edge to organizations, ensuring that no customer tickets are left unattended.

Ticketing systems should address every phase of the customer service lifecycle: from the moment your client communicates an issue, through the service agent's triage, to the end-of-journey customer satisfaction survey.

The evolution of customer support

A few decades ago, people usually got help by meeting in person or sending letters. But things changed quickly with new technology.

People started using call centers and automated voice systems to get help. When the internet became popular in the 90s, we got new ways to solve problems, like emails and online help centers. Now, many people use social media to share their experiences, ask for help, or even complain.

So, what's happening now? Even though many of us still call or use online services, what we expect from customer service has changed a lot. Fast-paced life, working from home, and big changes because of COVID-19 have made us want even better service. Did you know that 48% of customers think that the pandemic and recent shift towards digital has raised their customer service standards?

People don't want to wait on the phone or search forever for answers online. Chatbots, which are like robot helpers, are there any time of day to give answers. With 43% of customers using online ways to communicate for help, systems that manage these online chats and questions are becoming super important. They help users get information anytime, make the process of asking and answering questions smoother, and reduce mistakes. Nowadays, going digital is the way forward.

So, what capabilities should a modern ticket management system have?

Key ticket management system features

Streamlined ticket creation process

A painless and easy-to-follow ticket creation process is essential to a robust support ticket management system.

The best ticket management systems allow users to create tickets within a few seconds, only asking for the essential details. But is there an even better way? Integrated ticketing system solutions can sit within your communication channels, automatically detecting customer requests as part of natural conversations.

Categorizing and tagging tickets 

Once your tickets are created, where do they go? To keep support service teams organized, ticketing systems should enable support agents to categorize issues based on their statuses, types, topics, or priorities.

A clear categorization system ensures tickets quickly get to the right person and helps identify any unresolved issues, speeding up solutions.

Automated workflows

Every business is different, so when it comes to ticket management systems, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Automated workflows let organizations personalize operations to their needs, creating a custom experience for their end-users. As 54% of consumers expect a personalized experience as part of their customer journey, automated workflows can make or break your customer success.

Workflows can encompass a variety of functions, from welcome messages and automated status updates to routing tickets automatically to specific teams, and more. The best ticket management systems enable you to customize your experience to best serve your customers.

Integration capabilities

While ticket creation and workflows are handy features, your service team can easily get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of inquiries. Effective customer service solutions must integrate seamlessly with ticket management systems, reducing time spent switching between software and enabling teams to focus on what matters.

Integrations with team communications platforms like Slack, CRM systems, video conferencing tools, or project management solutions can speed up resolution times and provide agents access to all the information they need.

Insights and reporting

It can be tricky to figure out what parts of your customer service are working well or where things get stuck without the right data. Built-in reports can show you important details to better understand what your customers need and where your products or services might fall short.

Thena—Your ultimate solution for ticket management

Thena can help your organization create simplified and streamlined support operations for a new era of customer support. With its AI-powered innovative solutions, our tool delivers best-in-class support to delight your customers. Thena offers a variety of essential features to help you maximize your customer service efforts.

Here’s what makes Thena good:

Centralized ticket management

With Thena, teams can create a centralized hub for service desk teams, manage customer inquiries from different channels, automatically detect requests from Slack, and better understand customer sentiment.

Customer requests can be filtered through a range of filters such as priority, issue type, and custom tags, allowing your teams to identify the right way to tackle any requests instantly. With an integrated Kanban board, service agents can keep track of open requests, synchronize resolution status, and read through Slack threads with a click of a button, boosting team collaboration and enhancing resolution processes.


Furthermore, service teams and customers alike can benefit from Thena’s intelligent automation, keeping your end-users in the loop, automatically populating surveys, sending out reminders, and enhancing accountability and customer satisfaction on the go.

Thena was created to fit seamlessly into your operations, helping your teams centralize knowledge sources, collaborate effectively, and create an outstanding customer experience.


To run a successful business, business leaders must avoid shooting in the dark when it comes to performance analytics. Nearly two-thirds of customers are prepared to stop engaging with a brand because of a poor customer experience. With Thena, you have access to the essential data you need!

Thena is designed to empower your teams, helping them deliver maximum value. With tailored analytics and instant feedback after resolving issues, you can truly understand your customers. Thena's insights assist leaders in making data-driven decisions, collecting performance metrics, and monitoring customer behavior over time.

Why Thena excels in ticket management

Designed for your organization to establish the best ticket management system, Thena enables service desk teams to enhance their processes, boost productivity, and deliver an exceptional customer service journey.

Here’s what makes Thena stand out from the rest:

  • Reduce resolution times: With our intelligent conversational ticketing solution and streamlined triage process, service agents can tackle issues quickly. Through automated request updates, customers can stay in the loop 24/7.

  • Enhance customer interactions: Thena boasts a range of functionalities to provide a personalized experience. With access to customer Slack history and Slack automation, your end-users can truly feel cared for.

  • Better task management: Thena can speed up task management processes with one-click task assignments and status updates. Easily locating tickets through streamlined Kanban boards and identifying the team members working on each case, Thena can help your team stay on course.

All in all, Thena’s best-in-class ticket management system solution can create an evolutional difference in your customer service journey.

Real-world success stories

Nothing speaks louder than cases of companies that successfully integrated Thena into their ticket management systems. And there are quite a few of these.

Mixpanel’s struggle with Zendesk

Mixpanel, a leading analytics platform, had trouble with customer support because they used different communication tools. While the support team primarily used Zendesk, customers often reached out both there and on Slack. Siloed support systems resulted in customer support inefficiencies, extremely long response and resolution times, and poor visibility into crucial support metrics. 

With the integration of Thena, Mixpanel seamlessly connected their Zendesk platform with Slack, resulting in notable improvements across the board:

  • A 50% decrease in resolution time.
  • A 95% reduction in response time.
  • Greater insight into key support metrics.
  • Elevated customer satisfaction levels.

WorkRamp’s disjointed support channels

Another success story comes from WorkRamp, a learning management system. Just like Mixpanel, they had a tough time juggling different support channels. WorkRamp used both Intercom web chat and several Slack channels to talk to their customers. This made customer support rather messy since processes were split between two communication channels, resulting in slower response times, inaccuracies, and a lack of access to key metrics.

WorkRamp's customer support saw a major shift after they brought in Thena's Intercom connector. By turning Slack messages into Intercom tickets automatically, Thena made the support process smoother, cut down response times on Slack, and led to happier customers. In fact, with Thena, WorkRamp was able to: 

  • Boost support agents’ productivity by 30%.
  • Reduce response time by 60%.
  • Access a centralized support dashboard with key analytics.


A ticketing system can make a significant difference in your customer service journey. Solutions such as Thena can help you process tickets quickly, leading to faster response and resolution times.

On top of that, Thena aids your service agents in delivering the best customer experience through communication channels your clients are familiar with. Our ticket management system can elevate you above your competitors and leave customer service concerns behind.

Start Thena’s trial at no cost today to see how our Slack customer management solution can help your business.

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