Slack Bots 101: A New Approach to Slack Productivity

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September 28, 2023

With 47.2 million active users logging into the platform daily, Slack’s market monopoly in organizational communication continues to grow, and more and more ways pop up to make the platform even more powerful. Slack custom bots can enhance productivity and ensure smooth communication within your organization and with your customers.

Slackbots can be used for a broad range of tasks, from human resources processes, and marketing and sales workflows to project management and scheduling. 

What is a Slack Custom Bot?

A Slack custom bot is a specialized software application or tool designed to automate tasks, interact with users, and enhance communication within the Slack messaging platform. 

Using Slack custom bots, you can automate and streamline a bunch of different business processes, from sending messages, setting up customized alerts, analyzing data, and retrieving information from external sources.

Custom Slack Bot vs. Slack App

A Slack bot is a standalone program or script that operates within the Slack platform, typically designed for specific task automation or interaction, whereas a Slack app is a more comprehensive and feature-rich software application that integrates with Slack, offering a broader range of functionalities.

There are countless readily available Slack apps and bots in Slack's App Directory, and you're free to pick and choose whichever ones you need for your team.

Key Benefits of Custom Bots in Slack

Slack custom bots are becoming a crucial element of workplace productivity for a reason. Slackbot automated messages can cut time spent on monotone tasks, speeding up communication within teams and with customers.

So, how can custom Slackbots help your workflow? Let’s take a look.

Get Rid of the Repetition 

If you rely on Slack to assist your external partners or customers, spending valuable time on never-ending spreadsheets and copying and pasting standard responses isn't the most efficient approach for your teams.

Instead of getting bogged down in routine tasks, specialized Slackbots can handle the heavy lifting. This way, you can free up time for more personalized, strategic, and creative efforts.

Besides, Slackbots can seamlessly integrate with your workspace, picking up the slack so you and your team can focus on what really matters.

Waste Less Time Switching Platforms

We've all experienced the frustration of bouncing between different windows, juggling tasks, and potentially losing important information along the way. Custom Slack bots offer a solution by centralizing your work within a single platform. This means you can accomplish a variety of tasks without ever leaving Slack.

For instance, you can create customer support tickets, manage complex workflows, or initiate a video call with a client, all without the need to switch between multiple tabs or applications. Slack apps and bots are here to simplify your work life, helping you stay focused and productive effortlessly.

Improve Collaboration and Communication

Another advantage of using Slack custom bots is that they can facilitate communication in many different ways, from fast access to information to automated notifications; the list is endless.

A study by Microsoft found that 57% of a typical workday is consumed by communication activities, including team meetings, chats, and emails.

And, as you know, both internal and external communications can be true productivity killers. However, with the help of Slackbots, you can make things much simpler. 

These clever bots can assist you in setting up a central knowledge hub, complete with automatic Q&A capabilities. This means your customers can easily find information at any time without overwhelming your staff. Plus, Slackbots can enhance teamwork and boost collaboration among your team members.

How to Use a Slackbot to Optimize Your Workflows

Slack custom bots can help to optimize your workflows with a few clicks of a button, speeding up your processes with ease and seamlessly integrating into your teams’ most frequently used platforms.

Slackbots allow users to monitor project workflows and activities through automated notifications, moderated messages, and integrated apps. These bots can also automate feedback surveys, implement interactive responses, and simplify customer service.

How to Create a Slackbot

You spent hours and hours scrolling through Slack’s App Directory but still couldn’t find a Slackbot with everything you need… What now?

Don’t worry, creating a customized Slackbot is actually not as complicated as it sounds! 

Although opting for an off-the-shelf solution may seem like a quick fix, it's important to note that pre-made Slackbots usually offer limited room for customization and can incur additional expenses, especially for larger teams and complex organizations.

How to Build a Slackbot

Although Slack custom bots can sometimes be intricate to create, it doesn’t always have to be a lengthy or painful process. There are several no-code AI chatbot-building platforms. They are relatively easy to use with basic tech skills and some logic.

