5 Tips For Companies to Increase Their Support Resolution Times on Slack

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September 12, 2022

One of the areas where Slack edges ahead of emails is customer support. Being an asynchronous channel, standard emails don’t allow support teams to offer quick resolutions. When you consider that 52% of customers stop buying from businesses with slow response rate, it becomes all the more important to be available for customers 24/7. If you're using Slack as your primary client support channel, you're already on the right path. Here are 5 ways you can make the most of Slack to delight your customers quickly:

1. Use Slack Huddles

Slack Huddles were created to avoid the obfuscated chain of command and get to core issues faster. These are no-fuss audio calls that can be joined from a shared channel or DM. You can invite others to a huddle as well. 

Since they are informal calls, Slack huddles can be used to quickly resolve issues and discourage customers from developing cold feet. These help you lend a personal touch to customer support while expediting resolutions—something that's not always possible with texts or emails.  

2. Build Custom Workflows

If you look hard enough, you'll find unique patterns in customer queries. Slack helps you automate repetitive tasks with its custom workflows. From unavailable messages and everyday greetings to triggering complex forms—you can tweak your support KPIs with custom workflows. 

The best part of the workflows is that they can be very unique to your company. Based on your requirements, you can create and automate intake forms, swarm forms, and even gamify support with polls!

3. Enable Split View 

Split view is an underutilized Slack feature that can drastically reduce your support resolution time. If you're working on a complex problem with multiple files and month-long conversations across different channels, following a cohesive argument can be challenging. Each time you jump between channels and threads to track issues the conversation loses its flow, leading to awkward pauses. 

With the split view, you can fit two Slack windows side by side and jump between pages without losing sight of the problem. You can view channels, DMs, mentions, keywords, saved messages, and thread replies. This helps support staff stay on top of complex issues and deliver faster and better experiences.

Create Incident Channels

With Slack Connect, you can collaborate with other agents in swarm channels. But when incidents become more critical, it's a great idea to create a separate incident channel to contain all the discussions. You can bring in experts from different fields and work together to close a case. This way, you can detect, address and analyze IT incidents, all within Slack. Case swarming and incident channels are particularly useful for critical outages and serving enterprise clients.

Use Thena 

You can link project management tools, file sharing apps, and calendars, follow all the customer support best practices, and still miss out on real customer issues. Thena brings order to the chaos with intelligent tagging and grouping to help you understand what customers want in Slack channels. Thena recognizes and files queries, connects with your favorite task apps, and gives you a detailed picture of customer behaviors. With Thena, you save follow-up time in Slack and reduce the time taken to reach a solution. 

To take Thena for a spin and improve your customer support, get in touch with us. 


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