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Case study
How incident.io is Defining What it Means to be a Modern, Slack-First Business


In the rapidly evolving landscape of modern B2B companies, real-time communication platforms like Slack have become the cornerstone for managing customer interactions. incident.io stands out as a picture-perfect example of a forward-thinking tech company that embraces real-time communication, collaboration, and personalized customer support on Slack. Until very recently, B2B companies have relied solely on email for customer support, but Incident.io recognized the need for a versatile platform that consolidates and promotes multiple forms of contact — including web chat, Slack messaging, and email. The company's primary challenge was to build scalable Slack support while effectively managing over 100 customers in real-time. With the implementation of Thena, they have transformed their support efforts into a communications powerhouse, incorporating AI and customized workflows to deliver exceptional customer support.

Client Overview:

incident.io is a trailblazing company specializing in incident management solutions. Their unique approach involves using Slack as the primary channel for customer communication. Enterprise customers enjoy access to 1:1 Slack Connect channels, while the rest of the customer base engages through incident's Slack community. Rather than relying on a traditional ticketing system, incident.io harnesses the power of Thena as a lightweight support tool, seamlessly managing Slack-based customer requests.


incident.io encountered several challenges in the efficient management and scaling of Slack-based customer support. The diverse customer base made it increasingly complex to track requests, monitor team workloads, and make informed decisions regarding capacity planning.

Thena Integration:

To address these challenges, incident.io seamlessly integrated Thena into its Slack support channels, leveraging its features across the Slack community and 1:1 Slack Connect channels. This integration allowed them to categorize, prioritize, and manage customer inquiries within their existing communication platform.

Key Benefits:

1. Efficient Support Management: Thena streamlined incident.io's support operations by enabling them to manage customer interactions directly within Slack. This eliminated the need to switch between platforms, leading to improved response times and heightened customer satisfaction.

2. Data-Driven Capacity Planning: incident.io harnessed Thena's workspace analytics to gain valuable insights into staff workloads, assignment distribution, and request volume. This data-driven approach facilitated informed decisions regarding capacity planning and staffing requirements, optimizing resource allocation.

3. Enhanced Decision-Making: Thena empowered incident.io to extract essential data that could be presented to business leadership. This consolidated data provided insights into team performance, customer engagement, and support metrics, enabling leadership to make informed decisions about resource allocation and strategic initiatives.

4. Seamless Marketing Automation: incident.io's core user of Thena utilized its marketing automation feature to maintain regular and targeted communication with their customer base. This functionality improved customer engagement and retention by ensuring consistent communication.


By seamlessly integrating Thena into their Slack-based customer support ecosystem, incident.io successfully tackled challenges related to support management, capacity planning, and data-driven decision-making. The implementation resulted in enhanced customer satisfaction, streamlined communication, and optimized resource planning processes, ultimately contributing to incident.io's growth and success in the customer support industry. With a customer-centric approach and the power of Thena, incident.io embodies the modern B2B company of today, setting new standards in real-time customer support and collaboration.

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