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Integrating External Links with Thena for Enhanced Collaboration

Lauren Davis
Product Marketing Manager
March 22, 2024

Keeping track of changes and updates across different platforms can feel like a juggling act.With Thena’s External Links feature, you can easily bridge the gap between various ticketing systems and your customer requests.

What are external links?

External links within Thena allow users to connect requests to tickets in other systems such as JIRA, Linear, and Shortcut. This integration serves as a vital link between your customer requests in Thena and the ongoing activities within your engineering, product, or IT teams. Essentially, it ensures that any changes or progress made in external systems are seamlessly reflected in your Thena requests. 

Supported Integrations

Thena currently supports integrations with three major ticketing systems:

  • Linear: Connect Linear tickets directly to Thena requests. This integration improves the flow of information, ensuring that any updates or progress made on Linear tickets are promptly notified back to the corresponding Thena request.
  • JIRA: For teams using JIRA for project management, Thena coffers seamless connectivity. By integrating JIRA tickets with Thena requests, teams can stay updated on the latest developments across platforms.
  • Shortcut:, If you‚Äôre on a product or engineering team using Shortcut, you can¬† connect Shortcut stories to Thena requests. This integration enables teams to track progress on Shortcut stories within the context of customer requests.

Benefits of External Links

  • Streamlined communication: With External Links, there‚Äôs no need to switch between multiple platforms to track progress. Everything is consolidated within Thena, facilitating smoother communication and reducing the risk of information silos.
  • Enhanced transparency: By linking external tickets to customer requests, teams gain a comprehensive view of project status and progress. This transparency promotes accountability and allows everyone to be on the same page.
  • Improved efficiency: External Links eliminate the need for manual updates and status checks across platforms. Instead, changes made in external systems are automatically reflected in Thena, saving time and minimizing the risk of errors.

How to get started

Getting started with External Links in Thena is a easy and straightforward. Simply navigate to the External Links section within the request, select the desired integration (Linear, JIRA, or Shortcut), and link the corresponding ticket. Once linked, any updates or changes made to the external ticket will be automatically reflected in your Thena request, keeping everyone informed and aligned.


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