Unlocking Customer Connections: Amplify Engagement by 8x with Slack Marketing

Lauren Davis
Product Marketing Manager
November 15, 2023

In the ever-changing arena of customer outreach, the importance of immediate, real-time communication cannot be emphasized enough. Traditionally, businesses heavily relied on emails to connect with customers. However, in today’s landscape, the focus has shifted to a more instantaneous and interactive platform—Slack.

Picture this: Your customers are already embedded in Slack, spending a significant portion of their work hours collaborating with their teams and external partners. To truly engage with your customers, you need to meet them where they are: in the heart of their work ecosystem—Slack.

Slack: a collaborative space for customer engagement

Slack, beyond being a platform for internal communication, has emerged as the ideal space for businesses to connect with their customers. With features like Slack Connect, it’s become the perfect conduit for real-time conversations, enabling seamless collaboration and effective customer interaction.

A channel for varied communication

When it comes to customer communication on Slack, the possibilities are vast. From sharing product updates, marketing newsletters, event invitations, incident communications, to holiday coverage, the platform accommodates a diverse range of content, enhancing the customer experience and ensuring they stay informed and engaged.

Efficient communication with Thena’s marketing automation

Imagine having a hundred customer channels on Slack and the ability to streamline your communication effortlessly. Enter Thena’s marketing automation. By leveraging templates, no-code content builders, and personalized branding, businesses can effectively craft and disseminate messages across channels, ensuring the right information reaches the right stakeholders at the right time.

Slack vs. email: the shifting paradigm

While email marketing has been a stalwart for decades, the landscape is shifting. Customers are progressively spending less time on emails and more time within the interactive and collaborative environment of Slack. The trend is unmistakable, and businesses that adapt to this shift gain a significant edge in engaging with their audience proactively.

The power of Slack for marketing and updates

Thena’s early research underscores the potency of Slack as a marketing and engagement platform— in fact, our customers see almost an 8x increase in conversion rates when broadcasting product updates across Slack compared to doing so on email. Modern companies like Kubecost have seamlessly utilized Thena’s Slack broadcaster to share marketing and product updates across over eighty external Slack channels, resulting in unprecedented levels of engagement and conversion rates

The future is now: embrace Slack for customer engagement

As the digital sphere continues to evolve, the ability to adapt and utilize emerging platforms becomes paramount. Slack, with its interactive, real-time, and collaborative nature, is proving to be the quintessential hub for customer engagement and marketing outreach.

In a landscape where Google and Yahoo are intensifying their efforts to block bulk emails and the effectiveness of traditional email marketing is on the decline, it’s time to pivot towards platforms that foster immediate, interactive, and engaging communication—enter Slack.

Don’t miss the wave of the future. Embrace Slack for customer engagement and watch your interactions, conversions, and overall customer satisfaction soar to new heights.

The time for Slack-based marketing is now. Are you ready?

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