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Zendesk-Slack Integration With Thena: Conversational Ticketing Made Easy

Zendesk-Slack Integration With Thena: Conversational Ticketing Made Easy

The Zendesk platform is the ticketing support tool of choice for a majority of B2B organizations. And this comes as no surprise.

The solution is flexible and intuitive and has a host of features to make customer support more streamlined. This includes native ticketing, integrations, and a knowledge base with some AI capabilities.

But numerous organizations face the same problem—the majority of their customers are on Slack while the support teams are on Zendesk. And having to switch platforms for both customers and agents can create unnecessary friction and frustration.

Therefore, you may be thinking, "how do you integrate Slack and Zendesk?" with ease and for a seamless conversational ticketing experience. Thena has got an answer.

The First Port of Call: The Zendesk App for Slack

Naturally, companies that seek to integrate Zendesk with Slack will first explore a native solution, such as the Zendesk App for Slack.

Nonetheless, they are likely to encounter (or have already encountered) several challenges with it, which we outline below.

The Bi-directional Integration Does Not Exist

One of the issues businesses face with the Zendesk App for Slack is that they want their support team to be in Zendesk, and their customers to remain on Slack. This requires a deep bi-directional integration which includes rich text, bullets, gifs, and attachments. None of these are supported in the native Zendesk app for Slack. 

No Capability to Configure and Automate Support Requests 

There is also no ability to configure and automate support requests to go directly to Zendesk.

Tricky White labelling

Setting up a white-label branded portal is another difficulty many companies encounter. What's worse, the consumer feels as though a bot is responding rather than a human.


It is also impossible to configure Zendesk to be silent and come on only when you want it to.

Severely Restricted Natural Language Processing Capabilities

The Zendesk App for Slack offers extremely limited Natural Language Processing (NLP) features for ticket creation and the ability to flag potential requests.

Thena, on the other hand, can not only overcome the obstacles mentioned earlier but also enable a seamless integration of Zendesk tickets with Slack—all to empower agents to provide high-touch conversational support via customers’ preferred channel of communication (Slack).

Take a look at how it works in practice.

Thena’s Integration with Zendesk: Core Features

Easy Ticket Creation

When your customer asks a question in Slack, a Zendesk ticket gets created within Slack at the click of a button. If you forget to create a ticket, the Smart Inbox function, which leverages Intent Recognition models, ensures that the message is highlighted as a suggested request.

Streamlined Management of the Entire Ticket Lifecycle

The proper and fully functional Zendesk-Slack integration is about enabling support agents to handle the whole ticket lifecycle within one platform—Zendesk.

Thena facilitates the ticket lifecycle (Open>Pending>Close, for example) and allows for escalations and sharing of rich text, attachments, gifs, bullet points, and hyperlinks. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about the communication flow between Slack and Zendesk.

Straightforward Tracking of a Customer Request

As a customer-facing representative, you can stay in Slack and track the progress of a customer request (or across past customer interactions). If you need to escalate a request internally, Thena can also accommodate that.

Kanban Board for Visual Organization of Support Tickets

Thena also supports the Kanban board function, which lets you see all Zendesk tickets at the customer or organization level—all from within Slack. In addition, the customer is also tagged in Zendesk.

CSAT Feature

Finally, Thena has a CSAT function. This means that when you interact with your client through their preferred tool (Slack), they are more inclined to provide feedback.

Noiseless and White labelled

Thena is set up to be noiseless and does not let the customer know that the reply is coming from an app. Instead, your support agent’s name and image show up as normal, so you can give your customers the white-glove treatment that they deserve.

But that’s not it.

Thena’s Nails the Nuances

Enhanced Configuration Capabilities

As previously stated, the Zendesk app for Slack has limited configuration capabilities. However, Thena allows you to take control of how your integration will work.

In fact, Thena handles everything from white-labeling and responding as the support agent to customizing whether you want to notify the user that a support agent will be with them shortly. 

Request Escalation

Want to bring everyone on board to solve a customer problem?

The Thena escalation feature allows a customer or your own team to escalate a request in Slack. Subsequently, the escalation can be made visible on Zendesk.

Moreover, the suggested requests can be sent to Zendesk instantly, while Thena will highlight the action items and, with one click, send them to Zendesk.

Your CSM is Always in the Loop

Lastly, Thena facilitates easy tagging of the CSM in Slack if the ticket is created by someone else, ensuring that the CSM is always in the loop. After all, the CSM ensures that your customers get the desired outcome using your product and that their experience with your business is second-to-none.

The Bottom Line

As your organization grows and the demand for meeting your customers where they are (Slack) becomes commonplace, your support teams need to be set up for success. 

Using Thena’s integration with Zendesk, support teams are empowered to act as Thena adapts to their internal processes. 

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