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response times by 95% with Thena
"Game Changer for Managing Slack Interactions"
Shayan Aminmadani
Sr Manager, Support Engineering, Mixpanel
Rated #1 in Ticket Collaboration by G2
Seamlessly integrate Slack with your ticketing system today
No more toggling between systems

Seamlessly transform incoming Slack requests into third party tickets. Maintain original format of request across both platforms.

Lightning-fast customer support without compromising your preferred ecosystem.
Capture Insights from Satisfied Customers with Post-Resolution Feedback
“Thena’s ability to let us meet customers on Slack where they live while letting our Support Team feel at home working in Zendesk has been a game changer. We’ve seen resolution time cut in half and response time reduced by 95%!”
Shayan Aminmadani
Sr Manager, Support Engineering
Use AI to unify your CX, support and customer engagement
Meet your customers where they actually are
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