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Bundle Similar Requests Together with Thena’s Merge

Lauren Davis
Product Marketing Manager
March 7, 2024

You know how it feels to receive three or four duplicate requests from a customer, all tied to one single issue. Managing multiple requests at once can be tedious. Luckily, Thena’s Merge feature can ease the chaos. By consolidating various similar requests into one ticket, you not only save time but provide a more optimized support experience for your customers.

Here’s how to use the Merge feature:

  • 1. Identify similar requests: pick which similar requests you want to merge together.
  • 2. Access the merge option: Click on the “gear” icon of the request you want to merge. Hit “merge request”
  • 3. Select requests to merge: This will open up two dropdown menus. The first allows you to choose the parent request, while the second lets you select additional requests you want to merge.
  • 4. Confirm and merge: Once you've selected the requests you want to merge, click on the "merge request" button. A confirmation modal will appear, ensuring you're ready to move forward — just confirm your selection, and the requests will be merged.

Benefits of merging:

  • Efficiency: Instead of addressing each request individually, merging allows you to tackle similar issues in one go.
  • Organization: By consolidating related requests, create a more structured support system, making it easier to track and manage customer issues.
  • Improved satisfaction: Merging requests means faster responses and happier customers.

Best practices:

  • Use discretion: Not all requests need to be merged. 
  • Communicate changes: If merging requests alters the context or resolution process, make sure to communicate that with your team and the customer.
  • Monitor feedback: Keep an eye on customer feedback post-merge. If issues persist or new concerns arise, adjust your approach.

The Merge feature will empower your customer success and support teams to streamline operations and improve service quality. By consolidating similar requests, you can efficiently manage customer inquiries, leading to heightened loyalty and satisfaction.

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