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Slack Alerts with Thena

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December 12, 2022

Around a billion messages are sent on Slack every week, proving how popular this tool is. And when it comes to B2B customer support, Slack is a winner – fact!

Yet, too many messages on your dedicated Slack channels for customers can quickly get out of control. Worse, you might miss an important customer request or “call for help.”

Is there a solution to this? Yes! Slack alerts with Thena – a one-of-a-kind feature that saves you the time you’d otherwise spend manually triaging incoming requests.

Ready to learn how Thena’s Request Detection Alerts can power up your B2B customer support? Let’s dive in!

The Current State of Play

Building world-class B2B customer support on Slack requires offering proactive support and rapid, accurate resolutions while simultaneously tracking your metrics. However, noisy channels made up of your team members and the client’s key decision-makers mean that some messages can get lost in the shuffle.

Why do the messages get lost in the first place? Natively, Slack cannot recognize customer requests in the text of a message; hence, your mission-critical requests can start falling through the cracks. When that happens, your clients will take notice and eventually churn.

The good news is that Thena addresses this mishap, and here’s how.

What is Thena Request Detection Alert?

Thena Request Detection Alert is an intelligent feature that identifies requests in customers’ messages, flags them up, and sends an alert to a channel of your choice.

The key benefit of Thena’s Request Detection Alert is that it automatically highlights customer messages that potentially contain information or an issue you need to act on. This means that you always stay on top of customer requests and save time, whether you’re closely monitoring the channel or not.

How Do Request Detection Alerts With Thena Work?

Suppose your customer sends a message with something you need to act on. Thena flags the message as a request in an internal channel. From there, you can do the following:

- Create a ticket in your email ticketing system

- Assign it to other colleagues or yourself to investigate further;

- Mark the alert closed if no further action is needed.


Additionally, you can customize the alerts based on your company's needs and preferences in interacting with customers. Not sure how? Check out our guide on alert configuration here.

Next Steps After Getting a Slack Alert

If you think the benefits end here – think twice! With Thena, your Slack workflows get even better depending on your chosen course of action.

If you decide to create a ticket out of the customer message, your request will be sent to third-party integrations, like Intercom or Zendesk.

Have you assigned the request to yourself, as it’s your area of expertise? No worries. Thena will highlight it in your account’s “My Summary” section so you can easily see and manage all tasks under your name.

If the customer request needs one of your peers to take a look, the “Assign to someone” feature will allow you to notify your colleague of the assignment.

No action needed? Simply close the request and move on to the next one!

Top B2B Use Cases for Slack Alerts with Integration:

1. Customer Support:

  • New ticket notifications: Get real-time alerts for new tickets in your helpdesk system (e.g., Freshdesk, Zendesk) directly within Slack, allowing agents to respond promptly.
  • Escalation notifications: Receive alerts for urgent or high-priority tickets requiring immediate attention.
  • Customer satisfaction survey notifications: Be notified when customers submit feedback surveys to address any concerns promptly.

2. Sales & Marketing:

  • Lead capture notifications: Get notified when new leads are captured through your website or marketing automation platform.
  • Sales pipeline updates: Receive alerts for key stages in the sales pipeline (e.g., demo scheduled, proposal sent) to ensure timely follow-up.
  • Campaign performance notifications: Monitor campaign performance metrics and receive alerts for significant changes (e.g., high conversion rate, low engagement).

3. Project Management & Operations:

  • Task assignment notifications: Get notified when team members are assigned new tasks or deadlines on project management platforms (e.g., Asana,
  • Milestone completion notifications: Receive alerts when important project milestones are achieved, keeping everyone informed and on track.
  • Resource allocation notifications: Be notified when resources are reaching capacity or nearing deadlines, allowing proactive adjustments.

4. IT & Security:

  • System outage notifications: Get immediate alerts for system outages or performance issues, enabling swift troubleshooting and communication.
  • Security threat notifications: Receive alerts for potential security threats like suspicious login attempts or malware detections, allowing for prompt investigation and remediation.
  • Compliance deadline reminders: Be notified of upcoming compliance deadlines to ensure timely completion and avoid penalties.

5. HR & Administration:

  • New employee onboarding notifications: Receive alerts for new hires, allowing for efficient onboarding processes and team introductions.
  • Employee leave request notifications: Get notified when employees submit leave requests, facilitating timely approvals and scheduling adjustments.
  • Payroll processing notifications: Be informed when payroll is processed or encountering any issues, ensuring smooth financial management.

Leveraging with Slack Alerts:

  • Enhanced Context: provides context to alerts by offering relevant information directly within Slack, such as ticket details, customer information, or task descriptions, allowing agents to respond with greater understanding.
  • Actionable Insights: can generate intelligent suggestions or pre-populated responses within Slack, enabling agents to take quicker action and resolve issues more efficiently.
  • Automated Workflows: can automate routine tasks based on specific triggers in Slack alerts, streamlining workflows and reducing manual effort.
  • Improved Knowledge Sharing: allows embedding knowledge base articles or relevant resources within Slack conversations, empowering both agents and customers with self-service options.

By integrating Slack alerts with, B2B companies can enhance communication, collaboration, and overall efficiency within their work environment, leading to improved customer experiences, streamlined operations, and data-driven decision-making.

See for Yourself

Are you ready to bring clarity and boost time-to-resolution in your Slack channels for customers? Get your messages and communications on Slack in order with Thena.

Click Here to Start for Free.


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