13 Best Employee Communication Apps

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March 14, 2024

Digital communication in the workplace eats up 20 hours of our workweek. Thus, the quest for the ultimate employee communication app is real. However, with so many tools out there, finding the right one can be tricky.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the 13 best employee communication apps to keep your team synced, no matter where they are. From affordable options to sophisticated tools, our handpicked list has something for everyone.

What is employee communication software?

In a nutshell, employee communication software is a tool that enables seamless interaction among team members within an organization. It supports various forms of communication, such as instant messaging, email, video calls, and file sharing, to enhance collaboration and productivity.

These platforms often include features like group chats, project channels, and integration with other work applications, making it easier for employees to stay connected and informed, regardless of their physical location.

Why should you use employee communication platforms?

Emails are still in the game, but let's be real, they're not exactly speedy. What you really need are apps that deliver messages instantly and offer a whole lot more. Think of sending files, collaborating in context, and hopping on video calls. And that’s what employee communication apps do.

Another cool thing about these apps is how they make work feel less like, well, work. Salesforce research indicates that when teams use chat-based tools, about 50% perceive a shift towards a more relaxed company culture, and 48% report a boost in their productivity. In short, these tools not only make everyday tasks more manageable but also contribute to a workplace culture that's a bit more laid-back and productive.

Additionally, having robust internal communication tools means your employees waste less time, are less stressed, and are less likely to lose important files.

In essence, employee communication apps are a catalyst for enhancing productivity, employee engagement, and ultimately, the bottom line of businesses.

13 top employee communication platforms

Here’s the roundup of the tools:

  1. Slack
  2. Thena
  3. Microsoft Teams
  4. Zoom
  5. Basecamp
  6. Telegram
  7. Discord
  8. Chanty
  9. Twist
  10. Signal
  11. Microsoft Viva Engage (Yammer)
  12. Workplace from Meta
  13. Asana

Now, let's take a look at them in detail.

1. Slack – Best for real-time messaging and collaboration for teams of any size

Slack is the go-to communication platform for modern teams, offering a blend of messaging, file sharing, and channels tailored for every project or team. Its standout feature is its ease of integration with a multitude of other tools, making it an indispensable part of daily workflows.Here are the top Slack’s features:

  • Integrations: Connects effortlessly with over 2,000 tools, ensuring your workflow is uninterrupted.
  • Searchable history: Quickly find past messages and files with its powerful search, keeping everything you need at your fingertips.
  • Customizable channels: Organize conversations into channels for better focus and collaboration.

Slack's user-friendly design and functionality make it an essential tool for keeping teams connected and productive.Price: Pro plan starts from $8.25/month.

2. Thena – Best for external and internal communication within Slack

Thena is an intelligent tool tailored for teams using Slack who need to manage customer interactions directly within their workspace. It's designed to streamline customer service processes, making it easier for teams to respond promptly and keep track of customer requests without leaving Slack.Thena’s best features include:

  • Seamless integration with Slack: Thena integrates directly into Slack, allowing teams to manage customer interactions efficiently in a familiar environment.
  • Automated customer request tracking: It automates the tracking of customer requests, ensuring that no query goes unanswered.
  • Enhanced internal communication and collaboration: By centralizing customer communication in Slack, Thena fosters better team collaboration and faster response times.

Price: Starts at $5/channel/month.

3. Microsoft Teams – Ideal for companies heavily invested in the Microsoft ecosystem for chats, meetings, and collaboration

Microsoft Teams is the cornerstone of collaboration for businesses deeply integrated with Office 365. It's designed to centralize workplace communication, collaboration, and productivity by combining meetings, chats, calls, and document collaboration into a single platform.Here are a few of the MS Teams features we like the most: 

  • Office 365 integration: Seamless integration with Office 365 apps allows for real-time collaboration on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations within Teams.
  • Video conferencing and meetings: Offers robust video conferencing features, including screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, and meeting recordings, making it ideal for remote teams.
  • Teams and channels: Organize communication around specific projects or departments with dedicated teams and channels, enhancing project management and focus.

Price: $4.00 user/month.

4. Zoom – Best for video conferencing and webinars

We all occasionally have to jump on the conference call. So, using a specialist tool for those occasions makes perfect sense. And, Zoom is one of the best options out there.Zoom has become synonymous with video conferencing, offering robust features for virtual meetings, webinars, and online events. Its widespread adoption is a testament to its reliability, ease of use, and high-quality video and audio performance.Zoom’s best features are:

  • High-quality video conferencing: Zoom is known for its stable and high-quality video calls, accommodating large numbers of participants smoothly.
  • Versatile meeting features: Offers features like breakout rooms, virtual backgrounds, and meeting recordings, catering to various virtual meeting needs.
  • Webinar capabilities: Beyond meetings, Zoom can host webinars with hundreds to thousands of attendees, featuring audience interaction tools.

Price: Pro plan starts from $15.99/month/user.

5. Basecamp –Good for remote teams needing a blend of project management and communication tools

Basecamp is primarily known as a versatile project management and team collaboration tool designed to organize projects, tasks, and teams in one place. However, it can also be used for team communication through message boards, chats, and pings.Key features include:

  • To-do lists: Keep track of tasks with detailed to-do lists that can be assigned to team members along with due dates.
  • Message boards: Offers a centralized place for team discussions, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • File storage and sharing: Provides a space to store, share, and organize project files, making it easy to access necessary documents.

