13 Best Slack Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Your Workflow

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January 23, 2024

Slack is often used for customer support, project teams, and internal helpdesk because of its outstanding functionality. While the extensive basic features are already noteworthy, you can further expand your Slack productivity with the help of Slack keyboard shortcuts.

Slack shortcuts are a range of keyboard commands that can provide faster access to specific actions or menus. Shortcuts for Slack can cover a wide range of functionality, from composing messages to uploading files and adding emojis. Although there are hundreds of available Slack shortcuts, you don't need to worry about getting lost in the chaos. We are here to help!

In this article, we’ll explore the most useful Slack keyboard shortcuts to help you and your teams achieve maximum potential.

13 Best Slack Keyboard Shortcuts

1. Unsend message

Have you ever panicked after sending a message? Or did you accidentally hit enter while still typing? No need to worry; there's a Slack shortcut for that! By pressing "Ctrl + Z" or "Command + Z" on Mac, you can breathe easy again, un-sending the last message in your chat history. Crisis averted!

2. Set your status

Do you need to dash away from your desk quickly or get pulled into a meeting? With "Ctrl+Shift+Y" or "Command+Shift+Y", you can quickly access your status menu and keep your team updated about your whereabouts!

Slack Keyboard Shortcuts

3. Search in conversation

Hopefully, this won't be new to most readers, but by pressing the standard "Ctrl + F" or "Command + F" shortcuts, you can search your current conversations for any information. Did you forget the name of the new boss? Can't remember how to use the platform again even though it was explained to you a dozen times before? Fear nothing; hit "Ctrl + F" and find your answers.

4. Need to broaden the search?

There will be times when searching for conversations is simply not enough. For these occasions, you can use "Ctrl + G" or "Command + G" Slack keyboard shortcuts to search every Slack channel within your workspace. It's time to dig out those onboarding decks you were sent a few years ago.

5. Start a new message

Are you itching to start a conversation? With "Ctrl + N" or "Command + N", you can jump straight into writing without having to scroll down all your previous DMs or channels. This can significantly speed up your messaging habits and share information more efficiently.

6. Find a downloaded file

Christine sent you that deck a few weeks ago for your next meeting. But where is it? The "Ctrl + Shift + J" or "Command + Shift + J" Slack keyboard shortcut can help you access all of your downloaded files from Slack to browse through all the spam you received throughout the year.

7. Catch up with all your threads

Can't keep up with all your unanswered messages? With "Ctrl + Shift + 3" or "Command + Shift + 3", you can access your activity view in Slack, browsing through your posts' mentions, threads, and reactions.

8. Navigate between workspaces

Do you have to work across multiple workspaces on Slack or have dedicated ones for your clients? The "Ctrl + Shift + Tab" or "Command + Shift + Tab" Slack shortcut lets you toggle between your Slack workspaces easily without having to click around manually.

9. Format your text

Okay, we are cheating. These are technically more than one Slack shortcut, but formatting your text can be handy if you frequently post announcements, newsletters, or product updates in your Slack channels. By pressing the variations below, you can add paragraphs, edit text as headlines, or even format your list as bullets! Give it a whirl!

“Ctrl + Alt + 0” = Edit as a paragraph“Ctrl + Alt + 1” = Format text as H1“Ctrl + Alt + 2” = Format text as H2“Ctrl + Shift + 8” = Bullet points

10. Add a hyperlink

Do you want to link to various resources without spamming someone's DM or Slack channel? Hit the "Ctrl / Command + Shift + U" Slack shortcut to add hyperlinks to your texts. Couldn't be any more efficient!

11. Start a huddle

Need to jump on a call or end one? By pressing "Ctrl + Shift + H", you can shift between joining or leaving conference calls with your teams. It's especially handy if you need to make back-to-back calls!

12. Play with your preferences

Need to adjust your Slack settings? There is no need to search for the cog icon. Press “Ctrl + ,”. Edit your notification settings, change your themes, or set your time zone with a click of a button.

