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Chat bi-directionally between Slack and Freshdesk
Collect CSAT in Slack
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ā€œThena turns conversational support into ticket based support so you can track and manage it better. Slack threads are very hard to track since they are temporal. Finding an old thread is like a treasure hunt and rarely ends in success. With Thena we will never lose a slack
thread againā€
Damien Murphy,
Manager Solutions Architecture, Bitrise
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The power of Slack and Freshdesk with Thena is 10X higher
Never let the customer leave Slack
Bi-directionally connect conversations between Slack and Freshdesk
Track SLAs on Slack
Get Alerts based on Slack and Freshdesk triggers
Collect CSAT on Slack
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Send newsletters on Slack
Send newsletters and other promotional materials to your customers and partners. Track their engagement.
Get Slack Engagement analytics
Analyze customer engagement on Slack by conversations, breaches and performance
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Ticketing Automation

Never miss customer messages on Slack by auto-detecting issues, and requests. Send them to any tool and collaborate between platforms.

Unified Interface

Manage all tasks assigned to any team on any platform from one place. Make the progress visible to customers, stakeholders, and leadership.

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Configure Escalation

Resolve issues faster for customers with configurable escalations to relevant stake holders across all teams within Slack.

Configure Alerts

Never miss anything. Get reminded of actions and remind customers to take actions with simple configuration setup on Slack.

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Customer 360 Analytics

Understand customer behavior across timeline and conversations. Find out the gap and take relevant actions to give best customer experience.

Integrate Slack conversations with your preferred internal tools

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security and compliance

We are built for scale while ensuring you don't run into security and compliance risks

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Start managing your customers faster and easier from Slack.

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