Top 20 Slack Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Answered

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February 20, 2024

Slack is the tool that's supposed to make workplace communication a breeze. Yet, sometimes it leaves us scratching our heads.

If you're constantly googling how-tos or seeking shortcuts, you're not alone. We've tackled the 20 most burning questions about Slack, offering you answers that are clear, concise, and immediately applicable.

1. How can I pause Slack notifications with the Do Not Disturb feature?

To pause Slack notifications using Do Not Disturb (DND), click your profile picture, hover over "Pause notifications," and select a timeframe or set a custom schedule.

Pause Slack notifications

You can also schedule routine offline times. Members will see a DND icon next to your name but can override it for urgent messages.

2. How can I remove Slack apps and integrations from my Slack Workspace?

To remove Slack apps and integrations from your Slack Workspace, follow these steps: 

Step 1: From your desktop, click your workspace name, then go to "Tools & settings" and select "Manage apps." 

Remove Slack apps and integrations from my Slack Workspace

Step 2: In the Slack App Directory, choose "Installed Apps" from the sidebar. Locate the app you wish to remove, click "App Details," then the "Configuration" tab.

Step 3: For third-party and custom apps, select "Remove App." For Slack-built apps, click the pencil icon, then "Remove."

3. How to set up Google Calendar for Team Events for Slack

The Google Calendar for Team Events app integrates with Slack to post notifications from shared calendars directly into a designated Slack channel, streamlining event management for teams.

To set this up, navigate to the app's page in the Slack App Directory, connect your chosen calendar, select the posting channel, customize your notification preferences, and save the integration.

Set up Google Calendar for Team Events for Slack

4. How to set up a two-factor authentication in Slack

To set up two-factor authentication (2FA) in Slack, you'll need to download an authentication app like Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile on your mobile device. Then, sign into your Slack workspace, go to your account settings (, and choose to set up 2FA.

Follow the instructions to scan a QR code with your authentication app or enter the code manually. Finally, enter the verification code from the app to verify and complete the setup.

5. How to troubleshoot Slack notifications

Another common Slack FAQ pertains to notifications, which can cause trouble for its users. To resolve issues with Slack notifications, you first need to identify the problem you're facing. Here are the four most common issues with Slack notifications and steps on how to troubleshoot them:

1. Stuck badge notifications that don’t clear

Solution: Make everything as read by opening the affected Workspace and pressing Shift + Esc at the same time.

2. Not receiving notifications

Solution: Open your computer’s System Preferences or Settings and enable notifications from Slack.

3. Notifications that are delayed

Solution: Ensure your Slack and device settings allow for immediate notifications, check for any Do Not Disturb settings that might be enabled, and confirm that your internet connection is stable. Also, updating Slack to the latest version can resolve notification issues.

4. No notification sounds

Solution: To ensure Slack notifications play sounds on your Mac, open System Preferences, go to Notifications, find Slack on the list, and check that "Play sound for notifications" is enabled. This will allow you to hear an audible alert for Slack notifications. Moreover, check your audio output settings.

If you’re a Windows 10 user wanting to check Slack notification sounds, start by clicking the Start menu. Then, navigate to Settings and select System. From there, choose Notifications & actions on the left sidebar. Scroll to find Slack in the list and ensure "Play a sound" is activated for audible notifications.

6. How to send and read Slack messages

To send and read messages in Slack, open the channel or DM where you want to message, type in the message field, and press Enter to send. You can add attachments, emojis, mentions, or use formatting. Messages can be scheduled or saved as drafts.

To read messages, look for bold channels or DMs in your sidebar, indicating unread messages. For managing drafts and scheduled messages, use the "Drafts & Sent" option in your sidebar​​.

7. How to forward messages in Slack

To forward messages in Slack, hover over the message you wish to share, then click the forward message icon. You can choose where to share the message and add a note if desired. 

For mobile, tap and hold the message, select "Forward Message," choose the destination, add a note if you like, and then tap "Send." You can also copy a link to the message and paste it into another conversation​​.

How to forward messages in Slack

8. How can I add Google Drive to Slack?

To add Google Drive to Slack, an admin needs to install the Google Drive app from the Slack App Directory. Once installed, each member connects their Google account to Slack. You can create, share, and manage Google Drive files within Slack. This includes creating new files, sharing existing ones, managing notifications, and enabling file previews.

How can I add Google Drive to Slack?

9. How to update the Slack desktop app

Depending on your browser, the process of updating your Slack desktop app can differ.

