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Mastering Issue Escalations with Thena's Slack Integration

Lauren Davis
Product Marketing Manager
March 29, 2024

As companies grow and complexities arise, efficiently managing escalated matters becomes increasingly challenging. Enter: Thena’s Escalation Management, an integration with Slack designed to streamline the handling of escalated issues, ensuring prompt resolution and improved customer happiness.


Configuring Thena Escalation Management is simple, thanks to its intuitive setup process:

  • Navigate to Thena Global Configuration: With a simple command (/Thena Global Config) in Slack, access the global configuration settings.
  • Enable the Escalation Feature: Activate the Escalation feature and tailor settings such as notification channels and permissions to suit your team's needs.

Setting up escalation prompts for customers:

Empower your customers to escalate issues effortlessly with custom prompts:

  • Create a Slack modal: Design a modal within Slack to prompt customers whenever they use the designated escalation emoji (‼️).
  • Prompt for escalation details: Customize the modal to request essential information from customers, including the reason for escalation, its impact, and any crucial details.

Utilization Flow:

Thena's Escalation simplifies the process for both customers and support teams:

  • Customer Escalation:
    • Customers trigger the escalation process by using the ‼️ emoji on Slack when encountering an issue.
    • Upon emoji use, a modal prompts customers to provide detailed information about the escalation
  • Providing Escalation Details:
    • Customers fill out the modal, offering insights into the reason for escalation and its impact.
  • Creation of Escalation:
    • Once submitted, an escalation request is generated and posted in the customer message thread for reference and tracking.
  • Notification:
    • Simultaneously, an escalation notification is dispatched to the predefined Slack channel, alerting relevant team members.

Monitoring and Management:

Efficiently track and address escalated matters with Thena's intuitive monitoring tools:

  • Escalation Tracking:
    • Escalated requests are highlighted with a distinctive red marker in your preferred tracking system, providing a visual cue for prioritization.
  • Status Updates:
    • As escalations progress, updates are reflected in the tracking system. For instance, moving an escalated request to "On Hold" or "Closed" removes the red indicator, signaling resolution or ongoing management.

Thena's Escalation offers a full solution for organizations seeking to streamline their resolution processes. By enabling swift communication within teams, businesses can effectively manage escalations, ensuring prompt resolution and improved CSAT. 

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