5 Ways to Effectively Manage Your Customers on Slack

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July 15, 2022

After a bumpy ride for businesses in the past two years, most of them are still working remotely. So, having a “real conversation” with customers has become super important lately. This calls for revamping your customer management strategy and should be the topmost priority in 2022. 

And what’s all the fuss about better communication? When your customer communication is quick and smooth, it helps them perceive your brand as trustworthy and capable. 

As per a recent report on customer service by Zendesk, 90% of surveyed customers would spend more with companies that personalize their customer support and experience!

Talking about remote work, we’ve seen a rise in digital channels for collaborating with our internal teams and clients efficiently. And there’s no better tool for this than Slack!

Tools like Slack have successfully pushed many businesses to get out of their boring inboxes and explore better collaborative tools. And Slack launched Slack Connect in 2020 as a way to introduce its users to ease communication with their external clients and manage them.

What is Slack Connect and how does it work?

A unique feature of Slack, Slack Connect lets you chat with your customers, partners, and more without having to leave the app like you normally would with other mediums. You can create designated channels for your customers with Slack Connect so that every conversation is tracked, be it files, messages, recordings, etc. 

With such channels, you do not have to worry about your storage space exceeding, scraping through hundreds of messages, or important conversations getting auto-archived.  

So, when your customers communicate with you or your team all in a single place, you can expect quick response times, better productivity, regular feedback, and most importantly developing honest connections. Also, with Slack channels, you can manage multiple customers in one go and a few clicks! 

How Slack helps you manage your customers in 5 easy ways

1. Promotes working and collaborating in real-time

Real-time collaboration promotes teamwork as your customers and team have a shared space to interact on Slack. You can finally say goodbye to long and unnecessary meetings or emails that go back and forth over the same topics.

With Slack, you can brainstorm ideas with your customers, open doors to more creativity, set goals for the day or week with your internal team, and ultimately work towards achieving your business goals - together. Since the way we work has changed drastically over the pandemic, tools like Slack provide ways to promote healthy communication with our customers.

2. Use of powerful Slack channels to handle multiple projects at once

Handling multiple client projects together can get quite cumbersome especially if you're a team of fewer people. Issues tend to get overlapped and you could lose track quickly leading to unhappy customers.

Slack channels reduce this fraction as you can easily create shared channels with your customers without the need to switch between workspaces. By updating your channels with relevant naming conventions as per the project, you can keep an eye on questions raised and attend to them instantly.

Slack channels ensure the right information gets to the right person and on time!

3. Enables integration with a customer communication platform and your preferred CRM tools

Just when channels push for effective communication, Slack also allows you to integrate custom apps and other software tools with no additional costs. You can integrate with tools meant for customer support, productivity, CRM, and more.

For instance, a customer communication platform can be integrated onto your Slack with your usual CRM tools. And what do you get out of this? A well-connected communication process that also delivers critical business insights, manages customers better, provides outstanding customer support, and more.

HubSpot, for example, is a highly sought-after CRM tool. When rightly integrated, you get HubSpot alerts directly delivered to your Slack. So this eliminates the need to switch between multiple tools and saves your time. This way, you can dedicate more time and effort to solidifying your customer-team relationship instead of wasting time on routine tasks.

4. Quick, proactive customer support and reduced response time

A faster turnaround time to issues is key to serving your customers better. Good communication is pointless if your customer support system is broken. Providing on-time and proactive support boosts a long-term relationship with your customers.

But often, tracking and resolving such issues can get out of hand if the numbers rise. With Slack Connect and customer communication platforms like Thena, you can now turn your customer’s messages into Thena requests. So this saves your manual effort as well as the customers’ need to follow up for resolution and troubleshooting. 

5. Provides your customers with ultimate security

Slack helps you safeguard your critical customer data with its multiple industry-standard security features. Unlike emails where phishing is common, with Slack you will never come across such attacks. 

Slack lets you know if an organization is verified or not before you invite them into your channels. You also have complete control over who interacts with you or your team and to block any suspicious behavior.

Ready to set up your new digital HQ for better customer management? Try Thena today and join us in exploring the new ways of communication!

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