Convert Slack messages from customers into support tickets in your ticketing system

Govind Kavaturi
February 6, 2023

Conversations with customers are essential for providing excellent customer service. Every contact you have with a customer is an opportunity to build relationships, promote your brand, and ultimately drive larger lifetime value. As such, it’s important to track conversations with customers no matter where they originate from, including Slack messages. In today’s world, the importance of Slack grew to be a criticality, customers want to have an open communication channel like Slack so they get their issues or requests solved quickly. With 100s of customer channels, it is inefficient to not have integrations that allow to save time and scale. 

Here’s how you can convert those messages into customer support tickets.

1. Convert a message into a ticket directly from customer channel with reactions 

With Thena, converting a customer's message on Slack into a ticket in your ticketing system is a breeze. Simply add a ticket emoji to the message and Thena will do the rest. If desired, customers can also perform this action themselves through proper configuration.

Create a ticket from any Slack message

Alternatively, you could use message actions on the right side of any message to select ‚ÄėCreate a Ticket‚Äô from the dropdown view. The fields to submit a ticket are customizable in our enterprise plan. Our default fields include Type, Title, Description (Auto-populated), Urgency, and Tags. Thena currently supports creating tickets from Slack into Intercom, Zendesk, HubSpot, Freshdesk, and Salesforce Cases.

2. Create a support queue within Slack and collaborate internally before you create a ticket 

The Slack Connect channel with your customer facilitates not just customer support, but also encompasses other account management aspects such as onboarding, timelines, expectations, coordination, billing, legal, product and more. Thena streamlines this process by automatically triaging customer messages, acting as a bridge between customer communication and support tickets.

Manage request queue within Slack

Utilizing AI, Thena detects customer requests and sends notifications to a designated internal channel, allowing teams to efficiently collaborate and handle inquiries. The notifications can be assigned or claimed by team members, and can also be converted into tickets or mark closed.

3. Manage unassigned and assigned customer requests within Slack before you create a ticket

The requests are divided into "unassigned" and "assigned" in a list format in Slack, giving you an inbox-style view. This allows you to stay on top of all customer communication that falls under your responsibility. You can quickly assign, close, check the status of assigned requests, or push to ticketing systems keeping your inbox organized and helping you provide superior customer satisfaction by being proactive.

Inbox style request management within Slack

4. Track how many support tickets you are sending from Slack

In the Slack-dominated world, it is crucial to monitor the number of tickets generated through Slack, especially for enterprises with more than 50% of customers communicating on the platform. To better understand customer needs and grow the account, it is important to track the time it takes to resolve these tickets and gauge customer satisfaction with Slack responses. However, this metric is not readily accessible unless Thena is utilized to convert messages into tickets.

Track tickets created from Slack

By leveraging Slack and integrating with Thena, companies can streamline communication processes while ensuring quality control across all interactions with customers‚ÄĒno matter where they originate from! Converting incoming slack messages into tickets helps teams keep track of inquiries more effectively while providing better service overall‚ÄĒit‚Äôs a win-win situation! With these tips in mind, any Customer Success and Customer Support leadership should be able to leverage Slack messages as part of their overall strategy for delivering excellent customer service experiences!

Thena further provides powerful capabilities to connect your Slack Connect customer channels and ticketing system including bi-directional chat, contact mapping, status mapping, escalation, and CSAT. Check out connectors for information.

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