Slack Customer Request Management with Thena: Shortcuts

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June 20, 2023

In recent years, Slack has become the go-to communication solution for internal help desks and customer service requests. Bringing an incredibly 36% faster customer case resolution and a 12% increase in customer satisfaction, it’s evident that organizations need to make the most of this tool to create maximum value.

However, using Slack with your customers doesn’t automatically mean a one-way ticket to success. Your company must find the most effective way to handle its request management processes.

With the help of Thena, you can take your customer tickets to a new level by adding shortcuts and emojis and performing assigned functions that streamline your processes and increase efficiency. But how? Let’s explore.

What is Thena’s Shortcut for Request Management? 

Shortcuts are one-click solutions integrated within Slack that can be linked to particular tasks and actions. When a request is first detected through conversational ticketing, Thena’s system will treat it as unassigned, automatically showing up in the Request Triage channel and flagging it to all relevant agents for action.

Users can select shortcuts once the ticket is created by clicking on Slack emoji reactions linked to relevant tasks. The actions can be accessed from either the notification section of the message itself within the Triage Channel through Slack UI or the Kanban board through Thena’s web app. <a id="test">

There is a wide range of Slack shortcuts available for your team:

🎫 (ticket) Create New Ticket. This emoji will trigger the creation of a new ticket that will be automatically sent to an email-based ticketing tool, alerting relevant service agents. Important to note that this option is not visible if integration is not configured.

👀 (eyes) Looking Into It. This Slack shortcut illustrates that a member of the service team acknowledged the request and took responsibility for handling the ticket themselves.

⛑️ (person-frowning) Assign to someone. This Slack emoji indicates that the ticket was flagged to a particular team member to manage.

🌂 (umbrella) Close. This option shows that the ticket completed the request management cycle and is now resolved and closed.

The Advantages of Using Thena’s Shortcuts

Expediting the Request Management Process

Individually actioning tasks can be a labor-heavy job. Mistakes can be easily made by moving across different platforms and dragging tickets or data cards across relevant sections. Figuring out the appropriate order of steps can confuse new recruits and be lengthy to train. 

However, with the help of Thena’s shortcuts, this process can be quickly streamlined into a foolproof action plan. With the use of clearly identifiable and easy-to-remember Slack emojis, your agents will no longer have to spend their valuable time jumping across different tools!

Creating a Clear Line of Action

Another frequent issue in request management systems is that tickets often get stuck in the ‘no man’s land’, clogging up ticket resolution queues and causing frustration for the customers. The longer they stay unclaimed, the more likely these requests will be forgotten, not meeting your service expectations.

With the use of Slack emojis and shortcuts, service agents can easily avoid this issue, claiming open tickets with a click of a button or assigning it to relevant team members. With actioning these shortcuts, requests will be allocated to an individual's workstream, removing the element of doubt and saying goodbye to lost tickets forever.

Bringing a Bit of Fun to Your Request Management Process

Let’s be honest, managing customer requests is not always the most exciting experience. With the help of Slac emojis, your request management process can be humanized, creating a more accessible and approachable environment for both your team and your customers.

Long gone is the era of chaotic conversations; today’s customer expects a smooth and quick customer journey with a bit of a flair. Handling ticket requests through Slack can help you connect with your customer base, creating long-term partnerships.


Your request management system is the heart of your customer service journey. If done right, it can result in satisfied, long-standing clients. 

With the help of Thena, requests can be easily identified and flagged through Slack’s UI, streamlining your ticket-handling process with Slack shortcuts and emojis.

Help your service agents to achieve the best customer service possible.

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