Web to Slack: How to Set Up a Powerful Integration with Thena

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January 15, 2024

Perfecting your customer engagement process takes time. While you want to provide a well-rounded, omnichannel experience, your service agents can get overwhelmed, and productivity can tank.

Thena’s Web to Slack solution can help you streamline your B2B customer support, providing a centralized hub for all interactions within Slack. Ready to see how it works? Let’s get to it!

Benefits of Web to Slack

Syncing your dashboard or website messaging system with Slack can truly revolutionize your customer service. Here are some advantages:

  • Increased productivity: Removing the middleman from your customer connections means that your service agents will save valuable time on having to switch between tools and applications.
  • Increased employee satisfaction: Thena’s wide range of automation and workflows reduce the need for monotonous tasks and help your employees focus their efforts on more important and enjoyable tasks.
  • Shorter response times: Customer requests can be addressed faster and more efficiently by helping your service agents review all tasks in a centralized hub. Managing tickets straight from Slack allows teams to collaborate more efficiently, finding problem solutions quickly.

Enhanced customer satisfaction: With built-in auto responses, end-users can be notified about the receipt of their requests and manage expectations about resolution times. Customers can have peace of mind about their issue management, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Revolutionize your customer service

Thena’s intelligent Slack integration allows customers to submit requests through your web platform and directly route these to your service agents on Slack. Your end-users can even submit customer requests anonymously if the functionality is enabled through the web app. 

Our intelligent tool streamlines your support processes, redirecting customer messages to dedicated Slack channels so your team can resolve them all from the same place. With the help of Thena’s Slack integration, customer agents can reply to requests straight from Thena’s Kanban view or directly on the Slack thread, saving valuable time.

If your client is a member of one of your Slack Connect channels, the messages will also automatically sync to the relevant Slack channel to remove duplicates, collect conversation history, and speed up processing.

Adding the Web to Slack app to your website

Ready to turn your company into a customer engagement powerhouse? It’s easier than you think. With the following quick steps, you can streamline your customer support right away:

Step 1: Open the Thena app and navigate to Global Settings.

Step 2: Fill in the required information to generate the Thena Key and Widget Private Key. You will be prompted to specify:

Domain to Whitelist: Where your widget will be installed.Appearance Settings: Set the primary and secondary colors to match your application, and choose a widget title to customize your messaging for clients.Functionality Options: Choose functionality options, including setting an auto-response message for instant customer engagement.

Step 3: Click 'Submit' or 'Update' to receive your Private_Key and API_Key to embed into your code.

You can also follow these instructions to help you set up in Localhost.

Our enhanced security processes deploy identity verification for users sending messages via the chat widgets, preventing impersonation by disallowing customers to alter their email addresses manually.

How to take it to the next level: Thena’s ticket management system

Thena's Slack integration elevates your customer request management to a new level through its advanced categorizing and tagging system, which includes a variety of custom topics and priorities. With this clear categorization system, your service agents can more effectively ensure that the appropriate team members are involved, enabling quicker resolution of issues.

Featuring an integrated Kanban board, Thena assists your team in tracking the lifecycle of customer requests, synchronizing resolution statuses, and viewing user histories, thereby streamlining the process. By adopting Thena, your organization can join our roster of success stories, achieving significant efficiency gains — including a 50% reduction in resolution time and a 95% decrease in response time.

Wrapping up

With the rapidly changing customer demands, your organization must stay ahead of the game. Our Web to Slack solution can help you streamline your customer engagement strategy, establish a centralized customer communication hub, and foster the next generation of customer success.

Take your customer service up a notch with Thena. Try it at no cost!

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