Zoom Slack Integration: Here’s How to Link Both Tools

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March 11, 2024

Zoom and Slack help teams stay connected in today’s digital workspace. However, it’s when you integrate Zoom into your Slack workspace that you unlock a new level of efficiency and collaboration.

Just imagine a world where starting a meeting is as simple as typing a command into your chat. Or where the recap of your team’s brainstorming sessions is automatically shared in your project channel, ensuring no one misses out.

With Zoom Slack integration, this is all possible. 

Want to learn how to integrate Zoom with Slack, what the benefits are, and the best practices of this duo? Keep on reading.

Why integrate Zoom with Slack

There are many benefits to integrating Slack and Zoom. Here are the most important ones:


We all spend a lot of time jumping from one application to another, and that in itself can kill productivity. Thus, the more tools you can integrate together, the more time you save.

With Slack-Zoom integration, you can essentially cover all your team and client communication needs within Slack, meaning you don’t need to log into Zoom separately to set up meetings or quick team brainstorming sessions.

Seamless communication

The integration's magic lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. With your team juggling between time zones and remote schedules, having a seamless bridge between instant messaging and video conferencing is invaluable.

With Slack Zoom integration, your team is one click away from setting up Zoom meetings right within Slack.

Boosting team collaboration

Picture this: your team is discussing the final touches of a project in Slack. Ideas are flying, but you hit a complex issue that's tough to solve via chats. With Zoom Slack integration, anyone can initiate a video call right there and then bring the team together for a quick brainstorm.

So, with benefits defined, how do you go about integrating the two tools? Let’s explore the most popular options.

How to integrate Zoom with Slack

1. Zoom app for Slack

The Zoom App for Slack is the simplest way to connect these two platforms. By installing this app from the Slack App Directory, you directly integrate Zoom's video conferencing capabilities into your Slack workspace. This allows users to start Zoom meetings with a simple slash command (/zoom) in any Slack channel or direct message.

Pro: The ease of setup and use is unbeatable. With just a couple of clicks, your team can initiate Zoom calls without leaving Slack.

Con: Simplicity comes at the cost of advanced features, such as detailed meeting analytics or customized meeting controls, which may be necessary for larger organizations with complex requirements.

2. Custom APIs

Another integration method is custom APIs. Utilizing custom APIs to link Zoom and Slack opens a world of possibilities for teams willing to invest in a tailored experience. This approach allows for developing unique features, such as automated meeting scheduling based on Slack messages or custom commands catering to specific workflow needs.

Custom APIs are particularly valuable for organizations with unique operational workflows that generic integrations cannot accommodate.

Pro: Offers unparalleled flexibility, letting organizations sculpt the integration to fit their precise needs and workflows.

Con: The necessity for development expertise and maintenance resources can be a significant hurdle, making it less accessible for startups or smaller teams without dedicated development support.

3. Thena’s webhooks

Thena is a customer engagement platform on Slack that offers webhook functionality, allowing integration between Zoom and Slack. With webhooks, you can automate notifications about Zoom meetings in Slack channels.

By setting up webhooks, Slack can receive real-time updates from Zoom, such as when meetings start or end, and share these updates as messages in selected channels. The most significant advantage of using webhooks is that they provide a balance between using the Zoom app for Slack and custom APIs.

Overall, webhooks facilitate a more connected and informed team environment, ensuring that everyone is on the same page regarding meeting schedules and outcomes.

Best practices for using the integration

If you want to harness the power of integrating the two tools, you need to go beyond the basics. Here are some advanced features and tips to increase your team’s productivity:

Use slash commands

Zoom offers several Slack commands that go beyond starting a meeting. You can use commands to join a meeting, get a list of upcoming meetings, or even display the recording of a previous session. Some of the popular commands include:

  • /zoom to start a meeting
  • /zoom meeting [Meeting Topic] to start a meeting with a particular topic
  • /zoom join me to start your personal meeting room
  • /zoom logout to log out of Zoom from all your Slack channels.

Set up notifications just how you like them

To avoid notification overload, Slack allows you to customize your Zoom notifications. You can decide which events (like meeting starts or ends) trigger a notification in Slack. Tailoring these settings ensures that your team receives only the most relevant updates, keeping focus sharp and distractions minimal.

Integrate with Slack workflows for automated meeting reminders

Lastly, Slack’s powerful workflow automation can be leveraged to create custom reminders for Zoom meetings. This can be particularly useful for recurring meetings or important one-offs. Setting up automated reminders ensures that everyone is prepared and on time, without the need for manual follow-ups.

Familiarizing yourself and your team with these commands can significantly cut down on the time spent navigating between apps and searching for meeting links.

Let’s wrap this up

Integrating Slack with Zoom makes perfect sense if your team uses both tools for communication. With this integration, transitioning from text to video calls is seamless, fostering quicker problem-solving and stronger team connections.

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