How Mobile Takes Modern Customer Support to the Next Level

Lauren Davis
Product Marketing Manager
October 19, 2023

Customer support has come a long way since its inception, adapting to changing times and evolving in lock-step with technology and human behavior. It has progressed from handwritten letters to the age of fax, from telephones to the internet. In recent years, the internet itself has undergone remarkable transformations, moving from desktop computers to laptops and, most significantly, to mobile devices. As of 2023, mobile devices reign supreme as the most widely used technology globally. In today's fast-paced world, people depend on mobile integration to keep up with their daily tasks efficiently. So how can businesses best serve their customers, given this growing shift to mobile? Enter Thena, which revolutionizes your customer support approach by bringing it to your fingertips. With Thena's innovative use of AI, customer support becomes more than just a service; it becomes a proactive, responsive, and unified experience, ensuring you never miss another urgent customer request.

Mobile: the new frontier in customer support

In 2023, mobile devices have cemented their position as the most used technology worldwide. From smartphones to tablets, our lives are seamlessly integrated with mobile. People now rely on mobile devices to not only communicate with friends and family but also to stay connected to their work, making it an essential tool for business operations.

This mobile-centric lifestyle has necessitated a change in the way customer support is delivered. Customers expect seamless interactions and quick resolutions, and they demand support that aligns with their on-the-go lifestyles. This is where Thena comes into play.

Thena brings forth a transformative experience in managing customer support while on the go. It bridges the gap between various systems and ensures that you stay connected and have a unified view, even when you only have access to your mobile device. With AI at its core, Thena can scan customer requests, understand sentiment, and assess urgency to ensure that your support team is always available when needed.

What sets Thena apart is its unmatched mobile functionality. Let's consider a scenario where you have 500 customers, each with their preferred communication channel. Some prefer Slack, some opt for web chat, and others lean towards email. With Thena, you can consolidate and access every message received from every customer across all these platforms — all without leaving your mobile phone. It's like having all your communication channels converge into a single, organised workstream, guaranteeing you don't miss a thing.

Thena doesn't just stop at consolidating messages. It intelligently detects messages with an 'action required' sentiment and converts them into actionable requests. These requests are seamlessly triggered in a configurable channel within Slack, making collaboration and management a breeze.

A personalized approach to customer support

Thena goes a step further by allowing individuals to personalize their experience. Users can choose to subscribe to specific Slack channels and select the types of requests they want to be notified about. This tailored approach ensures that they are always in the loop and promptly alerted when their expertise is needed. Naturally, a customer support rep’s notification preferences will differ from those of a person in a leadership role, which is why Thena empowers users to personalize and fine-tune their notifications, ensuring they receive only the most relevant alerts.

Once notified, individuals can quickly and seamlessly review the sentiment and urgency of the request – reacting to customer inquiries in real-time, directly from mobile. This represents the new frontier of customer support, a modern and revolutionary approach that is redefining the way businesses engage with their customers.

The mobile, Slack, and AI revolution:

The synergy of mobile, AI, and Slack is orchestrating a transformation in the realm of customer support, success, and CX. It extends beyond the mere streamlining of processes; it's an evolution aimed at amplifying customer satisfaction and equipping businesses to maintain agility in the digital age.

Today, mobile devices are not just tools we use; they've become an integral part of our lives, seamlessly woven into our daily routines. Businesses that recognize this shift are the ones poised for unparalleled success. Thena empowers organizations to navigate this changing terrain with confidence. By embracing AI and the collaborative power of Slack, Thena is writing a blueprint for how businesses can elevate customer interactions to a whole new level with mobile.

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