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Slack Trello Integration: Benefits and Ways to Integrate

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February 12, 2024

Do you find yourself managing projects on Trello and wishing you could also use Slack for communication simultaneously? Or perhaps you're interested in doing certain Trello tasks directly from Slack?

With Slack Trello integration, you can combine collaboration and communication so that your team doesn’t have to switch between tools all the time.

In this article, we'll explore everything about integrating Trello with Slack, including its benefits and a straightforward guide on how to do it.

Let's get started.

First of all, what is Slack Trello integration?

The Slack Trello integration allows users to connect their Trello boards with their Slack channels, enabling teams to manage projects and tasks directly within Slack. This integration facilitates the sharing of Trello cards and updates in Slack, allowing for real-time collaboration and communication. Users can create new Trello cards, update existing ones, and receive notifications about Trello activities without leaving the Slack interface.

Why should you integrate Trello with Slack?

If you’re using Trello a lot in your organization to manage projects or track tasks while also conversing on Slack, it makes perfect sense to link both tools up.

With this in mind, here are the main perks you can enjoy after integrating Trello and Slack:

Task automation

Linking Slack with Trello can transform how you work by automating routine tasks—like creating Trello cards from Slack messages.

90% of employees feel exhausted from repetitive and boring tasks that can be easily automated. With Slack and Trello integration, your team can have extra time for more meaningful work.

Quick feedback, quick progress

There's nothing like getting quick feedback to keep things moving. With Slack and Trello working hand in hand, you can get project approvals and input without leaving your chat. This means decisions happen faster, and projects don't get stuck as Slack serves as a channel to communicate feedback.

Project transparency

Worked on a project three months ago and can't quite remember what discussions you had within the team? With Slack and Trello's powers combined, you have a searchable history of all your project's milestones and discussions. This can help immensely when bringing new team members up to speed or reflecting on past decisions.

Custom notifications

Lastly, Slack Trello integration means you can tailor notifications so you're only alerted about the things that matter to you. This personalized approach means less time sifting through updates and more time focusing on what you do best.

Now that the benefits are clear, how do you actually integrate both apps? Let’s explore the available options.

How to integrate Slack with Trello

Before you can link both apps, you must ensure that you have them installed and that you’re logged in.

Now, when it comes to the actual integration, you have several ways to do it:

1. Trello App for Slack

The easiest way to integrate Trello with Slack is through the official Trello app for Slack. This integration allows users to add Trello cards to boards, join cards and boards, change due dates, and more directly from Slack.

Trello App for Slack

Setting up: You can add the Trello app to your Slack workspace from the Slack App Directory. Once installed, link your Trello account by following the prompts.

Usage: With the app, you can create new Trello cards, add comments to cards, and receive notifications for card updates directly in Slack.

2. Slack Power-Up in Trello

Another way to integrate is using the Slack Power-Up in Trello. This feature allows you to attach Slack conversations to Trello cards, enabling a direct link to Slack discussions from your Trello board.

Slack Power-Up in Trello

Setting up: Enable the Slack Power-Up on your Trello board, and connect your Slack workspace.

Usage: Once enabled, you can attach Slack messages to Trello cards and even send Trello cards to Slack channels directly from Trello.

3. Custom integrations using APIs

For more specific needs, you can also develop a custom integration using the Trello and Slack APIs. This requires programming knowledge which might not be a viable option for most.

Setting up: Familiarize yourself with both the Trello API and Slack API documentation. Use your development skills to create a custom application that integrates the two services according to your requirements.

Usage: Deploy your custom integration for personal or team use, ensuring you handle authentication and permission scopes correctly.

Comparing Communication Features: Slack vs. Trello Integration Benefits
Primary FocusReal-time team communication & collaborationProject management, task organization & visualizationStreamlines B2B customer service by enabling real-time communication within Trello.
Communication StyleInformal, conversational, fast-pacedFlexible, can be formal or informal, often project-specificFacilitates contextual communication and knowledge sharing for customer inquiries.
Communication FormatPrimarily text messages, voice calls & video conferencingComments within cards, card descriptions, @mentions, file sharingEnables real-time discussions and updates directly within relevant Trello cards.
Collaboration FeaturesShared channels, threaded messages, file sharing, real-time mentionsShared boards, collaborative editing on cards and comments, @mentions, file sharingEnhances team collaboration and knowledge sharing around customer issues.
IntegrationsIntegrates with numerous external tools and servicesIntegrates with various tools, but focus leans towards project management and automationBridges the communication gap between Slack and Trello, creating a unified customer service workflow.
Search FunctionalityPowerful search for messages, channels, and usersSearch primarily within boards, cards, and commentsEnables efficient search for relevant customer information and past interactions.
CostFree tier with limited features, paid plans for additional features and usersFree tier with limited features, paid plans for additional features and team potentially reduces costs through improved collaboration and issue resolution efficiency.
Mobile AppAvailable with full functionalityAvailable with full functionalityEnables on-the-go customer service management and team collaboration.
Learning CurveRelatively easy to learn and useRelatively easy to learn and simplifies communication and ticket creation within Trello for B2B customer service.
Suitable for:General team communication, project discussions, quick updatesProject communication and updates, assigning tasks and deadlines, status updatesB2B customer service, especially within project management contexts.

4. Thena app

Thena is a platform designed to manage customer interactions directly from Slack. It facilitates omnichannel customer engagement including support via Slack, email, and the web.

Thena offers features such as request management, marketing automation, connectors, and an internal helpdesk. It aims to streamline customer service processes, making it easier and more efficient to handle customer conversations and requests within Slack.

You can leverage Thena's webhook functionality to seamlessly integrate Trello with Slack. This feature enables real-time notifications about specific events, such as the creation or updates of requests. By utilizing these webhooks, you can efficiently transfer Slack data to Thena and then to Trello, ensuring that all requests are accessible directly within Trello.

Read our knowledge base to learn more about webhooks.

Wrapping up

The best method for integrating Slack with Trello depends on your specific needs, technical skills, and the level of customization required. For most users, the Trello app for Slack or the Slack Power-Up in Trello provides sufficient functionality with minimal setup.

However, if you need additional functionalities in your Slack ecosystem, where you connect not only Trello but also your email ticketing tools and CRM systems, Thena could be the solution for you.

Try Thena for free.


What are the benefits of integrating Slack and Trello?

The benefits of integrating Slack and Trello include improved project transparency, communication, and efficiency.

How can I integrate Slack and Trello?

Different ways to integrate Slack and Trello include the Trello app for Slack, the Slack Power-Up in Trello, and custom integrations using APIs.

What is the Trello app for Slack?

The Trello app for Slack allows you to view and manage your Trello boards directly from within Slack, which can help you stay up-to-date on your projects and collaborate with your team members more easily.

What is the Slack Power-Up in Trello?

The Slack Power-Up in Trello allows you to add Trello cards to Slack conversations. This can help you keep track of tasks and discussions in one place.

Can I create custom integrations between Slack and Trello?

Yes, you can create custom integrations between Slack and Trello using APIs. This can be a good option if you need more flexibility than what is offered by the pre-built integrations.

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