How to Add a Custom Emoji to Slack

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January 19, 2024

Slack became one of the most dominant communication tools in history because of its exceptional functionality and because it brought a fun element into everyday business conversations. Besides its colorful design scheme and various entertaining integrations, Slack’s ability to integrate emojis into reactions and conversations improved how we communicate today.

The developers responded to the popularity of this feature by introducing custom emoji options for Slack, bringing a unique, personal vibe to your workspace. In this article, you'll learn about the world of emojis and discover how to seamlessly integrate custom emojis into your Slack channels, step-by-step.

Why should you use Slack custom emojis?

Adding Slack custom emojis to your workspace allows your channel users to express themselves better and have a more personalized experience. Adding custom emojis to Slack can foster collaboration, boost community spirit, and enhance the sense of belonging across your organization.

By creating your own branded Slack emojis, you can increase brand advocacy, transfer brand values, and increase engagement. Plus, adding custom emojis to Slack can bring humor into your conversations and break down communication barriers.

How to add a custom emoji to Slack

Adding custom emojis to Slack is a simple process. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open Slack and click on the smiley face on your conversational bar next to your mention (@) option.

Step 2: Once selected, click “Add Emoji” to open the pop-up menu for creating Slack custom emojis.

Step 3: While it’s easy to add emojis to your Slack workspace, certain requirements must be met. One key requirement is the choice of image for your custom emoji. It should be a square image, not exceeding 128 KB. For optimal functionality, images with transparent backgrounds are preferred, allowing for smooth integration into your chat panels. Additionally, for a touch of fun, you can incorporate moving GIF files as your custom Slack emojis.

Step 4: Now that you've learned how to add custom emojis to Slack, the next step is giving them easily searchable names. This ensures that your users can find and use them in their daily conversations. Remember, all Slack emoji names should be in lowercase, without any spaces or punctuation. To prevent mix-ups, pick a name that’s distinctive and unlikely to overlap with existing ones in Slack's standard emoji collection.

Step 5: Hit save and integrate! 

Now, with your new favorite emoji ready, start using it in conversations and let your team members in on the fun. It's time to see how your custom touch adds to the chat experience!

What else do you need to know about Slack custom emojis?

Now that you have added your handy new emojis, you might want to know a couple of things.

First, Slack custom emojis are available to all users within your workspace, so make sure that your chosen design is business-appropriate and won’t cause unintentional havoc down the line. Admins can restrict or remove permissions to create Slack custom emojis if you are concerned.

Secondly, don't worry if you're late in managing permissions and find yourself with a collection of off-brand or odd-looking emojis in Slack. It's easy to fix. You can delete any emojis you've added, and admins can also remove any inappropriate ones. Wondering how to do this? Follow these steps:

Step 1: As a workspace admin, you can delete unwanted Slack custom emojis by clicking on your Slack workspace in the top left corner and choosing the “Customize workspace” option. 

Step 2: Navigate to the “Emoji” tab, where you'll find your custom emoji. Simply click the 'x' button next to it to remove it from your list.

Give your Slack emojis a functionality

While Slack emojis are a great source of fun, they can also be helpful! With Thena’s smart integration, you can turn your Slack emojis into one-click shortcuts and link them to particular actions.

By utilizing Thena in your Slack channels, your teams are able to choose a variety of actions through Slack emojis once a customer or internal request has been flagged through conversational ticketing.

These shortcuts include:

🎫 (ticket) Create a new ticket

👀 (eyes) Looking into it

⛑️(rescue worker’s helmet) Assign to someone

🌂(umbrella) Closed

Thena’s Slack shortcuts can save time for support agents, streamlining assigning and escalation processes and removing context switching across multiple tools. By relying on Slack emojis, team members can quickly assess the status of active requests, turning their attention to the most pressing issues.

Make the most of your triage processes and create a more innovative (and fun) solution to fit your organization’s needs.

Top Emoji Used in Slack for B2B SaaS Businesses

CategoryEmojiDescriptionContext in B2B SaaS
Positive Communication:thumbs_up:Thumbs upApproval, agreement, good work.
:smiley:Smiling FaceExpressing happiness or satisfaction.
:clap:ApplausePraising a job well done or celebrating success.
:rocket:RocketSignifying speed, progress, or launching something new.
Communication & Feedback:question:Question MarkAsking a question, seeking clarification.
:thinking:Thinking FaceContemplating or considering something.
:eyes:EyesPaying attention, focusing on something.
:point_up:Pointing UpHighlighting something important or directing attention.
Status & Availability:green_circle:Green CircleAvailable, online, ready to chat.
:red_circle:Red CircleBusy, unavailable, do not disturb.
:zzz:Sleeping FaceAway from Slack, taking a break.
Humor & Casual Communication:laughing:Laughing FaceFinding something funny or lighthearted.
:party_popper:Party PopperCelebrating a special occasion or achievement.
:100:100 PointsSignifying perfection, excellence, or a great accomplishment.

