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Empowering Your Support Team: Online Ticketing System Best Practices

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December 8, 2023

You can’t run a successful business without satisfied customers—your most demanding but valuable assets. With 80% of customers willing to switch to a competitor even after one bad service experience, meeting customer expectations is crucial to the health of your business.

To achieve maximum customer success, business leaders must prioritize the effectiveness of their online ticketing systems. Without an effective first line of defense, your customer journey will ultimately fall flat.

Unsure where to start with streamlining your process? We are here to help!

What is an online ticketing system? 

Your online ticketing system is the backbone of your organization, keeping things running smoothly, reacting to customer concerns quickly, and keeping your customer service teams organized.

Keeping a manual tab on inbound service requests and customer issues can be a nightmare. Still, specialized online ticketing systems can manage and track tickets fast, following the full life cycle of all customer issues.

Online ticketing systems can cover a range of functionalities, from customer service teams to internal helpdesks. Suppose your business is expanding or receiving a high demand for service requests. In that case, you must invest in an effective online ticketing system to bring out the best in your organization.

Benefits of online ticketing systems

Now that you understand what an online ticketing system is, let's explore the benefits it offers you and your customer service team:

  • Reduced resolution times: With 90% of customers expecting an immediate response of 10 minutes or less throughout their customer journey, you must streamline your processes. Online ticketing systems can automate ticket routings, categorize requests, and escalate issues to the right team members, ensuring that all customer issues get resolved fast.
  • Increased collaboration: There’s no progress without collaboration. Your customer service team must collaborate effectively to tackle customer issues and service requests quickly. Online ticketing systems enable users to assign tasks, delegate responsibilities, track ticket status, and more, leading to a more efficient process. The ticketing system allows team members to work on a knowledge base basis, identifying the right way to tackle issues quickly.
  • No more monotone tasks: If you expect your customer service team to handle helpdesk tickets manually, chances are that they are wasting a significant amount of time on repetitive tasks, sending out the same copy-paste stock replies to basic inquiries or manually routing tickets between tools. Online ticketing systems can help to speed up these processes, resulting in faster resolution times and more enjoyable work for your service agents.
  • Access to insights: With a great online ticketing system, business leaders can access valuable metrics leading to more intelligent business decisions. In-depth metrics can help organizations identify the weaknesses of their products, get a feel for customer sentiment linked to their brand, or see what areas or channels they perform the best. Data can create the difference between a successful and a struggling business.

Around-the-clock support: Unlike your service agents, your online ticketing system never sleeps. With AI-generated stock replies and integrated workflows, your ticketing system can look after your customers until your employees arrive in the morning.

Best practices for using online ticketing systems

Make use of automation

To make things easier and more efficient, it's important to use automation. This way, people get quick answers and the team handling service requests has less work to do, so they can focus on high-value activities. 54% of consumers prefer a personalized experience when they contact an organization.

Automating tasks can help you tackle this demand by freeing up valuable time for your customer service team to develop a customized user experience and perfect customer journeys.

Use canned responses

All organizations face repetitive requests, no matter the industry they operate in. Developing canned responses for frequently asked questions can help guide agents and speed up resolution times. Response templates can ensure that all customers can access the same relevant information and that customer service teams don’t have to scramble for answers for every customer issue.

Implement Service Level Agreements 

To make service teams more effective and keep customer expectations in check, it's really important to have Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These SLAs act as clear rules that help your team deliver great service and handle customer needs efficiently. Plus, having these SLAs in place gives you concrete goals to aim for, making it easier to keep your service reliable and tweak things when you need more resources.

Set up a knowledge base

82% of customers prefer to try to resolve their issues via a knowledge base before contacting customer service. Utilizing an in-depth, easily accessible knowledge base empowers your customers to access self-help service at speed, reducing the workload on your customer service teams and decreasing customer requests.

Knowledge bases can include a wide range of materials, from video tutorials to step-by-step guides and how-to guides, allowing users to resolve common issues without ever having to contact anyone.

Introducing Thena: The best online ticketing system for modern B2B companies

Thena is an intelligent online ticketing system integrated into Slack that can help you revolutionize your customer journey fast. Our solution is equipped with tools that can help you achieve maximum customer satisfaction and employee happiness. From built-in automation to conversational ticketing and in-depth insights, business leaders can streamline their processes to reach the best value.

With the help of Thena’s AI-powered knowledge base, your end-users can access around-the-clock help utilizing stock responses and historical interactions, speeding up resolution times. Our smart workflow automation will keep users updated about ticket statuses, issue SLA reminders to service agents, and enhance collaboration at all stages of the service request lifecycle.

Thena’s intuitive conversational ticketing system integrates into your Slack Connect channels, automatically converting Slack conversations into service requests. Your service agents can easily notify your customers with an emoji reaction that their tickets have been seen, creating an instant feedback loop.

Thena real-life use cases

Thena can cover all your business needs without adding a high level of complexity, providing an efficient but user-friendly experience. Our award-winning solution has helped our clients achieve maximum productivity and customer satisfaction in a range of industries:

  • Thena’s intelligent solution resolved Mixpanel’s concerns of a disconnected customer service journey. Shortcutting their siloed ticketing processes, Thena connected their tools and increased collaboration, leading to a 50% decrease in resolution time and increased customer satisfaction.

  • SpotDraft’s inefficient processes caused problems within their workflows, leading to a disjointed customer experience and decreased productivity. Thena simplified their customer support workflow within Slack, resulting in a 20% support productivity increase.


With the help of the right online ticketing system, you can significantly increase productivity within your customer service teams and delight your customers with outstanding service. Online ticketing systems like Thena take the guesswork out of your daily tasks and help streamline customer support in your organization.

Empower your customer service teams to achieve the best, and give Thena a try today.

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