5 Best Slack Apps for Customer Support Teams in 2023

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April 25, 2023

Over the last few years, Slack has become the cornerstone of effective communication both in B2B and B2C settings. In an environment where customers expect almost instantaneous solutions to their problems, it’s important that your customer support team is equipped with the best Slack apps offered in the market to build a better relationship with your customers.  

As the software offers hundreds of integrated apps, it’s easy to get lost in the endless offerings. So, here are our 5 favorite Slack apps to enhance the productivity of your customer support teams. 

What is a Slack App? 

Slack is more than a simple user-to-user instant messaging tool. It can combine all your favorite tools into a single Slack workspace, speeding up information exchange and collaboration. The numerous app options give you a wide range of enhanced functionality within the software, from whiteboards to video calls and everything in between.

Installing your favorite app to your organization’s workspace only takes a couple of clicks from a dedicated menu. While browsing through these to find the best solutions might take a bit of your time, integrated applications can save your users 30+ minutes every day while removing the need to switch between numerous tools.   

Benefits of Slack Apps

Integrating your most popular tools into one smooth platform will bring significant value both to your employees and your customers. It can also save time and remove the need to switch between multiple software tools within the same workflow. 

Through apps, users can have access to a uniform interface where all information is available at their fingertips. Through specialized tools, critical applications such as customer support tickets and CRM systems can easily link to each other enabling your front-line team to take action quickly and efficiently.

Customized applications can also be built into a specific workflow specifically designed for your business to keep things moving forward. Slack’s app directory includes over 2,400 apps from software giants like Microsoft, Google, and Spotify to niche industry-specific applications. There’s bound to be one to cover all organizational needs. 

5 Best Slack Apps for Customer Support Teams 


Thena is a customer engagement platform enabling organizations to auto-detect customer requests from Slack messages with ease. Its intelligent detection makes it easy for teams to escalate potential problems, provide updates and analyze customer behavior. 

Through its extensive app integration, Thena enables team members to reply to customer requests from any platform instantly, removing unnecessary steps from your workflow.


  • Through its intelligent Request Detection Alert, it automatically highlights customer messages that contain information that needs to be acted on
  • Via the integrated system, users can create a ticket, assign and mark as closed as needed
  • Integrates with third-party software such as Intercom, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce, or HubSpot.¬†


Zoom is one of the most popular meeting platforms out there, enabling users to schedule and start meetings within groups, channels, and direct messages. This can be a useful feature when your customers need instant help or when their problems cannot be resolved through chat messages or guides. 


  • Instantly start and share meetings within Slack
  • Keep track of meeting statistics such as length and attendees
  • Share links to recorded meetings.


  • 40-minute limit on free plans, up to 100 people.


Zapier can help to speed up your workflows, effortlessly linking Slack with other productivity tools and moving information in between. Through automated workflows, significant items such as calendar invites, social media mentions, or CRM details can easily be displayed within your chat history, providing a 360-view of all information that you could possibly need to resolve any problems. 


  • Zapier works with thousands of apps like Gmail, HubSpot, and their smaller competitors¬†
  • With its intuitive platform, no coding knowledge is needed to create workflows¬†
  • Perform up to 100 actions within the same workflow.


  • Limited number of tasks based on subscription layers.


Trello is the ultimate gold mine when it comes to project management. Utilizing a handy Kanban-board-style platform, users can divide projects into subtasks, assign them to team members and smoothly move in between project stages. 

Through Slack integration, team members can easily add and edit cards on their boards, providing constant project updates without ever needing to leave Slack. 

Trello can keep your team aligned on customer projects and streamline your processes efficiently to meet deadlines. 


  • Intuitive drag-and-drop system¬†
  • Instant notifications about real-time updates
  • Allows attaching Slack conversations to boards and cards
  • Create, assign, and search cards without leaving Slack.


  • Limited levels of task hierarchy¬†
  • Free version limits attachment size and integrations.


Loom can be a great addition to your Slack platform, creating an easy way to record and share short tutorial videos for your customers on the go. Through its library function, Loom also enables users to keep a selection of videos at hand to provide visual illustrations or answers to Frequently Asked Questions by your customers. 

Loom also provides a great alternative to Zoom when your customers are not instantly available. 


  • Easy to use, able to record with a single click and share videos at ease¬†
  • Selected screen grabbing to enhance demos and tutorials with comments and annotations
  • Loom videos embed in Slack, so users can watch without having to leave the platform.


  • The free version limits recordings to 5 minutes¬†
  • Whole screen recordings can be lower in quality.¬†

Final Words

Slack is an excellent platform to manage customer relationships effectively, and with the right app such as Thena, you can bring out the most of your customer journey. 

Try Thena today and take your customer-centric interactions to the next level. 

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