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Five Signs That Your Customer Support on Slack Is Failing

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October 9, 2022

Slack is a popular instant messaging tool for businesses and teams that is now commonly used for customer support.

The rationale for using Slack for customer support is simple.

Your customers are likely already using Slack in their daily communications, so they would be happy to remain within the same application while speaking with vendor partners. Moreover, Slack provides near-instant support ticket resolution and boosts agent productivity, which outperforms sluggish and clumsy email.

That being said, not all teams successfully adopt Slack for customer support.

So, in this article, we will discuss five indicators that your Slack customer support is falling short and what you can do to solve these issues once and for all.

1. Your Shared Slack Channels With Customers Are Noisy

You invited your customers to a shared Slack channel, worked out the best way to engage and communicate with them, and thought that you were set up for success. But did you quickly realize that multiple requests and simultaneous conversations became hard to keep up with and track?

The number one sign that your customer support is not working is the disorganization and noise on shared channels with your customers. 

Simply because your staff and customers are all on Slack does not guarantee excellent customer service. In reality, communications quickly become jumbled, and notifications become overwhelming, slowing down your agents and frustrating your customers.

2. Your Agents Use a Separate Customer Support Tool

Another credible scenario where your customer care can fall short is the agents or, more precisely, the application they use to handle support requests.

If agents use Zendesk, Intercom, Salesforce, or any other help desk solution but the customers are on Slack, they’re forced to switch content whenever they try to deal with a query. This subsequently hurts their productivity and increases resolution times.

83% of customers expect to interact with an agent immediately when they contact the company, but such service provision is impossible because customers are on Slack while support agents are using their own tool, with no bridge between the two.

3. You Are Asking Customers to Leave Slack for Another Application

On the flip side, you might be trying to address the above issue by asking customers to communicate issues through an application your agents use – this equally creates a problem.

The whole point of using Slack for customer support is bringing your business closer to where your customers are – Slack. They desire fast, straightforward answers and an easy escalation process within the platform they already embrace, not where it’s convenient for your agents.

4. Your Integrations Are Poor and Ineffective

Effectively helping your customers and managing the correspondence with them often requires effort on multiple fronts. Whether it’s your product, marketing, or sales team, each complex query might call for help from all of these stakeholders.

But different teams use different tools, right? And if your internal technology stack doesn’t integrate well with Slack, messages are not synced, and teams need to move out of their tools to reply or collaborate with the customer on an issue. 

The success of your customer support on Slack hinges on effortless cross-functional collaboration, so you need robust integrations to accomplish this objective.

5. You Don’t Tap Into the Analytics to Measure Customer Satisfaction

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. After all, achieving consistently high customer satisfaction is about drawing intelligence and insights from your conversations, tracking and analyzing their behavior, and identifying signals, such as churn or upsell opportunities. 

Slack can’t provide this in itself, so you need a solution that supports this. 

Conclusion: Leverage Thena to Elevate Your Customer Support

If all of these issues ring a bell, Thena has a solution for you.

Don’t compromise the quality of your customer service on Slack ever again! Thena offers a powerful system that automates your workflows, streamlines your customer support, and leverages AI, so you never need to move out of Slack, miss anything important, or take hours to solve customer issues.

Sign up for Thena now and get the ball rolling!

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