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Manage Customer Feedback in Slack with Thena’s CSAT

Lauren Davis
Product Marketing Manager
March 12, 2024

Looking for an easy way to gather feedback for customer requests that are resolved within Slack? Thena’s CSAT feature is here to help. Using CSAT, you can gauge your customer's sentiment, evaluate your team's performance, and identify areas for improvement, without ever leaving your Slack workspace.

2 Point vs 5 Point

Thena’s CSAT feature is flexible, allowing you to choose either a  2 Point or a 5 Point option for rating system. The 2 Point offers a straightforward thumbs-up or thumbs-down for users to choose from after a request has been resolved. 

The 5 Point provides a nuanced rating system using emojis ranging from angry to heart-eyes, allowing for more detailed feedback from your customers.

Message vs. ephemeral

Thena's CSAT feature offers the option to send feedback requests as either messages or ephemeral messages within Slack, catering to your team's preferences and privacy needs.

The message option is visible to all members of the channel, facilitating transparency and collective awareness. The ephemeral option is privately visible only to specific users who participated in the relative thread, promoting discretion and confidentiality.\

Configuring CSAT: simple steps for feedback collection

Enabling CSAT for your Slack workspace is seamless. Here’s what to do:

  • Type "/thena global config" anywhere in Slack.
  • Select "Request Management" followed by "CSAT Management."
  • Enable CSAT to start collecting feedback seamlessly.
  • Customizing CSAT Settings

Thena's CSAT allows for vast customization to suit your team's needs. Modify settings such as:

  • Enabling or disabling CSAT message sending.
  • Choosing between message and ephemeral visibility.
  • Requesting additional feedback from customers.
  • Forwarding CSAT results to a separate channel.
  • Crafting personalized CSAT messages.
  • Choosing between 2 point or 5 point feedback requests

Thena's CSAT feature offers various ways to utilize feedback effectively:

  • View CSAT feedback in your Triage Channel, along with additional feedback in text form.
  • Set up a separate channel for CSAT feedback, with links to the corresponding requests.
  • Download requests from the Kanban via the Thena web app.

FAQs: Questions about CSAT? We’ve got answers?

1. When is the CSAT message sent?

CSAT messages are sent when a request is closed.

2. Can customers reopen requests from the CSAT message?

Yes, they can reopen requests directly from the CSAT message.

3. Can customers edit their feedback?

Yes, if the CSAT was sent as a message.

4. What do I do if I’m unable to see the CSAT messages?

Make sure your ephemeral settings are correct. If you sent the message as ephemeral, it will only be visible to customers who have interacted in the thread.

Thena's CSAT empowers you to easily and quickly gather customer feedback within Slack. Empower your team to gather insights, enhance performance, and deliver exceptional customer experiences by enabling CSAT today.

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