Monday Slack Integration - 4 Different Ways You Can Set Up

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February 26, 2024

As customer demands continue to rise, business leaders must prioritize efficient process management. Organizations can achieve maximum efficiency by streamlining their communication and workflow management with the help of the Monday Slack integration.

Do your teams have to shift between tools multiple times a day? Is information lost between conversations, or do your teams complain about overly lengthy processes? With the Slack Monday integration, you can tackle common issues and bottlenecks and set your teams up for success.

This article will explore the Monday Slack integration, discussing its benefits and the different integrations available in the market. Let’s begin.

What is Monday Slack integration?

The Monday Slack integration combines the power of the two robust tools to achieve maximum productivity for your organization. With the help of intelligent integration, you can utilize Monday’s superb project management capabilities straight in Slack, saving time, increasing productivity, and creating a better environment for your teams and customers.

The Slack Monday integration gives you access to a range of functionalities without having to switch contexts regularly. With the help of this connector, you can turn Slack conversations into workflows, send Monday card updates to Slack, and keep track of due dates so your teams can focus on what matters.

Why should you integrate Monday with Slack? 

Joining these two powerhouse solutions together should be a no-brainer. But if you are still unconvinced, we have listed a few of our favorite benefits of the Monday Slack integration:

Improved collaboration

Slack and Monday are both great at tackling individual elements of your organizational processes. So, by combining the two solutions, you can truly revolutionize cross-team collaboration. As 86% of leaders point out lack of collaboration and communication as one of the main reasons for workplace failure, it is crucial to find the balance fast.

The Slack Monday integration allows teams to create automatic updates to track the progress of Monday boards and items through Slack channels, ensuring complete visibility. Tapping into Slack’s functionalities, users can overcome bottlenecks, tackle fast-approaching deadlines, identify best practices with speed, and create a community spirit.

Streamlined work processes

Navigating workflows can be much easier with the help of Slack and Monday. Through the smart integration features, you can assign tasks and update statuses with a click of a button straight from Slack so everyone can stay in the loop. Empower your teams to achieve the best results by helping them access the information they need straight from their preferred platform.

Increased productivity

How many times have you lost the trail of your thoughts while you were jumping between different platforms or websites? Your team members are not any different! Seamlessly integrating Slack and Monday will ultimately result in less disruption and a decrease in context switching, allowing you to focus on tasks that really matter without ever having to leave Slack.

Scientists argue that repetitive context switching can decrease productivity by 20%, leading to overworked employees, longer response times, and reduced customer loyalty. Helping your teams to focus better within the same platform or tool can bring significant results in the long run.

4 ways to integrate Monday with Slack

Now that you are ready to take the leap, let’s explore the best ways to achieve integration between Monday and Slack.

1. Monday App for Slack

The official Monday app for Slack can be easily found scrolling through Slack’s app directory or via Slack’s built-in “Automation” menu option, where you can search for your desired tool with a few clicks.

The Monday Slack app will allow you to create new items and update existing tasks without leaving Slack to ensure no information gets lost between interactions. The Monday Slack app is available via Monday’s paid membership features.

2. Slack integration within Monday

Another way to initiate two-way integration between your tools is through Monday’s platform. To set up a Slack Monday integration, you need to navigate to your selected board and click on the “Integration” button, where you can search for Slack.

By setting up your Slack integration, you can create various actions to keep your tools synced, such as custom notifications when the status of a task changes or automatically sending all new information from your selected tasks and items to Slack. Slack users can also create new tasks and projects straight from Slack conversations, ensuring you collate all vital information in the same place.

3. Custom integrations using APIs

If you feel brave or you and your team have in-depth programming knowledge, developing custom integration using Monday and Slack APIs could be a great way to set up a more personalized solution for your organization.

With the help of custom integrations, you can ensure that all of your needs are covered precisely how you need them. However, custom APIs can be complicated to create, potentially requiring many resources in terms of employee capacity and finances.

4. Thena’s smart integration

Thena’s smart integration can revolutionize your processes with ease. Channeling all of your customer interactions into one centralized hub, your teams can take advantage of a range of functionalities, including request management and conversational ticketing.

With the help of Thena, you can take full advantage of Slack workflows and create automated ticket allocation and one-click ticket assignments. Through the Kanban view, team members can review all outstanding tickets and collaborate more effectively to tackle outstanding tasks.

Thena’s webhook can easily integrate Monday with Slack and seamlessly transfer data between Slack, Thena, and Monday, ensuring that all information is hosted in the right place.

Tips to make the most out of Monday Slack integration

Now that you have your integration up and running, it’s important that you follow best practices to ensure that you bring the most out of your new integration:

  • Encourage your team members to utilize new processes: New features can be tricky to adopt. Provide handy guides and cheat sheets for your staff or even organize quick video training sessions so they can truly understand the value behind the workflow.
  • Clarify information routing: Ensure that guidance is clear regarding what information should be directed to which individuals or channels to avoid confusion. Clarify language guidelines and define how tasks and projects should be structured to create maximum productivity.
  • Track and change as needed: As always, it is crucial to keep an eye on your metrics to ensure that your new processes work for you and your teams. Don’t be afraid to adjust your workflows if needed.

Comparing Communication Features: Slack vs. Integration Benefits
Primary FocusReal-time team communication & collaborationProject management, team organization, and task trackingStreamlines B2B customer service by enabling real-time communication within boards.
Communication StyleInformal, conversational, fast-pacedFlexible, can be formal or informal, often project-specificFacilitates contextual communication and knowledge sharing for customer inquiries.
Communication FormatPrimarily text messages, voice calls & video conferencingComments within boards, updates, @mentions, file sharingEnables real-time discussions and updates directly within relevant boards.
Collaboration FeaturesShared channels, threaded messages, file sharing, real-time mentionsShared boards, collaborative editing on updates and comments, @mentions, document sharingEnhances team collaboration and knowledge sharing around customer issues.
IntegrationsIntegrates with numerous external tools and servicesIntegrates with various tools, but focus leans towards project management and automationBridges the communication gap between Slack and, creating a unified customer service workflow.
Search FunctionalityPowerful search for messages, channels, and usersSearch primarily within boards, updates, and commentsEnables efficient search for relevant customer information and past interactions.
CostFree tier with limited features, paid plans for additional features and usersFree tier with limited features, paid plans for additional features and team potentially reduces costs through improved collaboration and issue resolution efficiency.
Mobile AppAvailable with full functionalityAvailable with full functionalityEnables on-the-go customer service management and team collaboration.
Learning CurveRelatively easy to learn and useSteeper learning curve for complex boards and advanced simplifies communication and issue creation within for B2B customer service.
Suitable for:General team communication, project discussions, quick updatesProject communication and updates, assigning tasks and deadlines, status updatesB2B customer service, especially within project management contexts.


The bottom line

By utilizing the Monday Slack integration, your teams can benefit from seamless communication and project management simultaneously. Slack integrations can help organizations streamline their processes, enhance collaboration, and increase productivity across the board.

The Slack Monday integration can level up your workflows and create a great environment for maximum efficiency. At Thena, your organizational success is at the center of our solutions.

Give us a try today and see how we can help you.

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