Slack Emojis Commonly Used by Customer Success Teams

CategoryEmojisUse Case
Positive Sentiment:smile:, :smiley:, :thumbsup:, :tada:, :100:Expressing happiness, satisfaction, or well done.
Encouragement & Support:clap:, :rocket:, :muscle:, :trophy:, :star2:Motivating customers, celebrating wins, or acknowledging effort.
Understanding & Empathy:thinking:, :eyes:, :light_bulb:, :question:, :handshake:Showing that you're listening, seeking clarification, or building rapport.
Communication & Progress:memo:, :chart_with_upwards_trend:, :link:, :construction:, :flag_white:Sharing updates, documents, managing expectations, or indicating milestones.
Thanks & Appreciation:gift:, :sparkles:, :heart:, :raised_hands:, :+1:Expressing gratitude, appreciation, or positive reinforcement.
Status Indicators:heavy_check_mark:, :x:, :heavy_minus_sign:, :zzz:, :hourglass:Providing quick status updates on tasks, tickets, or availability.

Slack Emojis Commonly Used by Engineering Teams

CategoryEmojisUse Case
Code & Development:computer:, :bug:, :fire:, :wrench:, :hammer:Referencing code, debugging issues, tackling challenges, fixing bugs, or deploying updates.
Testing & Review:mag_right:, :microscope:, :white_check_mark:, :heavy_multiplication_sign:, :repeat:Indicating code reviews, testing phases, successful tests, fixing multiple issues, or regression testing.
Build & Deployment:rocket:, :ship:, :construction:, :heavy_outgoing_envelope:, :inbox_tray:Signifying deployments, releases, infrastructure tasks, pushing code, or merging pull requests.
Communication & Collaboration:thought_balloon:, :link:, :handshake:, :two_men_holding_hands:, :nerd_face:Brainstorming ideas, sharing resources, collaborating on tasks, working together, or celebrating engineering accomplishments.
Status & Progress:heavy_check_mark:, :x:, :heavy_minus_sign:, :zzz:, :hourglass:Highlighting task completion, identifying blockers, indicating work in progress, taking a break, or estimating time.
Fun & Camaraderie:coffee:, :beers:, :sunglasses:, :party_popper:, :robot:Taking a coffee break, celebrating milestones, unwinding after work, expressing excitement, or referencing coding humor (e.g., :robot: for automation).

Slack Emojis Commonly Used by Front-End Website Developers

CategoryEmojisUse Case
Code & Development:computer:, :pencil2:, :eyeglasses:, :palette:, :bricks:Referencing code, design tweaks, attention to detail, working on UI/UX, or building page elements.
Libraries & Frameworks:hammer:, :gear:, :repeat:, :link:, :thought_balloon:Indicating using UI libraries/frameworks, integrating components, iterating on designs, sharing code references, or brainstorming solutions.
Testing & Responsiveness:mag_right:, :mobile_phone:, :computer:, :heavy_check_mark:, :bug:Signifying UI/UX testing, ensuring mobile responsiveness, cross-browser compatibility checks, successful test results, or identifying bugs.
Visual Design & Assets:camera:, :image:, :chart_with_upwards_trend:, :fire:, :tada:Referencing sharing images/design assets, tracking design progress, celebrating visual design wins, tackling performance challenges, or showcasing exceptional design work.
Communication & Collaboration:handshake:, :two_men_holding_hands:, :link:, :question:, :speech_balloon:Highlighting collaboration with designers/back-end developers, sharing work for feedback, asking questions for clarification, or discussing design decisions.
Status & Progress:heavy_check_mark:, :x:, :heavy_minus_sign:, :construction:, :zzz:Indicating task completion, identifying visual inconsistencies, work in progress on specific features, website under construction/maintenance, or taking a break.

Slack Emojis Commonly Used by Graphic Designers

CategoryEmojisUse Case
Design Elements & Tools:art:, :palette:, :eyeglasses:, :pencil2:, :scissors:Referencing artwork, color palettes, attention to detail, revisions/edits, or cutting/cropping images.
Feedback & Iteration:mag_right:, :repeat:, :arrows_counterclockwise:, :thought_balloon:, :question:Indicating design reviews, requesting revisions, suggesting edits, brainstorming ideas, or asking for clarification.
Inspiration & Trends:camera:, :chart_with_upwards_trend:, :fire:, :eyes:, :bulb:Sharing reference images, keeping up with design trends, showcasing inspiring work, attracting attention to details, or sparking new ideas.
Software & Resources:computer:, :link:, :gear:, :wrench:, :hammer:Referencing design software usage, sharing design resources/links, integrating design elements, troubleshooting design issues, or fine-tuning details.
Communication & Collaboration:handshake:, :two_men_holding_hands:, :speech_balloon:, :clap:, :tada:Highlighting collaboration with clients/teams, providing feedback, discussing designs, celebrating design wins, or expressing appreciation for good ideas.
Status & Progress:heavy_check_mark:, :x:, :heavy_minus_sign:, :construction:, :zzz:Denoting design task completion, identifying design flaws, work in progress on specific elements, design under development, or taking a break.
Fun & Camaraderie:coffee:, :beers:, :sunglasses:, :party_popper:, :robot:Taking a coffee break, celebrating design milestones, unwinding after work, expressing excitement about a project, or referencing design-related humor (e.g., :robot: for automation).

Wrapping up

Slack custom emojis can be a unique tool in your arsenal to boost morale and collaboration, create a community spirit, and bring playfulness into everyday conversations. 

By combining the power of emojis with Thena’s smart request management solutions in your Slack channels, you can increase your service teams’ productivity, streamline triage processes, and create a more enjoyable environment for all.

Add Thena to Slack now to make the most of your workspace today!

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