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Enhancing Customer Communication in Slack with Thena’s Auto-Respond

Lauren Davis
Product Marketing Manager
March 15, 2024

You already know that effective communication with customers plays a role in ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty. You also know that juggling customer inquiries and requests across platforms can be burdensome for your support teams. That’s where Thena’s Auto Respond feature steps in, simplifying the management of customer interactions on Slack by providing automated responses customized to meet your needs.

Automated responses for smooth customer engagement

Auto Respond allows businesses to send pre-configured responses to customer messages detected as inquiries or requests. This automated system operates within the thread of the original customer message, ensuring clear and organized communication. For example, businesses can set different response times for different customer segments, such as strategic customers with shorter response windows or commercial customers with longer ones.

Examples of automated responses:

  • For Strategic Customers: "Thank you for contacting Thena. We’ll aim to address your query within 30 minutes."
  • For Commercial Customers: "Thank you for getting in touch with Thena. We'll address your query within 8 hours. Please mention your Customer Success Manager if this matter is urgent."

Effective thread monitoring and request handling

Auto Respond goes beyond automated replies by improving thread monitoring and request handling processes. When a customer responds to a request that's on hold, Thena automatically moves the request to either 'Unassigned' or 'In Progress,' based on existing assignments. Additionally, an alert is sent in Slack to notify team members when an on-hold request transitions to 'In Progress.'

Seamlessly reopen closed requests

Managing multiple requests for the same issue can pose a challenge. Through Auto Respond, if a customer submits a request within the thread of an existing one, the original request will be reopened and assigned to the appropriate team member automatically. This simplifies request handling, prevents delays, and ultimately enhances efficiency.

Easy setup and personalization

Auto-Respond is designed for ease of use and customization. Users can configure auto-responses at both the global and channel levels, tailoring responses to specific customer segments or channels. Additionally, users have the flexibility to customize avatars for auto-responses and enable or disable the feature for individual channels.

Extra features

Auto-Respond offers additional functionalities to enhance user experience and customization:

  • Editing/deleting messages: Automatically adjusts request status if a customer deletes a message after it's been detected.
  • Custom automations: Users can create custom automations using emojis (coming soon).
  • Avatar customization: Set custom avatars for auto-responses.
  • Text formatting: Supports Slack markup for hyperlinks, emojis, bold, italics, and crossed-out text.

With simple configuration options and robust customization features, try out Auto Respond to streamline support operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Whether you're managing strategic clients or commercial customers, Auto-Respond ensures prompt and personalized responses, ultimately driving satisfaction and loyalty.

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