Price: $15/user per month.

6. Telegram – Best for secure, encrypted messaging and large groups or channels

Telegram sets itself apart as a messaging app emphasizing speed, security, and privacy. It's widely chosen by teams and individuals who prioritize secure messaging and the ability to share large files effortlessly.Telegram’s most important features include:

  • End-to-end encryption: Offers optional end-to-end encrypted chats, ensuring that communications remain private.
  • Large file sharing: Supports sharing large files and media, facilitating efficient information and resource exchange.
  • Groups and channels: Create groups or channels for team communication, updates, and broadcasting to large audiences.

Price: Free.

7. Discord – Great for community-oriented teams

Discord is known for its superior voice, video, and text communication, originally popular within gaming communities but now widely adopted by various groups for its real-time interaction capabilities.The best Discord’s features are:

  • High-quality voice channels: Offers crystal-clear voice channels for team meetings or casual chats, with no time limits.
  • Server and channel organization: Allows for the creation of servers and channels, facilitating organized discussions and collaborations on different topics or projects.
  • Rich media support: Supports sharing of rich media content, including images, videos, and links, enhancing the communication experience.

Price: Nitro plan starts at $9.99/month.Related read: Discord vs. Slack for Businesses in the SaaS Space (Comparison)

8. Chanty – Best for small to medium-sized teams wanting a simple and affordable team chat

Chanty uniquely integrates AI to enhance team communication, offering an efficient and organized way to manage tasks, messages, and files. It's tailored for teams seeking a simple yet powerful tool to boost productivity.Key features include:

  • Teambook: Centralizes tasks, conversations, and files, streamlining project management and team collaboration.
  • AI-powered: Utilizes AI for predictive typing and task management, saving time and improving workflow efficiency.
  • Unlimited message history: Offers unlimited message history, ensuring important information is always accessible.

Price: The paid plan starts from $3 per user per month.

9. Twist – Suitable for teams preferring threaded conversations

Twist is perfect for remote or distributed teams looking for an organized, less interruptive way to communicate. This employee communication app offers a unique take on team communication by emphasizing asynchronous, thread-based conversations. It's designed to reduce the noise and distractions of real-time chat apps, making it ideal for teams that value deep work and thoughtful communication.The Twist features we like include:

  • Threaded conversations: Keeps discussions organized and focused, allowing team members to follow and contribute to topics relevant to them.
  • Asynchronous communication: Supports a work culture that prioritizes productivity and doesn't rely on immediate responses, reducing pressure and distractions.
  • Clear interface: Offers a clean, intuitive interface that makes navigation and finding information straightforward.

Price: The paid plan starts from US$8 user/month.

10. Signal – Ideal for privacy-focused organizations

Signal is renowned for prioritizing privacy and security in its messaging app, appealing to teams and individuals who demand the highest level of encryption for their communications.The most important Signal’s features include:

  • End-to-end encryption: All messages and calls are encrypted, ensuring that only the communicating users can access the content.
  • Minimal data retention: Signal collects minimal user data, enhancing privacy and security for its users.
  • Open source: Its open-source nature allows for transparency and community-driven improvements in security features.

Price: Free.

11. Microsoft Viva Engage (Yammer) – Best for larger organizations needing an enterprise social network for employee engagement

If you’re looking to build a strong community culture within your organization, Microsoft Viva Engage is a great tool to add to your arsenal. The comms app is designed to facilitate open communication and collaboration within organizations. It's a platform where employees can share updates, ask questions, and engage in company-wide discussions.Our favorite Microsoft Viva Engage features are:

  • Community building: Enables the creation of communities for various interests and projects, promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  • Integration with Microsoft 365: Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365, enhancing productivity with familiar tools.
  • Interactive communication: Offers features like polls, announcements, and praise, encouraging active participation and engagement.

Price: US$2 per user per month for annual commitment.

12. Workplace from Meta – Ideal for social-media style internal communication 

Workplace from Meta combines familiar Facebook features with enterprise-level security and communication tools. It's designed for organizations looking to foster a connected and interactive company culture.Key features include:

  • Social networking interface: Offers a Facebook-like interface, making it intuitive for users to engage with content, share updates, and communicate.
  • Video communication: Supports live video broadcasting and video calls, enhancing remote communication and team collaboration.
  • Integration with business tools: Integrates with popular business tools, ensuring smooth workflows across platforms.

Price: $4 per person/month.

13. Asana – Perfect for teams looking for project management with integrated communication tools

Asana not only excels in project management but also significantly enhances team communication. It does this by facilitating clear assignments of tasks and deadlines, which clarifies expectations and responsibilities. The platform's comment sections on tasks and projects allow for direct, task-specific communication, reducing the need for external communication tools.Asana’s features we like the most:

  • In-context commenting with easy tagging of colleagues and real-time email notifications.
  • Multiple views (list, board, timeline, calendar) to visualize projects and tasks, catering to different planning needs.
  • Enables precise task assignments with deadlines, ensuring clarity on responsibilities and timelines.

Price: $13.49 billed monthly.

There you have it

Employee communication apps can make or break your team. You want a solution that is fit for purpose and that caters to the unique needs of your organization.

As the next step, consider which aspects of communication and project management are most crucial for your team. Perhaps start a conversation with your team about which tools they're most excited to try or which features they feel could truly elevate your collective workflow.

Thena caught your eye? Try it at no cost today.

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