7 Best Slack Integrations for Customer Service Teams

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June 5, 2023

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Creating one seamless working platform for your customer service team has never been easier. Although the market is oversaturated with countless software and tools, organizations can merge these into one convenient workspace through Slack integrations, boosting productivity.

Without switching between different software, customer service teams can create an outstanding customer service experience for their clients as well as maximize value and revenue.

Slack has over 2,400 apps available on its platform, covering everything from assigning tasks to customer relationship management (CRM) and video conferencing. In this article, we are here to help you make sense of the chaos and highlight the most useful Slack integrations for customer service teams.

1. HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the most used all-rounder applications in the field, covering your needs for marketing, sales, and service solutions. The cloud-based CRM helps organizations to boost their ROIs and bring out the most of their marketing strategy. 

Through the Slack integration, you can do the following tasks without leaving your Slack workspace:

  • Create and assign tasks;¬†
  • Search for CRM contacts through the "/hubspot-search-contact" command;
  • Receive CRM notifications.

HubSpot also has capabilities to handle customer requests. However, HubSpot’s Slack integration is limited, lacking functional capabilities that could bring significant value to your customers and your service agents, such as one-click ticket creation, kanban boards, and gathering Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) scores. Thena's HubSpot Integration allows you to connect both applications and create seamless communication.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce is a popular customer relationship management software that helps companies to connect the sales and customer service teams to create a smooth experience, keeping track of customer interactions. 

Salesforce’s Slack app enables users to access a wide range of functionalities:

  • Access and share CRM information;
  • Share messages in real-time;
  • Get Salesforce alerts on Slack channels;¬†
  • Search the Salesforce platform through the /salesforce [search term] command.

When integrated into Slack, Salesforce's ticketing solutions still have some limitations, forcing agents to switch between platforms and increasing resolution time. However, with the Thena’s Salesforce integration, you can maximize the efficiency of your processes and create the most value without ever having to leave your customer's preferred communication platform.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox's Cloud storage service creates a seamless platform for your agents to save and sync files across different devices. Forget about attachment size alerts and compressing files to fit the limit. 

Through the Dropbox integration, you will be able to:

  • Import and share files from Dropbox to Slack;
  • Search for files and re-share with groups or individual team members;
  • Receive updates when files are updated;
  • Save shared files directly to the DropBox folder.

4. Thena 

Thena is the ultimate customer engagement management platform, directly plugging into your Slack channels and auto-detecting customer requests through conversations and messages. No need to read through endlessly shared channel histories; Thena picks up on potential problems before they have a chance to escalate and enables teams to assign and manage tasks with ease. 

Through Thena’s Slack app, you can easily do the following tasks without having to switch between different software:

5. Statsbot

Statsbot is a user-friendly platform providing in-depth data analytics through Slack. The application can link your database or Google Analytics platform to Slack to track metrics and build funnels. It can also help organizations to schedule and check metrics regularly as well as keep a tab on their performance.

With the help of Statsbot, users can do a range of tasks within Slack’s workspace:

  • Receive activity notifications;¬†
  • Ask for business data analytics such as revenue, campaign performance, and other metrics;
  • Share metrics with a click of a button;
  • Schedule and stop campaigns and metric reports.¬†

6. Tettra

Tettra enables companies to manage their shared knowledge base, making it easier for teams to create a common data platform, streamline onboarding and avoid information loss or confusion. The central hub is crowd-sourced and easily accessible, providing an ideal repository for the whole team. 

Through the Slack integration, you can do the following tasks without leaving your Slack workspace:

  • View changes made to knowledge articles;¬†
  • Search for answers in Slack channels;¬†
  • Find and share dedicated Tettra pages;¬†
  • View and analyze content analytics;¬†
  • Receive automated content suggestions.

7. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a go-to platform for creating, managing, and scheduling outbound emails and social media campaigns. The marketing all-rounder helps companies to set up landing pages and create social media paid campaigns to amplify their sales activities.

Mailchimp helps your service agents to stay connected with their marketing goals easily within Slack’s platform via the following automations:

  • Get notifications about new or unsubscribed users;¬†
  • Receive updates about campaigns;
  • Share metrics and activities through Slack channels.

Why Your Customers Want Slack with for Customer Success

FeatureBenefitWhy Customers Love It
Real-Time Communication:Get answers and resolve issues quickly through real-time chat within Slack.No more waiting on hold or lengthy email exchanges. Customers can connect with support agents instantly and receive timely assistance.
Centralized Hub:Manage all communication (questions, requests, updates) in one convenient location - their Slack workspace.Eliminates the need to switch between different platforms or search through email threads. Customers have a clear history of their interactions with your support team.
Personalized Support:Leverage to personalize interactions based on customer data and past interactions.Customers feel valued and understood. can suggest relevant knowledge base articles, troubleshooting steps, or connect them with the most appropriate support agent.
Simplified Knowledge Sharing:Embed knowledge base articles, FAQs, and tutorials directly within Slack channels.Customers can find self-service solutions to common questions or troubleshooting steps without waiting for support agent assistance.
Proactive Engagement:Utilize to monitor customer conversations and identify potential issues or opportunities for proactive support.Anticipate customer needs before they escalate and address concerns before they become problems. This demonstrates a commitment to customer success.
Faster Issue streamlines workflows and automates repetitive tasks (e.g., ticket routing, status updates).Support agents can resolve issues quicker, leading to improved customer satisfaction and reduced wait times.
Improved Transparency:Customers receive real-time updates on the status of their inquiries or requests.They stay informed throughout the support process, fostering trust and confidence in your ability to resolve their issues.
Convenient Collaboration:Easily share files, documents, and collaborate with support agents within Slack.Simplifies communication around complex issues and facilitates a more efficient problem-solving process.
Seamless Integration:Integrates seamlessly with existing tools and workflows (e.g., CRM, billing systems).Customers don't need to learn a new platform to interact with your support team. They can leverage the familiar interface of Slack.
Fun & Engaging Environment:Slack provides a more casual and engaging communication experience compared to traditional email support channels.This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and a more positive brand perception.
Community Building:Participate in dedicated customer Slack channels for product updates, discussions, and peer-to-peer support.Fosters a sense of community, allows customers to learn from each other, and provides access to a wider knowledge base.
Multilingual Support:Leverage's real-time translation capabilities to overcome language barriers.Customers receive support in their preferred language, ensuring clear communication and eliminating potential misunderstandings.
Automated Feedback & Surveys:Utilize to automate post-interaction surveys within Slack.Gather valuable customer feedback in real-time to understand their experience and identify areas for improvement.
Sentiment analyzes customer conversations to gauge sentiment and identify potential dissatisfaction.Proactively address negative feedback and prevent customer churn.


Creating a seamless customer service experience for your clients starts with enabling your team to perform at their best. Utilizing solutions through Slack integrations is essential to maximize value and enable service agents to provide the best possible care.

Here at Thena, we can help you leverage Slack to capture customer interactions and build a tailored workspace to fit your customers’ needs.

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