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Customer Success in Slack: Retain and Delight Your Customers

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October 6, 2023

Customer success is crucial for any organization's game plan. It's the key to boosting your cash flow, drawing in more customers, and keeping the ones you already have.

When you're just starting out, it's easy to push customer experience to the back burner.

SaaS companies often prioritize different aspects initially, such as product development or marketing efforts to gain traction and acquire new customers.

However, neglecting to build a strong customer success journey could have a significant impact on your bottom line. Research shows that 17% of customers will leave after just one bad experience with a brand, leaving little room for error.

Given that a staggering number of companies rely on Slack as their primary communication tool today, it's increasingly evident that Slack should be integrated into an organization's customer experience strategy as a customer success tool.

In this blog, we'll dive deep into the world of customer success in Slack. We'll explore how Slack can be harnessed to create a customer-centric ecosystem, and why Thena is the best tool for the job.

What is Customer Success, and Why is It Important?

Customer success involves helping your clients get the most out of your products and services, removing potential obstacles, and creating a clear line of communication between them and your team.

When the value of your products is maximized for your customers, they are more likely to remain loyal and increase their spending over time. An astonishing 88% of customers suggest that a company's experience is just as important as its products and services, underscoring the critical importance of getting customer success right.

Besides, attracting new customers can cost you more than keeping your loyal ones happy.

How Can Slack Help with Customer Success?

Using Slack for customer success enables your team to collaborate more effectively by providing all the tools they need in one secure environment. Slack can enhance your digital customer experience through a centralized communication platform.

With real-time conversations, agents can swiftly resolve customer issues. The ability to access the entire customer history with a single click empowers customer success teams to move away from a one-size-fits-all approach and create a more personalized experience.

With Slack, customer service teams can effortlessly tap into a collective knowledge base without switching tabs or chasing colleagues, resulting in a smoother and more effective issue resolution process.

An effective customer success program can yield a remarkable 91% ROI over a three-year period, emphasizing the need for organizations to establish a customer-driven culture from the start.

Why Customer Success in Slack is Important

B2B customers value timely and personalized support. They also want vendors to deeply understand their specific business needs and be proactive in problem-solving. Slack shines in this regard, as it allows businesses to build strong partnerships where B2B customers feel supported on a deeper level.

Thus, using Slack as part of your customer success strategy can bring numerous benefits:

  • Your existing customer base can account for between a third to a half of total revenue growth. Managing customer experience through Slack can help resolve issues quickly, increasing customer retention rates.
  • Research shows that 75% of B2B buyers research three or more advocacy sources before purchasing. Slack opens up communication channels, helping customer success teams identify gaps in the customer journey, driving customer advocacy, and increasing referrals.
  • The speed at which you address customer concerns significantly impacts your customer success rates. With 63% of service agents grappling with the balance between speed and quality, Slack streamlines processes, reducing time wasted on switching between tools and expediting knowledge sharing among teams.

As 62% of customers expect companies to anticipate their needs, Slack's functionality to track previous engagements and identify your clients' requirements through metrics establishes it as an essential customer success tool.

How Can Thena Help?

While Slack is an excellent asset in your customer service arsenal, there is always room for improvement. Thena is a powerful tool that can take your customer success within Slack to the next level by enabling streamlined communication and collaboration with both customers and your teams.

Thena integrates seamlessly with a wide range of tools, including SalesForce, Zendesk, and Intercom, automating your workflows to expedite internal processes and assist your customers more efficiently.

Let’s explore a few ways your organization can benefit from Thena.

Benefits of Thena for Customer Success in Slack

1. Efficient Issue Detection

With the help of Thena, organizations can efficiently triage issues at a remarkable speed. You'll no longer have to worry about missing customer requests. Thena is designed to detect and identify customer inquiries within Slack messages. This means that your customers won't have to go through the hassle of submitting lengthy support tickets or providing in-depth explanations.

2. Streamlined Triage Processes

Thena's smart integration solution simplifies your triage processes significantly. You won't need to constantly switch context as AI detection seamlessly integrates into your workflow.

Meanwhile, the Kanban-style visualization provided by Thena makes it easy to assign and monitor tickets, ensuring complete visibility across your teams. This streamlining of processes not only saves time but also enhances overall efficiency.

3. Fast Resolution Rates

Achieving fast resolution rates is crucial for boosting customer loyalty. With Thena's built-in AI-generated automated responses, you can offer your users 24/7 on-demand support, even when your team is offline. This ensures a consistent and excellent customer experience around the clock, helping you retain satisfied and loyal customers.

4. Meaningful Customer Insights

A successful customer journey isn't complete without gaining meaningful insights. Thena can help you identify potential risks and opportunities. It does this by providing thread summaries with sentiment analysis and custom tags for real-time thread summaries.

These insights enable you to derive maximum value from your customer interactions, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and improve your overall B2B customer support efforts in Slack.

Use Cases That Leveraged Thena for Customer Success

Although there are many more advantages to incorporating Thena into your customer success journey, the best way to demonstrate how our solutions can benefit you is by sharing some real-life examples.


Our client, WorkRamp, a leading learning management system, struggled to keep up with a large number of support requests pouring in from numerous Slack channels and Intercom web chat. This issue significantly impacted their customer loyalty and success rates.

Integrating Thena's Intercom connector solution streamlined their support ticket triage processes, reducing response times and freeing up 30% more bandwidth for their support team.


Fragmented communication channels are a common challenge for customer success teams. Mixpanel, a leading analytics platform, experienced this firsthand. They had to operate a disjointed workflow between Zendesk and Slack, which resulted in significant delays and inefficiencies, hindering their communication with customers.

Thena's Zendesk connector transformed Mixpanel's approach to customer support, resulting in a 95% decrease in response times.


When your business experiences rapid growth, it's easy to overlook your customer experience journey. This was the challenge SpotDraft faced as they struggled to keep up with increased demand across multiple Slack channels, manually tracking and responding to customer queries. Thena helped their service teams streamline support processes with integrated conversational ticketing, leading to a 20% increase in support productivity.

How to Measure Customer Success within Slack

We've discussed navigating customer success, but how can we effectively measure it?

There are many indicators that could be useful for Slack customer success teams, ranging from average response times to net retention rates. Although sourcing this data can often be a lengthy and complicated process, gaining in-depth knowledge about the operation of your customer support teams is essential for understanding the true health of your business.

Customer loyalty is undoubtedly one of the most important objectives a business leader can focus on. As Bain & Company has explored, the growth a company can generate from loyal customers will outweigh the value of sales, with loyal customers spending up to six times more over their lifetime. Customer loyalty can be measured by retention rates, the number of returning customers, repeat purchases, and churn rates.

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) can help measure brand advocacy, showing you the true power of word-of-mouth. As discussed earlier, customer advocacy should be a crucial element of your strategy, as it provides trustworthy peer information for potential customers.

The effectiveness of your operations is just as essential to track. Average response times, engagement analytics, resolution times, and ticket volumes can provide valuable insights into your customer support teams' effectiveness, ultimately leading to better workflow solutions and enhanced customer success.

Tracking metrics on Slack can be a challenging process, but Thena provides helpful customer service analytics to identify gaps in your Slack customer success journey and explore how your customers engage with your products and services.


Create a step change in your customer success journey for Slack! You don't have to be burdened by complicated customer support processes and numerous disconnected tools.

Thena can seamlessly integrate with Slack, providing a one-stop solution for all your digital customer experience needs.

Let us help make your customer success in Slack even more exciting. Try Thena today at no cost!

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