That said, you must have clearly defined goals before you embark on your Slack custom bot journey. After all, you don’t want to end up with pointless integrations and glitchy functionalities. Keep your applications user-friendly and streamlined. Furthermore, strive to prevent overloading a single chatbot with every conceivable function, as this can frequently result in confusion.

Although it is easy to get carried away if you want to up your productivity immediately, test your chatbot thoroughly before launching it in your channels and workspaces. Experiment with various conversations and identify any problematic interactions. It's better to address these issues before your customers escalate their concerns.

When Slackbots Are Not Enough, Thena Steps In

Although Slack custom bots can solve many organizational and workflow issues, their capabilities are limited. On top, coding a bot to perform a bunch of functions can be challenging for non-techies. However, that’s where Thena comes in. A tool that functions wonderfully on its own. But it can equally work alongside your Slackbots.

Thena is a powerful productivity tool for Slack that helps business leaders manage B2B customer support better through Slack. By using Slackbots and Thena's functionalities, teams can bring out the most of their Slack workspaces and elevate their workflows to the next level.

Here’s what Thena can do for you.

Never Miss a Customer Alert Again

Thena has a wide range of capabilities, such as an intelligent request management system that can help you reduce response and resolution times by 95%, ensuring that no customer request goes undetected, increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

Through conversational ticketing, Thena helps customer service teams manage alerts through a triage system, and assign and resolve them efficiently without leaving Slack.

Thena can also assist in crafting personalized messages to notify your team about important customer events, like failing to meet agreed-upon SLAs. It can also monitor efficiency by analyzing data to pinpoint pain points and issues.

Dive Deep with Analytics

Slackbot automated messages can be incredibly helpful in handling customer demands, managing expectations, and enabling smooth communication. However, organizations are missing out on an opportunity to optimize their operations because they don’t have access to hard data and insights.

Customer data can help service teams quickly identify engagement patterns and highlight workflow bottlenecks. Thena's analytics provide a bird's eye view of engagement trends and channel insights, helping your team create a seamless user experience personalized to your customers’ exact needs.

Automate Your Marketing Workflows

Slack’s market share in enterprise communications is over 34%. Chances are your customers are already on Slack. So why not use it as a marketing channel, too? 

Through Thena's automation and with the help of Slack custom bots, organizations can easily set up regular content to be sent out to their customers all within Slack.

Thena is so good that it even allows you to segment and measure the success of your marketing campaigns, helping your marketing team succeed in their efforts.

Simply onboard customers onto Slack, then create and manage content templates with a few clicks using Thena. Afterward, launch targeted feature announcements and other marketing campaigns, and see your business grow.

Top 10 Slack Bots for B2B SaaS Companies

RankBot NameDescriptionUse Cases for B2B SaaS
1HubSpot MeetingsSchedule meetings efficiently with automated booking and remindersStreamline scheduling with clients and prospects.
2PollyCreate and share polls and surveys to gather team feedbackEnhance decision-making by collecting team input quickly.
3DonutFoster team connections by introducing random team membersBuild camaraderie and break down silos within your company.
4ZapierConnect Slack to various apps and automate workflowsAutomate repetitive tasks and improve operational efficiency.
5Integrate.ioAnother powerful automation tool for connecting apps to SlackStreamline workflows and data flow between internal systems.
6HeyTacoRecognize and reward team members for achievementsBoost team morale and motivation through public recognition.
7MindfulPromote mental wellbeing by offering mindfulness exercisesSupport employee well-being and create a positive work environment.
8StatsbotTrack and analyze key metrics directly within SlackMonitor key business metrics without leaving the Slack interface.
9FeedlyStay updated on industry news and trendsKeep your team informed about relevant industry developments.
10Salesforce InboxManage and track leads and opportunities directly in SlackImprove sales efficiency and communication for your sales team.


The Bottom Line

Slack custom bots can be beneficial tools to help your team work more efficiently by creating seamless automation and optimized workflows. Most importantly, Slack bots can help your teams free up valuable time to make strategic decisions and help them focus on more critical tasks.

Thena's functionalities effectively complement Slack custom bots, creating a seamless collaboration ecosystem and setting you up for success. See how Thena can help you achieve maximum efficiency and optimize your workflows.

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