Notion Slack Integration: A How-to Guide

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February 28, 2024

In almost every team's tech toolbox, you'll find two productivity powerhouses: Notion and Slack. But what if we told you there's a way to bring these two together for even better results?

In this straightforward guide, we're going to show you the benefits of integrating Notion and Slack and walk you through the different methods to make this integration happen. Here’s what we’re going to cover:

Let’s begin.

What is Notion Slack integration?

The Notion Slack integration connects Notion, a note-taking and project management app, with Slack, a messaging app for teams. This integration allows users to receive notifications in Slack about things like updates in Notion, share Notion pages directly in Slack conversations, and quickly access Notion content from within Slack, making it easier for teams to collaborate and stay informed.

Benefits of connecting Notion to Slack

Integrating Slack with Notion offers several unique benefits for team collaboration and productivity. Here are some of them:

  1. Better team collaboration

Notion is used for all kinds of activities—as a central dashboard, a project management tool, or as a knowledge center. You name it.

So, integrating Slack with Notion lets your team collaborate better without toggling between tools. With the integration, you can send messages to Notion from Slack, get updates in Slack when something changes in Notion, and share links that display detailed information directly in your Slack chats.

For example, when you update a project in Notion, everyone in Slack gets a notification right away. This way, everyone stays informed without extra meetings, simplifying work.

  1. Centralized information access

Another perk of integrating Slack with Notion is how it simplifies finding and accessing Notion pages right from Slack, essentially turning it into a one-stop hub for all project-related documents and discussions.

Gartner points out that 47% of digital workers have a hard time locating the information they need for their jobs. Moreover, 36% of employees overlook crucial updates due to juggling too many apps simultaneously.

But with Slack and Notion working together, team members can easily refer to and work on tasks without stepping away from their main chat tool, while updates flow smoothly both ways, keeping everyone informed.

  1. Faster decision-making

With all relevant information and updates readily available in Slack, teams can make faster decisions. The ease of discussing and reviewing Notion documents within Slack facilitates quicker consensus and decision-making processes, which is crucial in fast-paced work environments.

So, how do you go about integrating Notion with Slack? We tell you the best methods in the next section.

3 ways you can integrate Notion with Slack

1. Through Notion

Notion allows you to set up integrations directly from its platform, including connecting to Slack. This method is straightforward and enables you to post updates from Notion pages directly to Slack channels.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Open Notion.

Step 2: Click on “Settings and members.”

Step 3: Navigate to “My connections” and click on “See all.”

Step 4: Find Slack and click “Connect.”

Step 5: In the next screen, you will be asked to give permission to access your Slack workspace.

Step 6: Follow the prompts to authorize Notion to access your Slack workspace. Next, confirm the integration settings.

Step 7: Once you're finished, Notion should appear in your Slack workspace.

Notion Slack Workspace

Notion’s Slack integration allows you to send Slack messages to your Notion database, including creating tasks. You are also free to control which notifications get sent to a Slack channel or DM. On top, you can share Notion links within Slack.

2. Through Slack

If you don’t fancy going through Notion’s integration, you can achieve pretty much the same results directly through Slack.

Navigate to Slack App Directory, type in 'Notion', and then simply add it to Slack. You will be asked to follow the prompts and authorize the integration.

Notion Slack App Directory

3. Using Thena’s webhooks

Thena's webhooks provide a more flexible and customizable way to integrate Notion with Slack. This method is suitable for users looking for advanced integration features, such as filtering and formatting notifications.

Here’s what you’ve got to do:

Step 1: Set up Thena: Visit Thena's website and sign up for an account.

Step 2: Open your web browser and go to the Thena dashboard at this URL:

Step 3: Once there, locate and click on "Global Settings" and then select "Integrations" from the submenu.

Step 4: In the Integrations menu, find and click on "Webhooks" and then click on the "Add Integration" button.

Step 5: A dialog box will appear on your screen. In this dialog, enter your Thena Access Key in the designated field.

Step 6: In the same dialog, specify the webhook endpoint URL where you would like to receive event notifications. If you desire additional security, you can optionally provide a header authentication value. To do this, enter your authentication value under the "authorization" header key within the provided space.

Step 7: Test the integration: Make a change in Notion that matches the trigger event you specified to ensure that the integration sends the customized notification to Slack.

Comparing Collaborative Features: Slack vs. Notion Integration Benefits
Primary FocusReal-time team communication & collaborationProject management, information organization, and note-takingComplements B2B customer service by enabling centralized knowledge base and asynchronous communication.
Communication StyleInformal, conversational, fast-pacedFlexible, can be formal or informal, often project-specificFacilitates contextual communication and knowledge sharing through rich content creation in Notion.
Communication FormatPrimarily text messages, voice calls & video conferencingText within pages, comments, mentions, file sharingEnables asynchronous discussions and knowledge capture within relevant Notion pages.
Collaboration FeaturesShared channels, threaded messages, file sharing, real-time mentionsShared workspaces, collaborative editing on pages and comments, mentions, file sharingStrengthens knowledge base collaboration and information sharing within teams.
IntegrationsIntegrates with numerous external tools and servicesIntegrates with various tools, but focus leans towards project management and automationBridges the communication gap between Slack and Notion, potentially creating a unified knowledge base and communication hub.
Search FunctionalityPowerful search for messages, channels, and usersRobust search within workspaces, pages, and blocksEnables efficient search for relevant customer information and past interactions.
CostFree tier with limited features, paid plans for additional features and usersFree tier with limited features, paid plans for additional features and team potentially reduces costs through improved knowledge base management and self-service options.
Mobile AppAvailable with full functionalityAvailable with full functionalityEnables on-the-go access to knowledge base and communication.
Learning CurveRelatively easy to learn and useSteeper learning curve for advanced functionalities and complex page simplifies knowledge base creation and management within Notion for B2B customer service.
Suitable for:General team communication, project discussions, quick updatesProject planning, task management, information organization, knowledge base creationB2B customer service, especially for centralized knowledge base management and asynchronous communication.

FAQs about Notion Slack integration

What are the prerequisites for the Notion Slack integration?

To integrate Notion with Slack, you'll need two key components. First, an active Slack workspace is essential, serving as the digital hub for your team's communication. Additionally, a Notion account with the appropriate permissions to manage third-party integrations is required.

My Notion Slack integration is not working. What could be the issue?

The issue with your Notion Slack integration could be due to incorrect setup, expired or invalid authentication tokens, lack of necessary permissions on either platform, network issues, or temporary service outages. Check the integration settings, ensure both apps are updated, verify permissions, and look for any service disruption notifications from Notion or Slack.

Does linking Notion with Slack activate the integration for the entire team?

When one person sets up the connection, everyone in Slack can see a detailed preview of Notion links or Slack previews in Notion. But if others want to use all the features themselves, they need to link Slack to Notion by themselves.

Conclusion: Slack + Notion + Thena ticketing

That’s it. We’ve shown how easy it is to link Notion with Slack. And once these tools are linked, it’s a big win for teamwork and staying connected. But you shouldn’t stop here.

Another tool you can add to your Slack workspace is Thena, an intelligent B2B customer engagement and internal help desk solution designed for teams that live and breathe Slack.

Thena integrates with Slack to manage customer interactions and support. It offers omnichannel customer engagement from Slack, including features like request management, marketing automation, and connectors for integrating with other tools. Thena also provides in-depth customer service analytics allowing you to track customer sentiment and make data-informed decisions on resource allocation.

Book a free demo to see how Thena can enhance your team’s productivity on Slack.

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