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August 22, 2022

B2B customer support can be tricky due to complex issues requiring multiple contact points. Customers want prompt resolution of their problems, particularly if they affect critical business operations.

For this reason, businesses are flocking to conversational support channels to assist B2B customers with efficient, instant, and real-time problem resolution.

Indeed, companies cannot overlook a 64% increase in buyer demand for prompt and first-time-round accurate support anymore. And that’s where Slack conversational ticketing comes into play!

So, if you’re intrigued to learn more about conversational ticketing in Slack and its benefits, stay tuned until the end.

What Is Conversational Ticketing in Slack?

In a nutshell, conversational ticketing in Slack, or Slack ticketing, is the support provided in real-time by your internal team to a user (your customer) within a Slack Connect channel. It allows you to turn conversations into ‘tickets,’ helping support teams handle incoming customer requests and saving all parties from pesky context switching.

Conversational ticketing can be used to track multiple conversations across Slack Connect as part of customer success, customer support, marketing, and product teams.

Six Benefits of Conversational Ticketing

1. It Allows for Natural Ticketing

If you and your client are already on Slack, it would be counterproductive to force teams to use external systems to resolve issues, right?

Slack is a kind of natural habitat where teams, partners, and customers hang around, so it only makes sense to use it to resolve queries as part of the conversations.

With tools like Thena, conversational ticketing cannot be more effortless—you simply give a command to a message on a shared Slack channel to convert it into a request! From here, you can view, manage, and act on these requests, providing complete visibility into the request’s status and removing the need to rely on a different solution to handle customer queries.

2. It Reduces Time-to-Resolution (TTR)

Offering fast and first-time accurate customer service is a no-brainer. After all, resolution time is one of the key metrics that you should strive to improve. That's how you keep clients coming back year after year, renewing their subscriptions, and recommending you to other businesses.

Thanks to conversational ticketing, it’s easy to assess and triage issues within a dedicated Slack channel without switching contexts. Neither your customer nor you need to engage in an endless back-and-forth communication via email or another customer support solution—which all takes precious time for your client and your team. 

And what about more complex issues that can escalate exponentially, requiring input from multiple stakeholders and departments? Conversational ticketing allows bringing expertise directly to the customer by looping together subject matter experts who can work on speedy case resolution simultaneously.


Conversations from Zendesk to Slack
Conversations from Zendesk to Slack

3. It Supports Customer-Centric Culture Across Your Organization

Troubleshooting an issue sometimes requires the involvement of multiple departments within your company. However, many organizations are still stuck in communication silos, so they need Slack to unite different stakeholders towards a common goal of helping a customer.

Once you raise a ticket in Slack, everyone has a full context, making it easier to respond to the customers, and tag relevant team members for additional support. At the same time, other colleagues can track the workflow threads and updates to see what’s going on with a particular client.

Customer success is a collective responsibility, from the front-line customer support team to the C-suite. Conversational ticketing in Slack provides access to the same customer intelligence information across the organization in real-time, helping to gauge their clients’ sentiment and predict their behavior.

4. It Humanizes Customer Support

Vendors and buyers in B2B markets tend to form deeper relationships. This means they’ll be looking to establish a trust-based business connection while expecting you to understand their specific needs and challenges. At the end of the day, your customers are purchasing a sophisticated solution and will likely need ongoing support using it.

One study shows that 42% of B2B buyers value active listening in vendors while 38% seek solid problem-solving abilities. As a result, conversation support is an opportunity to truly understand your customer’s pain points and take their feedback regarding your product on board.

5. It Builds Customer Loyalty

Finally, creating that two-way dialogue will pave the way for lasting relationships and reward you with a loyal customer base. Statistics illustrate that 40% to 50% of businesses have not introduced any new suppliers in the last five years. 

Some call it inertia—when it’s easier to deal with existing vendors. But with cost pressures rising and alternative providers surfacing in the market, many businesses are willing to give up the old for the new.

Therefore, by utilizing conversational ticketing in Slack, you can gain a clear competitive advantage over companies that use conventional customer service solutions. Slack ticketing focuses on leveraging context and personalized touch to quickly and effortlessly handle client issues to their satisfaction.

Needless to say, a satisfied customer is a loyal one who will not only praise your business but will trust you along the way, making it easier for you to upsell additional products and services.

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