Elevate B2B SaaS Efficiency by Routing Slack Conversations to Your CRM

Lauren Davis
Product Marketing Manager
December 14, 2023

Is your Slack data connected to your CRM? If not, you’re missing out on a treasure trove of data — and likely addressing customer engagement in isolation. This will inevitably block you from scaling your support efforts — and plus, Slack has the potential to generate a wealth of game-changing data points. Read more about why you should be funnelling Slack data into your CRM.

With its roots in revolutionizing internal communication, Slack has not only replaced traditional emails but, through Slack Connect, has elevated itself as a pivotal tool for business communication. B2B SaaS companies, recognizing the importance of staying close to customers, have embraced Slack to foster connections that are crucial for success in the competitive landscape.

Slack's unique ability to balance synchronous and asynchronous communication has made it an indispensable platform for customer interactions. In a world where customers are the lifeblood of businesses, Slack has become the conduit for fostering relationships and engagement, breaking down collaboration barriers that were previously insurmountable.

However, despite its undeniable ability to strengthen customer relationships, some leaders in the B2B SaaS sphere remain cautious about fully transitioning to Slack, primarily due to concerns about data connectivity, especially its integration with CRM systems (such as HubSpot or Salesforce). CRM, serving as the central hub for customer and internal team relationships, is fundamental to the smooth operation of processes across all functions. If customer communication is confined to Slack without seamless integration into the CRM, businesses risk addressing customer engagement in isolation, leading to fragmentation and scalability challenges.

Beyond just customer communication, Slack has the potential to generate a wealth of game-changing data points. From response times and issue resolution timelines to internal conversations that lead to solutions, involvement of critical tools like Linear and Jira, customer sentiment, and channel activity – these are the data points that were scarcely available in the era of emails and are often overlooked in the current Slack landscape.

The key lies in structuring Slack data in a way that empowers CRM systems to enhance business efficiency and operations. Imagine the transformative power of starting with a simple customer message and unlocking a treasure trove of insights that can reshape how you approach customer data. This is the new frontier, and at Thena, we are on a mission to make it a reality.

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