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3 Biggest Challenges for Customer Support Leadership in 2022

Govind Kavaturi
September 20, 2022

Around 65% of Fortune 500 companies use Slack and, with a spike in remote work, Slack claims that its customer acquisitions have almost doubled. If Slack is where people are spending their days, your support team needs to meet them where they are at. This is where conversational ticketing can help.

Conversational ticketing enables real-time support between a customer support rep and a user on a chat platform like Slack. It is quick, human, and convenient, which makes receiving support feel less like a hassle. 

Let’s take a look at the top 3 challenges most customer support leaders are facing these days and how conversational ticketing can help solve them.

1. Omnichannel Communication

Customer support leadership is struggling to have everything in one place. Customers today reach out to vendors on Intercom, email, Slack, phone, and multiple other touch points. Unfortunately, all these communication channels are disconnected and not linked to CRM. 

2. Maximizing Customer Experience Without Sacrificing Efficiency

Another big challenge is to navigate and provide a better customer experience while managing internal efficiency. You need to train reps on how to handle customer queries without sacrificing customer experience. On average, a new agent needs up to 8 weeks of training to reach 50% productivity

3. Humanizing Conversations

The modern customer is often on the go. They seek timely support and want a smooth experience. While you can meet such demands through advanced technologies, the human touch remains indispensable. However, many businesses struggle with connecting to their customers on a personal level.

How Conversational Ticketing Can Help

Almost 80% of consumers say that speed, convenience, well-informed assistance, and friendly service are the most vital elements of a positive customer experience. A conversational ticketing platform like Thena brings the best of automation and human support to deliver such a service. It allows businesses to talk directly with their customers to find out exactly how to cater to them.

With internal teams and customers spending most of their time on Slack, Thena provides a single platform that brings everything to Slack. You can service and manage your customers effortlessly, work and collaborate on projects, and get a single view of all communications. Request for a free Thena demo today!

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