13. Lost in Slack shortcuts?

Are you new to shortcuts for Slack? Do you need to revisit the basics? By pressing "Ctrl + /" or "Command + /" you can review all available Slack shortcuts straight from the platform! You can scroll through your dozens of options and note down the ones that could make your life easier.

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Navigation - Slack Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut (Windows/Linux)Shortcuts (Mac)Description
Ctrl + KCmd + KOpen the quick switcher to jump to channels or DMs
Ctrl + Shift + MCmd + Shift + MView all of your unread messages
Ctrl + /Cmd + /View list of all available shortcuts
Alt + Up/Down ArrowOption + Up/Down ArrowMove between channels in your sidebar
Up/Down ArrowUp/Down ArrowMove between messages
EscEscClear search, close menus, exit full-screen mode
Ctrl + FCmd + FOpen the search bar
Ctrl + Shift + ECmd + Shift + EMark all messages in a channel/DM as read
Ctrl + Shift + UCmd + Shift + UOpen a thread of a message
Ctrl + [ or ]Cmd + [ or ]Cycle between threads within a conversation
Page Up/Page DownPage Up/Page DownScroll quickly within a conversation
Ctrl + BCmd + BBold selected text
Ctrl + ICmd + IItalicize selected text
Ctrl + Shift + 7Cmd + Shift + 7Create a numbered list
Ctrl + Shift + 8Cmd + Shift + 8Create a bulleted list
Ctrl + Shift + CCmd + Shift + CCreate a code block
Ctrl + Shift + KCmd + Shift + KJump into direct messages
Alt + Left/Right ArrowOption + Left/Right ArrowMove between tabs (channel/DMs)
Ctrl + Num (1-9)Cmd + Num (1-9)Jump to a specific channel position in your sidebar
/away/awaySet your status to "away"

Messaging - Slack Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut (Windows/Linux)Shortcuts (Mac)Description
Up/Down ArrowUp/Down ArrowMove between messages
Ctrl + Shift + ECmd + Shift + EMark all as read in a channel/DM
EscEscMark all as read, clear search, close menus
Ctrl + Shift + UCmd + Shift + UOpen a message thread
Ctrl + [ or ]Cmd + [ or ]Cycle between threads
Page Up/Page DownPage Up/Page DownScroll quickly in a conversation
Ctrl + FCmd + FOpen the search bar
Shift + EnterShift + EnterAdd a new line without sending a message

Text Formatting - Slack Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut (Windows/Linux)Shortcuts (Mac)Description
Ctrl + BCmd + BBold text
Ctrl + ICmd + IItalicize text
Ctrl + Shift + 7Cmd + Shift + 7Numbered list
Ctrl + Shift + 8Cmd + Shift + 8Bulleted list
Ctrl + Shift + CCmd + Shift + CCode block
Ctrl + Shift + \Cmd + Shift + \Inline code

Actions - Slack Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut (Windows/Linux)Shortcuts (Mac)Description
Ctrl + Shift + MCmd + Shift + MView unread messages
/away/awaySet status to "away"
/dnd/dndActivate "Do Not Disturb"
/remind .../remind ...Set a reminder
/msg @user .../msg @user ...Start a DM
/call @user/call @userStart a call (with voice/video)
/me action/me actionDescribe your action
/collapse/collapseCollapse image previews/files
/expand/expandExpand image previews/files

Customization & Help - Slack Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut (Windows/Linux)Shortcuts (Mac)Description
Ctrl + /Cmd + /See all shortcuts
/prefs/prefsOpen notification preferences
/customize/customizeAdjust Slack theme & sidebar

Advanced - Slack Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut (Windows/Linux)Shortcuts (Mac)Description
/who/whoGet user information
/mute #channel/mute #channelMute channel notifications
/invite @user/invite @userInvite to a channel
/leave #channel/leave #channelLeave a channel
/archive #channel/archive #channelArchive a channel
/open #channel/open #channelOpen a specific channel
/create #channel/create #channelCreate a new channel
in: #channelin: #channelSearch within a channel
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