If you’re a Mac user and wish to update Slack directly, open the app and select “Check for updates” from the Slack menu in your computer's menu bar. If an update is ready, you'll see a notification on the help icon; click it, and then select “Restart Slack” to update. For those using the Mac App Store, you can find Slack updates by opening the App Store, and clicking on “Updates”; if Slack is listed under “Pending,” click “Update” to install the latest version.

For Windows users, to update Slack directly, open the app and use the Help or menu icon to find "Check for updates," then restart Slack to apply any available update. Look for a badge on the help icon as an indicator of an update. Alternatively, through the Microsoft Store, access "Downloads and updates" via the menu button and select "Get updates" to refresh Slack if updates are pending.

Updating the Slack desktop app on Linux depends on your system setup. If your device uses a repository for Slack, it will automatically update with your system. However, the method to disable this automatic update or manually update Slack varies according to your Linux operating environment.

10 . How to manage channel posting with Slack permissions

To manage channel posting permissions in Slack, navigate to the desired channel, click on the channel name at the top, select the "Settings" tab, and then click "Edit" next to "Posting permissions." You can then choose who can post and reply in the channel.

How to manage channel posting with Slack permissions

11. How to deactivate a Slack member’s account

To deactivate a Slack member's account, an admin must navigate to "Manage members" from the workspace name menu, click the three dots next to the member's name, and select "Deactivate account." This action will remove the member from all channels and sign them out, without notifying them or deleting their messages or files. Reactivation is possible if needed.

12. How can I adjust my zoom level in Slack?

To adjust the zoom level in Slack on your desktop, use the keyboard shortcuts:

Zoom in⌘ and +Ctrl and +
Zoom out⌘ and -Ctrl and -

 Additionally, you can set your preferred zoom level through the Slack desktop app by clicking your profile picture, selecting "Preferences," then "Accessibility," and choosing your zoom level under "Zoom."​

How can I adjust my zoom level in Slack

13. How to search in Slack

To search in Slack, click the search field at the top, type your query, and use modifiers to refine your search, such as quotation marks for exact phrases or "from:" to search messages from a specific user. You can filter results by messages, files, people, or channels.

How to search in Slack

14. How to reset your Slack password

To reset your password on Slack, first visit the Slack sign-in page and input your email address. You'll receive a confirmation code in your email, which you'll enter on Slack's sign-in page.

Next, choose the workspace you want to access and follow the on-screen instructions to set a new password. If you encounter issues, such as not receiving the reset email, check your spam folder or verify that you have access to your registered email address.

15. How to set your Slack status and availability

Setting your Slack status and availability is easy. Click on your profile picture, then "Update your status." Choose a status and emoji or a suggested option. Set when the status should clear, and optionally pause notifications. To change availability, click your profile picture and select "Set yourself as away" or "Set yourself as active."

How to set your Slack status and availability

16. How to change your Slack email address

To change your Slack email address, go to your account settings on Slack's website. Click "Expand" next to the Email Address section.

Next, enter your current password and the new email address, and then click "Update Email." 

How to change your Slack email address

You'll need to check your new email inbox for a confirmation email from Slack and click "Confirm your email address" in that email to complete the process.

17. How do I invite an organization to Slack Connect?

To invite an organization to Slack Connect, you must use a paid Slack plan. Start by creating or opening a channel, click on the channel name, and select "Settings." Under Slack Connect, choose "Add People," enter the email address or name of the person you're inviting, and click "Send."

How do I invite an organization to Slack Connect?

Alternatively, you can share a channel link with the person or the organization you’re inviting.

18. How do I find my Slack Workspace URL?

Another popular Slack FAQ is about locating your Slack URL. To find your Slack channel URL, click on your workspace name in the sidebar, and your workspace's Slack URL will be displayed below the workspace name.

How do I find my Slack Workspace URL?

This URL is unique to your workspace and can be used to access your Slack directly.

19. How to start a video call on Slack?

To start a video call on Slack, you can use the Huddle feature in any channel or direct message. Click the headphones icon, and then click the camera icon to turn your video on.

How to start a video call on Slack?

Huddles allow for real-time collaboration with video, screen sharing, and more. They're available on all plans, with a participant limit based on the plan.

20. How to pin important messages on Slack

To pin a message in Slack, hover over the message you want to pin, click the three dots icon, and select "Pin to channel" or "Pin to this conversation" for DMs. You can also pin messages on mobile by tapping and holding the message, then choosing the pin option.

How to pin important messages on Slack

Pinned messages can be accessed by all members of the conversation from the conversation header​​.

It’s a wrap

If you're using Slack every day in your organization, it's pretty normal to run into questions, like needing to reset your password or figuring out how to get rid of apps from your Workspace. Hopefully, this guide has cleared up those Slack hiccups for you, so you can continue working on what’s important.

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