A New Way to Approach IT Helpdesk Services & IT Ticketing System

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October 24, 2023

A strategically built IT helpdesk service can affect your business processes and cash flow more than you can imagine. IT ticketing systems can help keep your employees happy, speed up internal processes, and resolve technical issues that could potentially impact crucial business activities.

IT support services can come in many shapes and forms, from emails, phones, online forums, or even Slack. However, integrated IT helpdesk service solutions like Thena can streamline processes more systematically and increase employee engagement while empowering support agents to resolve end-user problems faster and more efficiently.

Ready to explore the benefits of IT ticketing systems? Let’s get started.

The crucial nexus of IT helpdesk services and ticketing

IT helpdesk services are the cornerstone of organizational efficiency, regardless of industry. IT ticketing systems are crucial due to their impact on output and capacity, with 91% of customer service teams reporting increased productivity thanks to integrated service desk solutions.

However, another significant area of interest that leaders often overlook is customer satisfaction. While your clients are your employees on this occasion, dismissing this importance would be a mistake. Keeping your staff happy and addressing their issues with speed can significantly impact your bottom line, as happy employees are proven to work harder. Research shows that a satisfied workforce is 12% more productive.

Service desks can serve as a central knowledge base, ensuring employees have a place to turn to when in doubt. You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 CEO to realize that leaving your new hire graduate to his own devices to resolve their technical issues might be a mistake. Take charge of establishing a well-thought-out IT helpdesk service and secure your organizational processes once and for all.

The transformation of IT support

The evolution of IT helpdesk services over the last couple of decades has been nothing but transformational. With the rapid change in technology, companies have tapped into innovative solutions to help their IT teams deliver better experiences to employees.

As 64% of users state that their preferred service team communication channel is through social messaging platforms, Slack has become an industry favorite for integrated IT service desk solutions.

IT support services traditionally focused on hardware maintenance and troubleshooting networks and software. However, with the boom in digital technologies, companies swiftly evolved in their approach to IT infrastructure and, therefore, service desk solutions.

In today’s digital-first world, the focus on agile and remote working accelerated processes and introduced a shift towards cloud-based, intelligent IT solutions. From IT outsourcing to self-service knowledge bases and integrated IT ticketing systems, smart tools have popped up across the industry to help businesses bring out the best in their operations.

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has changed the field over the last decade, automating routine tasks and integrating conversational ticketing solutions into communication platforms. Applying AI to IT ticketing systems allows service agents to focus on other tasks and create more streamlined processes to support their fellow employees.

With 79% of customer service professionals saying that AI and automation tools are essential to their strategies, it’s clear that organizations must explore how these new technologies can help them achieve their goals.

Key features of effective IT helpdesk services

Intelligent IT ticketing system

There’s nothing more critical to a smoothly running IT helpdesk than an exceptional IT ticketing system. Ticketing system solutions help service agents keep track of issues, monitor ticket lifecycles, and escalate requests quickly. In addition to this, intelligent features like conversational ticketing enable end-users to skip lengthy request forms or tedious phone calls.

Knowledge base integration

Knowledge bases can empower users to seek solutions for minor issues, freeing up time for your service teams to tackle more significant problems. Knowledge bases are integrated solutions that collect answers to frequently asked questions and provide valuable articles, tutorials, best practices, or how-to videos.

With 77% of customers experiencing better customer service if they can access self-service options for support, self-service portals should be a quick win for organizations. As users seek immediate resolutions to their problems, if possible, knowledge bases can be a helpful feature for both service teams and end users.

Smart analytics

Without in-depth analytics, assessing how your IT helpdesk services perform is close to a guessing game. Tapping into key metrics can help business leaders make data-driven decisions and enhance their processes. With the help of relevant insights, service teams can identify common issues and bottlenecks, maximize employee experience, and speed up procedures.

As part of user screening, it is also essential that service desk solutions can gather end-user feedback easily so they can make well-informed decisions about service improvements.

Integration capabilities

To achieve maximum efficiency, it is important that your IT helpdesk services integrate with other third-party tools to enhance internal stakeholders’ experience and speed up IT operations. With the help of integrations, you can expand the functionality of your current systems, such as Slack, to meet the demands of your users right where they conduct their work daily.

While integrations can be created from scratch with software development capabilities, it is simpler to find IT service desk solutions that already have integration capabilities with various tools.

Introducing Thena: Your ultimate solution for IT helpdesk services and ticketing systems

Your internal teams deserve the best customer service to be more productive and satisfied at work. With Thena’s intelligent IT helpdesk solution, you can deliver swift resolutions to end-user inquiries, empower service agents with tailored analytics, and centralize service tickets for streamlined processes.

Nestling your internal IT helpdesk within Slack makes complete sense. Merging the two powerful platforms supports your staff to resolve their issues within their workspace, where they operate daily, saving valuable time and capacity. Thena’s Slack integration stands out in the market, helping you achieve the best possible employee experience for your workforce.

Ticket management

Thena’s integration with Slack’s workspaces and channels is seamless and straightforward. With its intelligent conversational ticketing system, Thena analyzes employee conversations within Slack channels, detects potential issues and requests, and assigns the right team members to tackle them.

Ticket triage system

Conversational ticketing is only the first step in the journey! But how can you tackle them more efficiently?

Thena’s AI-powered request routing assigns intuitive filters to requests so service desk team members have better visibility and confidence in their triage process. Support agents can review pending tickets in an easily accessible, user-friendly Kanban board, ensuring no end-user query goes missing!


With the help of built-in smart integrations, Thena helps users create streamlined work processes and automate repetitive tasks, letting the agents focus on more valuable jobs. Automate employee welcome messages, set out clear SLA guidelines, and help your team feel more connected with the help of workflows around the clock.

Knowledge base

Enhance your IT helpdesk services with generative AI-powered responses through Slack! Through an integrated central knowledge base, Thena can automate responses with the help of AI, generating instant responses to end-user requests based on sentiment.

Thena’s innovative service desk integration can even seamlessly include links, videos, and files to help guide users toward a solution, freeing up valuable time for your IT operations.


Setting up successful IT support services is impossible without the help of data-driven insights. Thena can support business leaders with various metrics to identify gaps and opportunities within their IT operations. Analytics can also help teams navigate team dynamics more efficiently, optimizing team staffing, performance, and response times.


Thena is ready to connect you with your favorite tools with a click of a button! From CRM to project management and sales cycles, Thena offers a range of intelligent integrations to ensure you can create the most efficient workflow to help your teams. 

By combining Slack’s communication powerhouse with the IT ticketing system, your teams will be able to engage in real-time conversations while collaborating on user requests.

Why Thena excels in IT helpdesk services and ticketing systems

Thena’s innovative solution for IT helpdesk services and ticketing systems can boost your productivity, increase your employee satisfaction rates, and streamline your internal processes. With the help of smart integrated IT solutions, Thena can help reduce support response times and help your workforce find resolutions to their technical concerns easily.

Through our streamlined ticket triage system, teams can feel more empowered to engage with their day-to-day jobs, increasing support productivity and providing teams with greater bandwidth to tackle more complicated issues.

Our clients rated us #1 in ticket collaboration solutions through G2, showcasing how Thena’s tools are built to accommodate the needs of modern businesses.


Streamlined IT helpdesk services can create significant value for your organization regardless of your industry. With enhanced productivity, elevated customer satisfaction, and more efficient workflows, you and your team will have more time to focus on what really matters.

Let Thena help you optimize your IT ticketing systems. Start your 14-day trial with Thena today.

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